Chapter 466. At the most two kilometers!


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The rank of six people and a wolf, without knowing it, has already passed about a kilometer. The more they drifted away from the coast, the more restless they became.

They kept going. When they turned around, the shore was no longer visible. From all sides they were surrounded only by white silt, and dust was spinning in the air.

– I heard that the particles of quartz sand in this river are too heavy, so they can not swell around the district with the wind. But the white dust around us is the withered bones of the people who died here. They say that the smallest bits of bones are much easier than quartz – Zhang Xiao Hou decided to inform everyone that he had once been told by his comrade about the river of lost sand.

Chen Ying and Xin Xia, on hearing this, immediately changed their faces.

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan had hatched eyes on Xiao Hou, wondering how he added fuel to the fire in a situation where everyone was already afraid.

Xiao Hou, seeing that his words only aggravated the situation, depicted a semblance of an apologetic smile.

The most unexpected was that the magic of the spirit of Xin Xia, who was shocked by the theory of human bones in the air, suddenly ceased.

Within a few seconds, countless dunes appeared ahead, making appropriate sounds.

The dunes stretched for several hundred meters.

One by one, five-meter giants began to appear from the sandy hills!

They were much larger than those quartz monsters at the very beginning! And now they had quartz blades 3 meters long in their hands! Naturally, everyone was terribly frightened now …

Cold sweat ran down Mo Fan’s neck, but he did not dare to make an extra movement.

He did not expect to meet the five-meter giants here, his soul was overwhelmed with the feeling that evil spirits were making fun of them. From these jokes hair stood on end on the head.

Xin Xia closed her eyes. She continued to create a constellation, for she clearly understood that even the slightest mistake in the process could lead to a general death.

In these moments there should have been no doubt.

Zhao Man Yan and Zhang Xiao Hou froze like sculptures, even their breathing stopped. Chen Ying, foreseeing a pitiable prospect, decided to resort to her magic, but Mo Fan, seeing this, hurried to lay her on the ground.

– Do you want to bury us all here? Immediately stop your magical aura! – quietly growled Mo Fan.

Chen Ying, of course, understood what had to be done, but the surrounding sand giants still forced her inside to throb.

– Spiritual Waves: Pacify!

Xin Xia was finally able to release her magic. Vibrations began to disperse from her feet, and quartz monsters gradually began to calm down.

No one could even breathe … They did not expect that in the very center of this river they stumble upon such monsters!

And although the aura of the level of the pack leader did not emanate from these quartz monsters, it was clear without words that they were much more powerful than those that were near the coast. All the space within a radius of one hundred meters around the guys was filled with these sand giants. It seemed that huge sand boulders cordoned off their wall!

It is good that these monsters did not have time to wipe how the three-meter giant did. An aggressive aura began to gradually dissipate around them.

After some time, the bodies of the giants began to crumble, again turning into a pile of sand.

Such rapid metamorphosis struck those present.

Soon all the quartz giants disappeared …

The pale faces of horror stood for a while, frozen. Only after a while, the guys were able to exhale.

“Little monkey, do not bear any nonsense anymore,” said Mo Fan furiously.

Zhang Xiao Hou himself was speechless. Now he will never spoil the general atmosphere with his own remarks.

Xin Xia was pale, and numerous drops of sweat appeared on her face. She said: “The quartz monsters dwelling here belong to a higher level, so their pacification requires more magical costs. Henceforth, you must protect me more without exposing various risks. ”

Everyone agreed to nod their heads, and Zhang Xiao Hou even covered his mouth with his hands so as not to blurt out what was superfluous.

They continued on their way. Mo Fan began to notice that the further they went, the more often Xin Xia released magic. This meant that more and more threats were lurking in this part of the river. Now, Mo Fan began to worry about whether Xin Xia had enough of her magical energy to the end of the path.

Xin Xia, meanwhile, was becoming paler, her internal forces were subjected to testing. She herself did not know if she had enough energy.

– When will we get there? Xin Xia asked Ling Ling, who was sitting next to her.

Ling Ling, opening the electronic map, said: “We had slight deviations from the course along the way. Approximately still left to go about 3-4 kilometers. ”

“I’m afraid my magical powers aren’t enough,” Xin Xia said.

– How many kilometers will you still last? – excitedly asked Lin Ling.

“At the most – two more kilometers,” Xin Xia answered.

This conversation, oddly enough, came to the ears of everyone else.

Is it enough for another two kilometers ?!

This river of lost sand was in fact a river of magical creatures. If Xin Xia does not release magic, then they will not be able to reach the other shore!

And the worst thing was that there was no way back! They have gone about 10 kilometers from the coast!

Now you can only keep the road ahead!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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