Chapter 467. An ominous river that cannot be crossed!


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Xin Xia’s magical energy is only enough for two kilometers … This means that all of them will soon be surrounded by quartz monsters again!

Ling Ling frowned out her eyebrows. She could not even think that such changes would occur on the way. She looked at everyone else: a question froze on their faces.

– Maybe we can fight for two kilometers? Only by reaching the coast, we will be safe … If we increase our speed, we can save time, said Zhang Xiao Hou.

Mo Fan, knocking him on the forehead, swore: “Have you seen anything ???” These monsters instantly appear around, cordoning us off with a sand wall! ”

“Indeed, we will not be able to fight them … Then we need to discuss everything thoroughly,” Zhao Man Yan added.

– The number of these monsters in the river is not unlimited. They run away from long distances only if they think that something else has fallen into the river. This means that we must focus their attention on another place, and then we can safely get to the shore, even without the magic of Xin Xia.

– The only question is, how can we divert their attention to another place? The idea of Ling Ling to throw the bait worked before this, but we can not throw the bait far enough. Yes, and I think that these monsters will not lead to this, ”said Chen Ying.

After lengthy discussions, they did come up with a way.

The fastest and the brightest of the team had to go and get the attention of quartz monsters in the neighborhood, and then take them all as far as possible. When the monsters are there, the team will have to come up with a method for how to get this smartest one out.

However, this method was very dangerous. Not the fact that there is a method to rescue this brave man, and this means that he will be doomed to ruin.

However, there was no other way, and it was absolutely impossible for the guys to stop – Xin Xia’s magical forces continued inexorably to dwindle … At some kilometer, everything could collapse, and then Zhang Xiao Hou would have to take the right risk.

– I think that to send one of us to distract the attention of monsters, means only the certain death of this person. Even if we wake up all the monsters in the neighborhood, you can still think of a way to get out. Of course, if all the local inhabitants gather around, we are doomed. We should at least divide them into several parts. The fastest of us will be distracting them, and those who have the most powerful defensive artifact to take time can also do this. The strongest will at this time destroy the remaining quartz monsters, well, Xin Xia can also continue to release his magic of the spirit – so we can save a lot of magical energy, – said Lin Ling.

The rest, after listening to this proposal, nodded according to their heads.

In addition, to send one team member at risk to distract monsters would be much more rational than the whole team would be doing.

Disassembling a crowd of monsters in parts makes the task much easier and makes it feasible, but in this case, everyone will need maximum return, because even the slightest mistake can lead to death.

Each of them could overcome only a certain number of quartz giants.

No matter what action plan they choose, the principle remains unchanged: the more quartz monsters run away, the more violent the confrontation will be – the less chance of success.

– I – master arrange a stir. I alone will be able to wake up all the monsters around, all you have to do is get my body out of there, ”said Zhang Xiao Hou. Sweat dripped down his face and his voice was agitated.

Zhao Man Yan added: “Yes, you relax! If you find yourself in a crowd of quartz monsters, then we definitely will not go there for your remains. ”

Zhang Xiao Hou silently showed Zhao Man Yan the middle finger.

– While all the local monsters are under the influence of the magic of Xin Xia, so everyone can move as they wish. But when the action of the magic of the spirit ends, such behavior is unacceptable. – reminded Lin Ling.

Xin Xia tried to win as much time as possible for everyone. However, when she raises her hand high and then lowers it, it will mean that the action of her magic has dried up … From that moment on, everyone will have to give it all and be prepared mentally for meeting the quartz magic monsters.

The whole team is already divided.

Zhang Xiao Hou was the furthest away, Zhao Man Yan stood at a distance of 500 meters from Xin Xia standing in the center, Mo Fan was on the other side 700 meters away from her, and Chen Ying stood in front with an agile wolf.

Xin Xia and Lin Ling were in the very center. Xin Xia stood in the center so that she could calmly release her magic element of the spirit, not falling under the attack of monsters.

– Why did I hurry so much! We had to wait until old Hoto finished making my mail … So I would feel much calmer … – Mo Fan talked to himself, standing in the middle of white sands.

White sands within a radius of one hundred meters looked calm and even beautiful. However, Mo Fan, imagining how many people were buried under these sands, as well as how many monsters can hide there, immediately came to his senses!

Mo Fan glanced at Xiao Hou, who was the farthest from them. He looked like he was standing by the scaffold … He was so tense.

This scheme … Can it really ensure their safety?

Everyone closely watched Xin Xia. At that moment, when she slowly lowers her hand, the hearts of all the rest will be beaten in an accelerated order!

Breathing slowed … Feet as if cramping, but it was just a breath of wind …

The setting sun hung over the horizon, as if giving people the last rays of tranquility. Slowly everything around began to sink into the darkness. At the same time, Xin Xia slowly lowered her sand-white right hand …

As if the bright goddess left this earth, having transferred it under the protection of dark forces … No one could say what awaits them further !!!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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