Chapter 468. Mad crowd of sand giants.


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* Bang *

* Bang *

Deadly sounds began to be heard from the white sands in the area …

The sand suddenly began to rise from all sides, as if there were snakes under it …

Five-meter quartz monsters immediately appeared from the sand mounds …

All of them in their hands held their three-meter quartz blades, and their bodies certainly did not look vulnerable. Monsters closed together …

Hatred was visible in their eyes for daring to disturb their dream here!

His eyes were filled with blood, and their growls sounded like thunder!

It seemed as if something had burst from these sounds in the heads of the hunters … They themselves didn’t expect that the monsters that appeared would completely close the horizon.

These quartz giants seemed even worse than even full-blooded magical creatures … In their eyes, the thirst for killing was clearly visible …

In the midst of this whole pile of sand, team members could not even look at each other.

Each of the team recalled that, according to the plan, he was a link in the chain, and his failure could pose a threat to the others … None of them had a right to make a mistake!

– Heck! Around Zhao Man Yang of monsters is much more! – among all that was happening, you could hear the voice of Ling Ling.

The plan was calculated so that about the same number of quartz giants would appear next to each team member, but in the end everything turned out differently. Since Zhao Man Yan was the farthest, many monsters began to gather around him … These animals did not even have the thought to run on to Mo Fang or Xiao Hou.

– The embodiment of human nature … – Mo Fan suddenly remembered the words.

Mo Fan thought that, of course, of the whole team, Zhao Man Yan was the most unfortunate. Now it was necessary to urgently look for a method of his salvation, otherwise he would not last even a few minutes, turning into a chop….

Quartz giants, like true fighters, stood in a row. This series of monsters was a huge wall … with blades that were already ready to chop up their victim.

Zhao Man Yan looked at all the monsters gathered around him, not even knowing that he was so unlucky.

With a diligent look, he created a water shield around him. Water shield is a very powerful thing. Due to the fact that it belongs to the shields of the third level of efficiency, water barriers can occur non-stop on the body of the host.

As a result, around the body of Man Yan was already a three-layer water shield. If he were an advanced water magician, then the number of layers in the shield would have reached four or five.

The three-layer shield fell under the attack of quartz giants. After their many blades slammed onto Zhao Man Yan’s body, his entire water defense began to dissipate …

Zhao Man Yan abruptly turned pale with fear! It is good that before that he had already begun to draw the star system.

Zhao Man Yan has not yet succeeded in this. If the star systems of other magicians are also interrupted from the first time, then the second stream of quartz blades will really turn it into stuffing!

– Blessing of light: holy shield !!!

Man Yan did not begin to let out the magic of the middle level of the second stage – the Holy Wall. The holy wall is more suitable for a situation where a mage is attacked from one side. And although the holy shield was weaker than the holy wall, he defended the magician from all sides!

Bright light shield enveloped Man Yan. Being inside, he was finally able to breathe air. He looked and did not believe his eyes: there were so many monsters around that you couldn’t even count them!

Quartz giants did not differ much power, but the trick was that they always attacked the crowd!

In place of the previous row of giants with blades came a new wave of giants. Using the protection of Zhao Man Yan mentally had time to bury himself.

– Save! Save He shouted that there was power.

However, his cries could not break through the surrounding piles of sand. His voice settled on the blades of these giants …

That situation in which he found himself could be discerned from the place where Lin Lin and Xin Xia were standing.

Xin Xia stood in the sand and began to direct her magic of the spirit in the direction of Man Yan, to pacify the beasts around him.

– Why are you doing this? Silencing monsters already set up to kill, requires much more energy. This may complicate our further path! – said Lin Lin good-natured Xin Xia.

Xin Xia, biting her lip, continued to worry about Zhao Man Yan.

“Calm down, he won’t die so fast,” Ling Ling said.

– Aha, – Xin Xia nodded his head. He decided to believe Ling Ling, now her eyes involuntarily fell on Mo Fang.

Her experiences for Mo Fan have already turned into an instinct.

Fortunately, there were not so many giants around Mo Fan, as near Man Yan.

If Zhao Man Yan could have heard the thoughts of these two girls, he would have already decided to fall down dead in that place!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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