Chapter 469. The Magic of the Shadow of the Fourth Step


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Due to the fact that quartz monsters were too large, and there were a lot of them themselves, they were located in rows around Zhao Man Yan. However, these animals did not have any means for a ranged attack, therefore, while dealing with them alternately, Man Yan could still take quite a while to stay alive, as Lin Lin said.

No matter how many monster circles were around him: only those that were ahead could attack him.

The situation with Zhang Xiao Hou was even more joyful: if there were a lot of animals around Man Yan, there were far fewer animals around Xiao Hou.

Xiao Hou, as well as Zhao Man Yan, did not have enough destructive power. Yes, and the sense of it was not enough: the destruction of one series of monsters meant only that it would be replaced by another one.

Among these endless sands, Zhang Xiao Hou, the earth element magician, was at home. And his use of the spiritual seed only strengthened the effect of his sorcery.

Quartz giants did not move fast. In order for them to wipe their quartz blades, they needed a full two seconds! During this time, Zhang Xiao Hou managed to respond.

* Jin! *

* Jin! *

* Jin! *

At that moment, when the beasts allowed their blades to Xiao Hou with a crash, only traces remained in its place! Only three kinds of entry-level magic could have provided such a speedy movement for a mage, and Xiao Hou had two of them!

Zhang Xiao Hou had good magical shoes, but due to the fact that he too often changed his location, he did not have the opportunity to squeeze between monsters and demonstrate his agility.

Xiao Hou continued to thrash about these creatures. Turning his head, he saw that these stupid, magical beasts were 100 meters behind him … And then he realized that new piles of sand were beginning to rise in front of him !!!

Ten monsters formed in front of him a huge sand wall 20 meters long!

And only now Zhang Xiao Hou realized that these monsters are moving under the sand! They do not walk with their feet … Can their speed reach the speed of the magicians?

They just took out their blades and decided to wipe them, as Zhang Xiao Hou was blown away from there with the speed of the wind, forming a star system.

– Mountain curtain: Stone barrier!

Xiao Hou sent the magic, fed by the energy of the spiritual seed, forward … And a stone barrier immediately appeared in front of him!

The blow of blades fell on this defense!

Of course, the strength of these creatures was what was needed … Protection of the magic of the spiritual level, formed by Xiao Hou, shattered into smithereens !!!

He decided to run, and a strange green whirlwind formed at his feet. Hurricane boots carried Xiao Hou with great speed, and those monsters remained to stand at the destroyed barrier.

Leaving behind such a mess, Zhang Xiao Hou literally poured sweat. He was lucky to use the newly acquired hurricane boots, otherwise he would have already gone to the light from the blades of these giants.

Having recovered a little, Xiao Hou looked at what was happening in Mo Fang’s side.

Unlike Man Yan and Xiao Hou, Mo Fan was a real destroyer and a murderer!

Mo Fan had two powerful destructive elements – fire and lightning! Against such a crowd of monsters, it was enough for him to release his Flaming fist: Nine palaces, and then they would all fall to pieces!

However, the flaming fist star system required a lot of time. Mo Fang will have to resort to other kinds of magic in order to gain time to complete the star system. It’s a good thing that the battle actually began with the onset of twilight, because it means that he can use his shadow magic!

Mo Fan had been surrounded in battles before. However, the last time, in the city of Jin Lin, when he was surrounded by lizard-like giants, he used fourth-stage lightning magic to paralyze opponents.

To use the paralytic effect of lightning on elemental animals does not work: if only because these monsters consisted solely of sand and had neither blood nor flesh. The magic of lightning can only provoke them even more!

The magic of fire remained the most suitable option: the fiery emissions of the fourth stage, although they could not hurt all these guys at once, but could bring chaos in their ranks.

The soul of each killed monster fell into the dark talisman of Mo Fanya. From the very beginning, he had already managed to kill about ten monsters. The souls of these giants were much higher than the ordinary soul of the servant level. If the full spiritual essence requires about thirty souls of animals of the servant level, then the souls of these ten creatures have already made up the whole spiritual essence of the servant level !!! Mo Fanya was informed about this by his dark talisman.

In fact, Mo Fan has already strengthened the spiritual entities of the 5 stars of the shadow element, now the sixth one has also been added to them. Now he needs to strengthen one more star, and then his shadow magic will also reach the fourth level!

However, he needed to kill another 40 of these monsters in order for his magic to reach a new level!

Since he had the opportunity, he would fight for her fiercely!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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