Chapter 47: Unification Seven Emperor


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And then, after a while…

Delzogate Demon King College, second coaching ground.

“- I will now communicate with you. This is the upcoming Dilheid Demon Sword Games in Delzogate, but outstanding students from our college will also be entered. I’m often not recommended for the first time, either, in merit, but oh my God, there are recommended students in this class”

The whole classroom screams at Emilia’s remarks.

“Guess who?

“Fool. You’ve made up your mind. There’s only one guy who can make it to the Devil’s Sword Games.”

Emilia saw the student listening with a relaxed face.

“Mr. Ray Grandsdry. Congratulations. As a student at Delzogate College, I look forward to working with you.”

When Emilia applauded, the students followed it with a hand.

Ray smiles as he always does, not particularly the wind he felt.

“If it’s the Smelter’s Sword Saint, maybe he’ll win.”

“Oh, how dare you overwhelm that Seven Demons old man with a sword”

“If the winner of the Devil’s Sword tournament comes out of our class, his nose will be high.”

Because I know the power of Ray’s sword, or the word “victory” flies.

“That and the other”

When Emilia said so, this time the classroom was bothered by a different breeze.

“… the other one… was there anyone else in this class who might be able to compete in the Devil’s Sword Games?

“No, I have no idea. Master Sasha is a generation of chaos, but the sword isn’t that far away, so it won’t be suitable for the Devil’s Sword Games.”

“… to be here, aren’t you? He who can overwhelm Ray with his sword…”

“But he…”

Students’ gaze focused on me at the same time.

“Mr. Anos Voldigord. You have also been entered into the Devil’s Sword Games. As a student of Delzo Gade, do not be ashamed to fight”

Moment after moment, a yellow scream rose from the corner of the classroom.

“I’m here, oh, oh, my God, it’s Anos’ time. Ooh!!

“Master Anos’s entry means he’s already a winner, right?

“Yeah, well, instead of winning, I’m sure I’ll be in the hall!

“I don’t know what to do, I’m getting nervous”

“Why are you nervous?

“Because we have to create a support group for Master Anos! Master Anos, I can’t let you fight alone.

and so on, and the fan union raised its voice,

“What are you talking about? I’ve never heard of white clothes compete in a Devil’s Sword Games.”

“Oh. Whether you’re a general participant or a special participant, mixed blood should be played in paperwork review…”

“Isn’t Demon King’s College crazy to recommend because of how strong Anos is?

Some members of the royal family leak such dissatisfaction.

Without explaining it in particular, Emilia continued.

“In order to participate in the Devil’s Sword Games, you need one sword, so prepare it. I know you know the rules, but in principle, you can’t exchange swords along the way. If the sword is broken or destroyed again, it will be defeated at that point. The use of magic that causes harm to the opponent is not permitted. In principle, you will fight only with your sword. There are other detailed rules, so find out more at the Devil’s Sword Gamekeeper in the Arena.”

I see. Do you fight only with swords prepared in front of you?

Not only does the power of the sword hold the key to victory and defeat, but also the performance difference of the Devil’s Sword.

“That’s it. I’m going to finish today’s class.”

When I told her that, Emilia left the classroom.

The students all begin to return home.

“I hope it’s a combination to see you in the finals.”

Ray leads to the chair, turns his face this way so that he can fall asleep.

“Now use the Devil’s Sword properly to settle from the front”

“I agree with you that I want to do it to my heart’s content”

Ray smiled satisfactorily.

“But the combination isn’t the only problem.”

“I don’t think you’ll lose, though.”

“At least if you were a person at this college, you’d think so”

Ray woke up and turned around this way.

“Why would you recommend me to the Devil’s Sword Games while you think I would win?

Ray couldn’t answer that question.

The royal family, the mixed race, he is oblivious to the circumstances around him.

“The royal family shouldn’t want me of mixed blood to win the Demon Sword Games. Then you just have to ban the entry quickly. But they deliberately recommended a mixed race that wasn’t supposed to be eligible.”

I just think there’s a back no matter what you think.

“It’s crazy, after all”

That’s what Mass called me.

“You know something?

“No, not that far…… But I’m just asking someone I know, so you might want to ask.”

Someone familiar?


“That, in the meantime, I promised, is Merhayce the Seven Demons.”

Speaking of which, did you also make such a promise?

“Where are you?

“I’m at our Union Tower. Looks like I suddenly have an appointment, sorry. Are you all right for your convenience now?


“Thank you. Well, let’s go.”

We’ll leave the classroom behind.

Coming to the Union Tower at Anos Fan Union, we headed straight to the top floor.

I was just upstairs, and I heard a voice that sounded fun.

“Then I’m going to sing Master Anos’ backup song. Yikes! Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa.” ”

“Ever! Strongest!” Dear Anos, the sword of Reiki will kill you instantly. ”

“I want to be killed by the sword and the sword.”

“Beautiful to fight ~ ♪ Dear poor Anos ♪”

“Be merciful on the bed ♪ The majestic sword pounds heaven ♪”

“I want to roll, I want to roll

“A ~ Master Nos, ♪ an ambitious sword ♪ It’s an infinite growth of mixed blood ♪”

“The royal world is the only solution.”

“I want to roll, I want to roll

Hmm. Let’s just say I didn’t ask.

But what did the support group just say about this, why have we already completed a complete support song so far?

I don’t want to be too aggressive, but do you mean the gift of daily workouts?

I walked up to the top floor, kicking lyrics and melodies out of my brain for nothing.

“Dear Merhayce. We’ve brought Master Anos.”

Waiting in half the Devil’s Sword room was an old man with a long white beard.

He wears a coat and a cane.

It would be the Seven Demons Old Merhayce Bolan.

From the wavelength of the magic, it’s definitely the demon clan I made.

Besides, this guy is the type who put the emphasis on survival and kept it most specialized in magic and magic.

It’s not the same as Ives or Idol. He has the power to compete with the mighty warriors who were in the age of mythology.

Melhayce slowly walks up to me.

And he worked his demon eyes and looked me in the eye.

A few seconds later, Merhayce spilled one tear Shizuku and knelt on the spot.

“We’ve been waiting for you to be reincarnated. My lord, Lord Anos Voldigord.”

Hmm. No way, all of a sudden, you didn’t think this was coming.

“Melhayce. You remember me?

Then Melhayce shook her neck left and right.

“It’s faceless. I seem to have taken my unconsciousness and erased my memory by someone. Then my roots remember you. And so I approached him immediately, and I was finally certain.”

As for memory, is it the same as the Ives?

“Let me make sure.”

“Feel free”

Grab Melhace’s head and explore the superficial layer of memory with.

Just like Ives and the others, my memories have been erased from my head.

Then, peek into the abyss with the demonic eye and check the roots of Melhayce.

Just one.

At least Melhayce doesn’t seem to be fused with Avos Dilhevia’s subordination and his body being taken over.

“How far do you know?

“Two thousand years ago, just after Anos was reincarnated. Someone attacked me and erased my memory. I noticed it was in Ahalthern.”

The Great Spirit Forest?

“You crossed the wall?

Two thousand years ago, Dilheid and Ahalthern were separated by my magic by walls.

“Perhaps so. The memories are vague, but I just think you used the wall to escape someone who attacked me.”

It would have been possible to cross the wall if a mythical demon clan with mighty magic had come ready to die, no matter how great a magic I had squandered my life.

Even in those days, less than twenty people could have done it, and even if it had been exceeded, the price should have been huge.

“Follow you, you will use up most of your magic to cross the wall. In that case, it would take time to cross the wall again and return to Dilhayd. So you didn’t follow me any further, did you?

“It seems so. Then again, I needed a hundred years to restore my magic just to cross the wall and return to Dillhayd.”

Unlike the Ives, Merhays had just the magic to cross the wall.

Even if you could erase my memory, it would have been difficult to take over the roots.

“By the time I returned to Dilheid, the name of the tyrannical Demon King had already changed to Avos Dilhevia. I didn’t remember, but I couldn’t help but wipe the discomfort. The other Seven Demons, the Emperor, believed Avos Dilhevia and didn’t seem to doubt it, but I’ve always questioned it.”

“Has that turned into certainty now?”

“Master Left. My roots claim that you are the true Demon King.”

There’s nothing strange about Melhayce’s story.

But what I found out was that Avos Dilhevia would have existed since the age of mythology?

Two thousand years ago, the guys who were hostile to me were sesame, but three of them had prominent powers.

Kanon the Brave, Leno the Great Spirit, Militia the Creator.

Those three helped me build the wall.

We should have been looking for peace with each other.

But in those peaceful times, I just decided I didn’t need it, no wonder.

But what’s the point of imitating it around?

I don’t even think they wanted the throne of the Ravaged Demon King.

If so, is it the work of others?

“Do you know what Avos Dilhevia is up to?

“I don’t know”

Well, I guess so. In isolation and helplessness, there are limits to looking into.

“If you get anything, report it.”

“My pleasure.”

After all, do we have to follow it from close quarters first?

“Let’s ask another question. The one who recommended me to the Devil’s Sword Games is in Delzogate. Do you have any idea what you’re after?

Melhayce said after a lot of thought.

“Did you know that Master Anos is a royalist?

“Unlike the royal family?

Melhace nods.

“The Imperial faction is an organization that seeks to expand the rights of the royal family more than it is now, but if it is not the Imperial clan, it makes radical claims that it is not the Demon clan.”

Hmm. You’re crazy people.

“There are many royalists in Delzogate, too. I’m going to make this recommendation because of them.”

“What’s the purpose of recommending me?

“I thought it might be a restraint against unity. It is rumored among Unitarians and Royalists that Master Anos will ravage the College. To Anos, who is a mixed race, no one in the royal family, not even the Seven Demons, is enemies. It will be a factor that drives the Unitarian, and the Royalists won’t find that interesting.”

“I mean, by beating me at the Demon Sword Games, you mean the purpose of screwing up the unity momentum?

Melhayce takes the lead.

“It seems the royalists can no longer continue to ignore you. If only Master Anos had participated, he would have won the Demon Sword Games, and yes, the Unionists would have consolidated their ties. There are more mixed blood than the royal family. The royalists are afraid that the mixed blood will unite.”

“Even so, it’s no different than being stupid. How are you gonna beat me at the Devil’s Sword Games?

Then Melhayce gave him the look he was ready for.

“Dear Anos. Unfortunately, I would like to make a statement. Would you please stop participating in the Devil’s Sword Games?


“For you, though it may not be enough to take, for the Unitarian, Master Anos is the light. We can’t just turn that light out here right now.”

Melhayce is a Unitarian.

That may also have affected what you were wondering about Avos Dilhevia.

But fundamentally, there will be a mind that does not often think of Dilhade, which is governed only by the royal family.

“I’m not going to keep the royalists on track.”

“My you will win. Whatever happens, you never lose a battle. But still, we don’t always win games.”

I see.

“You want to beat me by the rules?

“It may seem funny. But even if winning or losing is obvious, even the fact that you lost the game is enough achievement for the Royalists…”

They’re like giving blood priority over strength.

No wonder I took that kind of means.

“Well, I don’t suppose I’d withdraw my recommendation if I were to resign? Or maybe we’ll hustle and bust that I got away.”

“If you don’t show up at the game, I’ll take care of it. May I have mercy?”

If the Seven Demons are old, they have a lot of power. I guess I can do that.

But, man, it’s a hassle.

Well, it’s not like I want to participate in the Devil’s Sword Games.

“Let’s think about it”

“Thank you”

Melhayce bowed her head deeply.

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