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“Since you have to explain, well, I will give you an explanation.” Lin Bingli took a deep breath, the illusory shadow behind her dissipated, the enthusia of the entire sky also closed back, eyes staring at Chu Xingyun, the expression actually has A little dignified.

The palm of the hand passed, and a blue glow plunged into the void.


The blue glow shattered and turned into a million glow, scattered in every corner of the courtyard.

“Forbidden surgery!” Chu Xingyun saw Lin Bingli’s move at a glance. The blue light just separated the entire courtyard from the outside world. Unless the cultivation base is higher than Lin Bingli, it can’t be half-pointed.

Seeing this scene, Chu Xingyun also felt the things unusual, put away the hollow sword and listened quietly.

“I told you earlier that there is no falsehood. I really value the amazing innate talent of the incense. I want to bring her to the cultivation of Jiuhan, but in addition to innate talent, I value her more. Nine Extreme Cold Veins.”

Lin Bingli lowered his voice and looked at Shui LiuXiang.

“Nine Extreme Cold Veins?” Chu Hu and the scorpion smashed a bit. Although they didn’t know what the four words meant, they just heard the name and felt a little heart.

Unlike the two, Chu Xingyun heard the four words, the heart trembled fiercely, and even the pupils tightened like a needle.

In this world, existence is such a group of people, they are born, they have a special bloodline.

These special bloodlines, all of them have extremely strong power, even Ghost Spirit is unpredictable, can not be overemphasized, can hardly use common sense.

However, since ancient times, there has been a saying of talented people.

Those who have these special bloodlines are powerful, but they are also abandoned by heaven and earth. In this life, they can not condense the Martial Spirit, and it is extremely difficult to get the strength of the bloodline. If you are not careful, you will die on the spot.

This Nine Extreme Cold Veins, Chu Xingyun has also heard about it. I heard that it is one of the most dangerous bloodlines in the world. Those who have this kind of bloodline can hardly end in the end.

“It’s no wonder that the fragrance has not been able to condense the Martial Spirit. Is it because of Nine Extreme Cold Veins?” Chu Xingyun’s heart trembled.

“Nine Extreme Cold Veins is an extremely rare special bloodline. People with this bloodline must be aged cultivation at the age of sixteen to activate the bloodline. Too early or too late will cause the bloodline to dissipate. It has nothing to do with the ordinary person, but once activated, there will be endless cold qi in the body.”

“With the passage of time, this cold qi will flood the whole body. As soon as you reach a certain critical point, the cold qi will completely erupt. At that time, within a radius of ten miles, it will become a permanent frozen land. Save.”

Lin Bingli’s expression is dignified like water, slowly said: “Fortunately, the flow of fragrance into the cultivation, the body of Nine Extreme Cold Veins has not yet fully formed, and now take her to the Jiulong Palace, everything is still available.”

Shui LiuXiang heard Lin Bingli’s words and suddenly slammed down. No wonder she felt that the cold qi in her body seemed to be more and more honest. She didn’t expect, she actually had such a sinister special bloodline.

Once it breaks out, it will become a permafrost in a radius of ten miles. It is terrifying and simply like a time bomb.

“Nine Extreme Cold Veins is so terrifying, you are still determined to let the fragrance go to the Jiuhan Palace, can it be that the Jiuhan Palace can suppress the cold qi of Nine Extreme Cold Veins?” Chu Xingyun knows that Lin Bingli’s words are not alarmist, even She also said that if Nine Extreme Cold Veins broke out completely, as long as Martial Artist inhaled the slight cold qi, the internal meridians will be frozen and become dead.

After all, there are too few people with special bloodlines. Everyone who appears is an earth-shaking existence. Even Chu Xingyun of the last generation is afraid to arbitrarily provoke.

“The first generation of the Palace Lord of the Jiuhan Palace has the name of Nine Extreme Cold Veins, the name of the Jiuhan Palace. As a result, when the first generation of the Palace Lord died, he left a bloody jade. As long as the people of Nine Extreme Cold Veins are cultivating on blood jade, they can suppress cold qi and finally take full control of Nine Extreme Cold Veins.”

What Lin Bingli said is the secret of the Jiuhan Palace, but in order to compromise Chu Xingyun, she does not care so much.

Although Nine Extreme Cold Veins is dangerous, if it can be controlled, the strength of the Jiuhan Palace will be doubled.

More importantly, Jiuhan Palace has a relationship with Nine Extreme Cold Veins and is reasonable in every circumstance. They all want Shui LiuXiang to join.

“The cold blood jade, cold qi amazing, once it is frozen, will fall into a long sleep, its effect is not to suppress the cold qi of Nine Extreme Cold Veins, but to absorb the cold qi of Nine Extreme Cold Veins, and then a little bit Released, slowly blended into the body of the fragrance, this process, not only to agree with the fragrance, but also to spend extremely large time, I am right?”

Chu Xingyun finally understood everything, no wonder Lin Bingli wants the consent of Shui LiuXiang.

In the process of absorbing Nine Extreme Cold Veins cold qi, as long as the flow of fragrance is the slightest resistance, the cold qi of Nine Extreme Cold Veins will completely overflow, which will lead to a terrifying disaster.

If it is not for this, I am afraid that Lin Bingli has forcibly taken Shui LiuXiang away, and will not waste these two months.

“How do you know the characteristics of the cold blood jade?” Lin Bingli was full of horror, cold blood and jade, is the School Sect of the Jiuhan Palace, even she is only half-baked.

Why, a teenager with a Constitution Tempering Eigth Level Day will know so clearly?

“Don’t worry how I know, answer me, how long does it take for this process?” Chu Xingyun’s tone is gloomy and cold, and the eyes sink, which makes Lin Bingli unconsciously tremble, said solemnmnly “Thirty years, at least thirty years.”

Shui LiuXiang’s hands are tight, and some of them have gone back a few steps, look pale.

For thirty years, the Nine Extreme Cold Veins in her body took 30 years to be completely suppressed, and at least.

Chu Xingyun’s expression is also very ugly. Thirty years, it is too long. This is still a smooth situation. If it is slightly unsatisfactory, it may be forty years, fifty years, or even one hundred years.

“Ice sister, if I agree to go to the Jiuhan Palace, can you let the cloud big brother join?” Shui LiuXiang suddenly thought of a compromise.


Lin Bingli directly refused, said: “Sect Rule, Sect Rule, never accept male disciples, even if the Palace Lord speaks, can not be changed, moreover, you suppress the cold qi of Nine Extreme Cold Veins, need to be single-minded, if Chu Xingyun Beside you, it will disturb your thoughts.”

Shui LiuXiang is even more awkward. According to Lin Bingli, she was not able to return to Chu Town during this long period of time, and could not see Chu Xingyun?

“Chu Xingyun, you make a decision. If you let Liu Xiang go with me, maybe you can reunite after 30 years, but if you refuse, I can guarantee that Nine Extreme Cold will be in the body for half a year. Veins will break out completely.”

“At that time, even the Great Principle Golden Immortal, but also want to save the life of the incense!” Lin Bingli once again.

In an instant, everyone’s eyes were focused on Chu Xingyun, waiting for his answer.

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