Chapter 470: The Magic of the


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Shadow of the Fourth Step
Mo Fan never considered himself a super lucky man. Many TV shows or stories talk about how a person hangs on the edge of an abyss, but then a magic bird or something like that saves him. Just today, Mo Fan felt that fortune had finally turned to face him.

Mo Fan could get the fourth step of the shadow magic by killing ordinary servant-like animals, which was his surprise when the fourth quartz monster turned out to be an integral spiritual essence!

It seems that it was the second success in his account …

Normally, for this pure spiritual essence of the level of a servant Mo Fan, he could have saved money, but his dark talisman had already swallowed this entity, and it could not be pulled out from there, but the essence would go to strengthen Mo Fan’s magic. In any case, even if he had saved money for her, he would have spent it on enhancing magic.

Now, Mo Fang lacked just one star! The situation was dangerous, but right now you can quickly get what you want!

Apparently, these quartz giants belonged to the highest class of animals of the servant level, which is why their spiritual entities were much more valuable.

With the help of the magic of the shadow, Mo Fan moved to a safer place to draw time and strengthen his stars of the shadow element in his spiritual world.

Strengthening in the spiritual world also requires a certain time, and the new rows of sand giants continued to approach, threatening Mo Fang with their quartz blades. At that moment he dodged and entered the shadows.

These monsters were not very stupid. Realizing that each time they approached him, Mo Fan slipped away into the shadows, they decided to work together, blocking in advance all the directions that Mo Fan could slip away.

When the quartz blades went up, all the sand around them literally doubled the impact force!

If a shadow magician is attacked while he is using his magic, the risk of serious injury will increase! Mo Fang, who turned into a shadow, had no chance to escape !!!

The monsters continued to furiously chase the shadow with their blades. And if at that moment a man was hiding in the shadow, then there would no longer be a wet place from him!

Smiles were painted on the monster faces. They already decided that they could kill this annoying mage, and his blood was already absorbed in the sand.

– Fire rose! Flaming fist: Nine palaces!

Suddenly, on the other side, Mo Fang’s brutal voice was heard!

The sand giants began to turn around: now they saw that they could not defeat this man … It turns out that they were vainly chasing after that shadow!

Mo Fan’s body was already engulfed in the flame of a fiery rose … In the midst of this fiery glow, one could see his smirk …

After all, these quartz monsters could not think that Mo Fan would be able to advance his shadow magic to the fourth step right during the battle !!!

The fourth step of the shadow magic was very effective! Thanks to her, the magician could create an additional shadow, which could serve to distract the enemy! At this time, the magician himself could be in another place.

The extra shadow gave the mage more time so that he could freely create his destructive magic!

Mo Fan surrounded by the fire gazed fiercely at the sand giants. He waited until his fire reached maximum strength … at that moment he sent a flaming fist straight to the ground!

This ball stuck in the sand, breaking out of it a stream of hot magma !!!

While the quartz magical monsters continued to follow the shadow of Mo Fan, his flames already engulfed everything in the neighborhood …




A chain of nine pillars of fire began to rise above the ground. The sparks of magma poured over the entire airspace, and the temperature around was heated to the limit … This magic did not leave a chance for survival!

Before the monsters realized what was happening, the flames had already destroyed their bodies.

The flames of nine palaces were distinguished by their ruthlessness and the scale of defeat. If there were more enemies around, they would all be destroyed!

20 souls of quartz monsters that died in the fire of nine palaces, fell into a dark talisman. They were equated to 60 souls of ordinary servant-like animals! Another spiritual choice entity was half assembled.

Now all three of the magic of the initial level of Mo Fan reached the fourth stage. Now, if he could enhance the nebula of 49 stars, then his magic and the average level would also reach the fourth step!

His magic of the fiery fist of nine palaces has already achieved that if you continue to strengthen the stars, success is inevitable !!!

Of the 49 stars of fire magic, 7 have already been reinforced. It remains to strengthen another 42 stars … A lot of work to be done, but it’s worth it!

The fire of nine palaces did its job: the quartz monsters were destroyed so that Mo Fang did not even have to put too much effort. No wonder he is a magician of the average level of destructive elements !!!

The battle of Mo Fan took place on the territory of 500 meters. At this time, the situation of Chen Ying and the nimble wolf that acted together left much to be desired. They had no opportunity to escape from the sand giants, and for all the time they managed to kill only about ten monsters.

Chen Ying looked at Mo Fang and was surprised that he had already dealt with almost all opponents !!! This is the power!

How can the fighting power of this person be so amazing ?!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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