Chapter 472. Teamwork.


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All quartz giants simultaneously fell to the ground, like bowling pins. The wall began to disperse at the seams. The action with all its appearance reminded nothing else, as the collision of many cars on the highway. The remains of quartz giants were visible everywhere, a sad picture opened up.

Mo Fan looked at this quartz chaos and could not believe his eyes!

Why was it necessary to spend so much energy on the destruction of quartz giants, not distinguished by intelligence and ingenuity?

Looking closer, Mo Fan noticed that after Zhang Hou arrived, the sand began to behave unusually.

The young man only saw the color of the sand and immediately realized that it was nothing more than a spiritual seed – the Marsh Stream.

That’s it! This is not the quartz giants were so stupid that they did not escape, it was Zhang Hou who had previously prepared the sand using earth waves. After which the quartz giants inexorably collided with each other.

The quartz giants were heavy, so even after many of them fell, they still rolled some distance. Zhang Hou only took advantage of the apparent weakness of the giants and made a huge collision.

It’s amazing how sand under your feet can not only slow down movement, but also destroy a wall of giants!

“After I use the Swamp stream, they can no longer hide underground, moreover, they become very clumsy,” said Zhang Hou, rather looking at his masterpiece.

Mo Fan showed him a thumb in approval. This is not the same Zhang Hou, whom he knew, not the schoolboy who could not cope with the monster level of a servant. He learned a lot from Zhan Kona.

“Go ahead!” Said Mo Fan, Zhang Hou.

Zhang Hou immediately felt Mo Fang’s fighting spirit and his eyes lit up. Quartz giants no longer looked so scary, even though there were so many of them!

“Bro, I’ll cover you, make your witchcraft!” Said Zhang Hou.

After this phrase, Mo Fang became much calmer in his heart, even if this calm did not cancel the fact that there were still many monsters left.

Let Mo Fang not have so many close friends, but Zhang Hou is definitely on this list.

“Qianjun, Peals of thunder: Demon!”

It’s good that Mo Fan closed his eyes before casting a spell, otherwise quartz giants would slow down the time of creating an elemental star system.

As soon as the young man opened his eyes, one could immediately see in them the dark-violet glow of the element of lightning.

Quartz giants tried to defend themselves from the spell, but under the influence of the seed of Zhang Hou, this was extremely difficult to do.

As soon as Mo Fan finished the formation of the spell, a sharp, loud sound was immediately heard in the sky.

The main difference between the Flaming Fist and the Roll of Thunder is that the latter kills the target instantly, without leaving even a millisecond of pain.

Only a moment passed and the five quartz giants died.

After the spell continued to kill the monsters, after some time, Zhao Man Yan appeared, who was hiding behind the Holy Shield.

Seeing that the reinforcement was already very close, Zhao Man Yan stopped using the Holy Shield and used the Storm Wave to wash away the quartz giants. There were an impressive amount of giants and they all weighed quite a bit. If there were any more of them, the spell could not harm them. However, the fact that Mo Fan and Zhang Hou crippled some of the monsters improved the effect of the spell.

Zhang Hou, seeing that the quartz giants carried straight towards him, boldly ran forward.

Mo Fan, too, was not taken aback. He used bloody boots and rushed to Zhao Man Yan.

Seeing how the young men “fly” to him, Zhao Man Yan was delighted.

“Well, can you still fight?” Asked Zhang Hou, looking at the shabby Zhao Man Yan.

“Certainly can. I will take care of your safety. I’m not me if I let them touch even a hair on your heads! ”Cried Zhao Man Yan, who was overwhelmed with emotions.

After such as the young men were convinced that Zhao Man Yan was all right, they looked at the quartz monsters.

These quartz giants were truly terrifying. It seemed that they never experienced a feeling of fear, moreover, this feeling was not incorporated into them from the very beginning. Each of the monsters didn’t care how many of them were killed. Before them was a simple goal: to send anyone to Hell who set foot on their land, even at the cost of their own lives.

It was also lucky that one of the elements of Mo Fan is fire.

In addition, the talisman around the neck of the young man strengthened it after each fight. Each monster’s corpse made Mo Fan stronger.

And the souls of such monsters in such numbers are just luck!

“Zhang Hou, divert some of the monsters to yourself. As soon as the first group separates from the second, you and I, Zhao Man Yan, will crush them, ”Mo Fang gave instructions.

The young men seemed like little sheep surrounded by huge wolves.

However, unlike sheep, boys did not feel fear and were going to crush the giants, working in a team!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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