Chapter 477. Abundance of red-hot plain!


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To the north of the city of Dunhuang was a military unit. Immediately after the waves of hot air of fiery threat passed around the district, an internal meeting of the highest ranks was held in one of the buildings of this part.

In the middle of the long table stood a tanned man in a military cap, and in his hands he held the data he had recently received.

“In my hands, there is a report that a fire threat recently appeared on the northern red-hot plain, which killed many animals,” said a tanned man in a cap.

After these words, the faces of all the other participants in the meeting covered surprise.

All the inhabitants of Dunhuang knew that sand tigers were carrying the hidden threat. True, of course, there are still numerous hunters who are trying to cross the river in search of hidden treasures and valuables on the plain.

Due to the fact that this river is considered virtually impassable, therefore, it is possible to dig there oh how much.

The northern red-hot plain has a special period, immediately after the passage of the fire threat. During this period, the coffers of the plain, as if gifted with fiery spirits, increase their value, and even more substantial finds may appear somewhere.

The fire threat itself is a symbol of mortal danger, but for the northern red-hot plain it marks its “flourishing”.

– Why so many empty speeches! I will immediately go there with a detachment of the military! Said the hot-tempered warlord, knocking loudly on the table.

No one could compare with them in the understanding of what wealth is fraught with a plain.

– Whom are you going to go there ?! And who will protect the city? Let me go there first to explore. Compared to you, the old men who sit in one place, I’m better orientated there, ”said one military man, who looked to be over thirty.

– Enough. In any case, the decision about who will go there, I accept. In addition, the magical union and the league of hunters are also interested in what is happening. Who knows, while we are here to solve questions, their hunters will already be on their way and will be thinking about how to cross the river of lost sand … – said the tanned foreman.

As soon as we started talking about the river, everyone immediately calmed down.

The river of lost sands is a historical place. The stronger the aura of the foreigners who entered it, the greater the number of sand monsters they will awaken, and the more powerful they will be. Even the number of foreigners does not play a special role …

Since ancient times, there have not yet been people who could fight the power of the river.

A flying squad can cross to the plain. In this case, it will be enough for those who are sent to be able to survive in conditions of red-hot plains.

The sooner you get to the red-hot plain, the more valuable resources you can get !!! Time is money!

However, this military part of Dunhuang differed from other parts in that it had no magicians on the flying eagles. The eagles in these parts are not found at all, since their plumage with this heat will squeeze them with the light.

The absence of eagles meant that the unit also did not have any warriors – the magicians of the spirit element. And the services of the magicians cost a lot of money …

As a result, in this situation they will have to go ahead.

We can not allow someone else to get there first and seized all the values !!!

– I heard that such a fire threat occurs on the plain once a year. The fact that we have overcome it means only that we are now safe. However, the most important thing is that after the fiery threat in the territory of the northern red-hot plain, a lot of magic values appear … – said Chen Ying.

In her mind it was clear that it was not in her interests that the whole team decided to retreat.

Mo Fan and Ling Lin immediately looked at this girl with their eyes.

Mo Fan had previously collected bundles that contained at least some information about the northern incandescent plain, so there are not that many people who know about its existence.

However, Ling Ling was also a kind of “walking library.” Her laptop contained all the latest information about everything that happens in the world.

And the fact that even Ling Ling didn’t find information about the red-hot plain in her laptop further raised doubts about how Chen Ying could have known about it.

“Why are you staring at me like that ?!” I learned about it at one of the lessons … – Chen Ying decided to speak out when she suspected doubts about herself.

“Someone from our Zhao family was sure to be here,” Zhao Man Yan stood up for her.

“You just said that after a fiery threat, these places produce more valuable artifacts, is that true?” – was interested in Lin Ling.

Chen Ying nodded her head.

– The influx of fire threat makes these places even more fertile. As soon as they learn about the fiery threat in magic circles, countless hunters and other magicians rush here for untold riches. It is for this reason that the fiery threat was not mentioned anywhere, because the first to know about this will become pioneers, said Chen Ying.

Numerous magical plants, stones, spiritual seeds and much more – they all appear here after a fiery threat as from a horn of plenty …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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