Chapter 478. The earth is full of gold.


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Fire threat appeared from all sides at the same time.

Mo Fan, located far from the northern hot plains, and his team did not suspect that a large group of monsters were heading towards them.

He was now not up to it. Throughout the river of lost sands a restless atmosphere reigned. If the heroes do not immediately leave this place, then I fear even Xing Xia will not be able to calm the monsters with his element of spirit.

“Damn it! What is this? “, – Zhao Man Yan swore.

They did not have time to get to the northern red-hot plain, as they were almost swallowed up by a fire threat. As soon as the lost sands fled back to the river, they immediately found out how uneasy the latter was.

“Yeah, it makes no difference whether we will return to the plain or stay here, it’s still the end!” Said Zhang Xiao Hou.

“Even if we want to come back, it’s too late now,” said Xing Xia, and she frowned.

Hearing these words all felt uneasy. The appearance of a fire threat violated all the plans of the team. It is much more dangerous than they imagined. Mo Fan thought that he should not have called them all for such a dangerous task, which is also most likely not to pay back the effort.

Even though Chen Ying did not intend to return, the others no longer wanted to continue to search for the fiery hetero.

Who knew that the river would behave this way? Even the magic of Xing Xia seemed to have no effect. Even if they want to go back to Dunhuang, they will have a very hard time. The team simply has no chance to go more than ten kilometers. Even if they go to the intersection of the river, they will most likely remain locked in the middle of the river.

They can still contend with quartz giants in a small section of the river, but who knows how many there are in the center. No element of spirit and teamwork will save them.

“Since we cannot make our way back, we need to return to the northern red-hot plain. It remains to hope that we will not face the fiery threat once again, ”Mo Fan hastily decided.

“Relax, the fire threat cannot be more often than once a year. Well, except that the duration can be a little longer, but not so, ”said Chen Ying confidently.

“We will not rant, we must get away from this sinister place,” – said Lin Lin.

The group hurried off. Xing Xia sat astride an agile wolf. Her eyes were closed. The girl concentrated on magic. Her spell soothed all the restless monsters around.

It was lucky that they did not wander too far into the river of lost sands. After some short time, the exposed stones and the land of the northern red-hot plains greeted the heroes.


As soon as they reached the coast, they saw a pile of bones on the ground!

Mo Fan clearly remembered how indecisively the chain-mail animals stood at the bank of the river, at the moment when the team entered it.

Obviously, while they doubted, the fiery threat swallowed them up. Apparently they did not have time to enter the river. From the monsters were only white bones and not a hint of resistance to the villain’s fate.

“I, Zhao Man Yan, I swear, if I knew how terrible these places would be, I wouldn’t have come here even under the threat of death!” Said Zhao Man Yan with hatred.

These kolchuzhnye animals are comparable in strength to a detachment of the military, but even they were burned to the bone in seconds. This is really a terrible phenomenon.

“But you are not ahead of time, let’s better look for what Chen Ying was talking about, but what was it that you risked your life for nothing?” Said Mo Fan, Zhao Mann Yanu in a slightly derisive manner.

“Let’s still stick to the previous plan. If possible, you need to find a fire seed. If what Chen Ying said is true, then we should hurry. If, after a fiery threat, the earth is enriched with various resources, then we will have little chance of finding a seed, ”said Lin Lin to the whole group.

“I don’t think this is bad news,” said Xing Xia, seeing how tense the situation in the group had become.

This phrase Xing Xia seemed to awaken everyone else.

Indeed, why would they search for a fiery getter?

If they manage to find fiery seeds or something even more rare, they will still not go home empty-handed. Such a chance definitely falls only once in a lifetime!

The fire threat has just passed through the “Chinese Chafing Dish” (the playful name of the northern red-hot plain). Here from the people – only their team. Everything that can be found here, they will be able to find first, is it not so?

Thinking a little about what can be found here, the team relaxed a bit and half forgot about the fear of the fire threat.

“What else is there to plan? Come on! ”Zhao Man Yan was scared to death. However, all his life he had dreamed of such an opportunity.


Holding hope in their hearts, the team went deep into the plains. Immediately struck by the fact that there was very quiet. So quiet that it seemed as if all the beasts in this area had died.

They did not even go two kilometers, as Mo Fan had already discovered some naked, just lying on the ground fragments of seeds.

Mo Fan remembered the prices of such fragments well. Usually they were sold anywhere from three hundred thousand yuan to eight. Surely these fragments are of good quality, so selling them for five hundred each should be no problem!

Yes, indeed, the whole earth is studded with gold … although … not, the whole earth is studded with diamonds!

“If possible, it is necessary to lay down everything that was found in one place, after we get out of here, we divide everything equally,” said Mo Fan to everything else.

“Splinters of seeds are, of course, not bad, but I expect to find something more valuable here. Since we came here first, we should look for the most valuable thing, and not waste time on little trinkets, ”said Lin Lin.

Zhao Man Yan was dumbfounded. At university, everyone competes with each other for a place in the ranking. And as a reward receive a few fragments of seeds. And in this place the fragments are just cheap trinkets!

Just thinking that they could find something more valuable than the spiritual seed of a young man came into indescribable excitement. He no longer looked like an old, frightened youth. Now Zhao Man Yan was ahead of everyone, and his eyes glittered very brightly!

“Let’s install the detector. Nearby, hardly any animals survived. We can check the vast territory around, ”said Ling Ling.

Everyone understood that finding a spiritual seed was only a matter of time. Therefore, they hurried to put the detectors in the right place.

One seed can cost from fifteen to thirty million yuan. And the element of fire is also sold more expensive, the starting price of at least 20 million so …

It is worth getting some of these, and everyone will get rich!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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