Chapter 48: Misha’s question


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After talking to Melhace the whole time, I came back to my home.

Open the door and go inside. My mother usually has a store number, but no one is here at this time because the store is already closed.

“Welcome back”

A pale voice sounds.

From the kitchen, it was Misha who slipped on her face.

A little surprised.

“What’s going on?

“Cooking Practice”

Then, my mother comes from the kitchen.

“Welcome back, Anos. I’ll be ready for dinner soon. I made it with Misha today.”

I see.

“Were you teaching your mother how to cook?

Kokuri, and Misha nods.

“The other day, Misha said she wanted to cook some delicious food for Anos. Mom asked me to come if I had time.”

Were you making such a promise? You didn’t know.

“Well, then, Mother, I’ll finish dinner.”

“Me, too.”

“I’ll be fine today. The rest is easy for Misha. Anos, will you talk to me properly?

Misha thought a little and nodded with a stiff nod.

“Whoa, Anos, welcome back”

My father came after work from the workshop.

“I’m home.”

“You, I hear you’ve done something amazing again. Was this the Devil’s Sword tournament?

When his father said so, his mother had a full smile.

“Yes, yes, I did! Congratulations, Anos. Today, Dr. Emilia came to tell me. I can’t believe you’re only picked for two in your class, really Anos, genius!

My mother hugs me.

You want me to participate in the Devil’s Sword Games when you come all the way to tell your father and mother.

“We don’t know if we’re gonna make it to the Devil’s Sword Games yet.”

“Huh? Why? ‘Cause if you do well at the Demon Sword Games, it’s easier to be the Demon King, right?

That’s your first ear.


Asking Misha, he nods in a dull way.

“It takes merit to be the Demon King. Achievements at the Devil’s Sword Games will be added.”

I see.

Well, even in times of peace, do we have to be somewhat strong?

“I don’t have a sword so far, even as I compete”

In the meantime, I’ll say that.

“If it’s a sword, leave it to your father. What kind of sword do you have?

Even if I was going to leave, honestly, it’s not something my father would let me…

“I can’t do it with a normal sword. It’s the Devil’s Sword that the participants have. We just had a meeting, and it breaks.”

Dad put his arms together and thinks.

“When I say demon sword, is that it? Dad’s heard of it, too, but you mean a sword made of special metal, right? Everything says iron can be spat off.”

My father’s blacksmith knowledge belongs to the land of man. Speaking of demonic swords, they are not swords with magic, but only perceptions to such an extent that they can often be slashed.

“Okay. Dad, I’m gonna go out for a minute”

My father has a good look on his face. I only have a bad feeling.

“It’s dinner now…?

“Isabella. Hey, I’ll be away for a couple of days. I ordered a store.”

When my father said that manly, my mother grinned.

“Yes. Come on in, you”

Something seems to be uplifting, but it definitely breaks into demonic swords with swords made by my father.

In the first place, I don’t even know if I’m going to be in the Devil’s Sword Games yet, so I’m totally wasted.

“Dad, if you’re talking about the sword, there’s no point in getting it.”

“No, no, it’s not like that. Dad, remember something for the wild. Nothing at all to do with the sword.”

Why are you suddenly leaving your house open for a couple of days for the wild?

That excuse would be too lame.

“Even with a sword in the first place, the Devil’s Sword Games have

“I know, I know, from there on, when Dad gets home.”

Beat me on the shoulder softly, and my father laughs sunny.

“Bye, while your father’s away, I’ll take care of your mother.”

“No, Dad.”

Then, Dad slaps me on the shoulder dozzily and laughs sunny.

“Bye, while your father’s away, I’ll take care of your mother.”


What are you talking about?

“So, Dad. I’m…”

Then, Dad slaps me on the shoulder dozzily and laughs sunny.

“Bye, while your father’s away, I’ll take care of your mother.”

A broken magic doll?

“……………………… Oh, don’t worry…”

My father stood his thumb up all the time waiting for that word.

Oh, boy. I can’t get along at all.


I opened the door, and my father left.


Hmm. Well, okay.

If you get a good sword, even if you can’t use it for the Devil’s Sword Games, you’ll have a foil as a blacksmith.

Dad doesn’t seem to be willing to make any money by making a bigger store or anything.

Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to have them work hard.

Number one, how am I supposed to stop my misunderstood father?

“Well, then, Mother, we’ll finish dinner.”

Mother went back to the kitchen.

“Aren’t you going to the Devil’s Sword Games?

Misha asks.

“They say the royalists are plotting to beat me by the rules. Well, I don’t know what unfavourable rules you’re gonna lose, but it’s not like I have a profit from riding it.”

If this is Avos Dilhevia’s plan, you can keep up with it. Hopefully, I might show you my tail.

But if the royalists and I just don’t care about my existence and do it, it doesn’t make any sense to participate.

If you’re not playing enough, you can listen to what Melhayce has to say.



When I said so, one owl came in through the window. He’s a demon.


When I sent the directive in, the owl flew away immediately.

“Misha, you were off college tomorrow, weren’t you?

Misha nodded coldly.

“Do you have plans?

As she sifted, Misha shook her neck to the side.

“Then why don’t you go play?

Misha looks at me with no expression.

“… going out?


Answering, Misha, as if to think, shuts up.

“… two?


Misha shook her head sideways in a slight panic.


Saying so, she smiles.

“Is there somewhere you want to go?


“So, what do you want to do?


Hmm. It’s about no greed.

But it’s about Misha. Maybe I’m just reluctant.

“Anos, what do you want?

“Right. Whatever, but if you insist, I’d like to do whatever Misha wants.”

When she says so, Misha blinks her eyes a little surprised.



“… I find it boring…”

“Sometimes it’s nice to do something boring.”

Misha laughed nicotineously.

“Anos is sweet”


Kokuri and Misha nod

“I’ll tell you”

Asking with a glance, Misha went on to say.

“My favorite thing”


“Not yet. Secrets.”

Tomorrow’s fun?



Misha is staring at us.

I’ll wait and see if she says anything, but she won’t say anything.

But you asked me something.

“What’s up? If you want to ask me something, you can tell me.”

Then Misha said, a little embarrassed.

“… Anos, what kind of clothes do you like?

“Clothes? Right. Don’t worry about it, but if you insist, it’s a frockcoat.”


Misha closed her eyes as she was surprised again.

So I said a little uneasy.

“… suits me…?



So we realized to each other that the conversation was completely off track.

“Are we talking about Misha’s clothes?

Misha nods coddly.

“If you say so, I’m not sure about the woman’s clothes.”

“… what color do you like?

If you mean with the clothes Misha wears,

“Right…… White is good. You look great in your regular uniform.”

After a little rounding of her eyes, Misha hurts.

Then I said.

“Which do you prefer skirts or pants?

“… you’ve never asked me that question before”

Misha approaches me one step closer and peeks into my face.

“Which one do you like better?

Hmm. Don’t feel like claiming it any time soon.

“Either way, I don’t know…”


Asking, Misha stared me in the eye.


Go on, Misha asks.

“Do you like hardened clothes?

When it comes to hardening, do you mean clothing?

Well, not bad, but what if they say they like it.

“Would you like some light clothes?

But I don’t usually think about it.

Don’t get lost in replying to me about which one is better, even if they ask me questions early on like this.


That’s what I said before I answered, and Misha backed off.

“Anos, Misha. We’re ready for dinner.”

I heard my mother’s voice from the living room.


“… do you have any more questions?

Then Misha laughed “heh heh”.

We headed to the living room alongside Misha, who seemed a little more entertaining than usual.

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