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“Flower, what do you think?” Chu Xingyun spoke slightly, but asked Shui LiuXiang to respect her decision.

“As long as it is the decision made by the big brother, no matter what, I will promise.” Shui LiuXiang is facing Chu Xingyun faintly smiled, so that the surrounding people are moving.

Chu Xingyun looked at Shui LiuXiang’s smiling eyes, and his heart was warm, then to Lin Bingli: “The goodness of the Jiuhan Palace, I took it, please come back.”

Hear this, Lin Bingli breathes a sigh, and subconsciously thinks that he is wrong.

After confirming it again and again, she finally couldn’t resist the anger of her heart, bursting shouted: “Chu Xingyun, then I said so clearly, could it be that you still can’t understand it, without our nine cold palace make a move, Shui LiuXiang is simply not able to control Nine Extreme Cold Veins, and it will be extremely painful to die. It doesn’t make any sense to keep it for half a year!”

“I won’t let the fragrance get any pain, but I can’t let her leave me. As for the cold qi of Nine Extreme Cold Veins, I don’t bother you, my own will make a move to suppress.” Chu Xingyun’s attitude is determined, I made a gesture for Lin Bingli.

“make a move suppress? Why do you make a move?”

Lin Bingli extremely angry, seems to have heard the big joke, the tone of irony: “Nine Extreme Cold Veins terrifying, a frog in well like you is not clear, even our huge size The forces, all need to rely on the power of the cold blood and jade, can barely suppress, ridiculous as you, actually dare to release the words, say that can make a move to suppress!”

“However, this is fine.”

Lin Bingli has put aside all considerations of face, the tone has become indifferent, no longer a good word, indifferently said: “I will let you know for a while, as time goes by, the cool qi in Shui LiuXiang will come The stronger you are, the more you can’t suppress it, you will naturally come to me, and let me accept Shui LiuXiang.”

Lin Bingli almost looked at Chu Xingyun with a look at his eyes. The words were full of self-confidence, as if he had seen the pitiful appearance of Chu Xingyun pleading in front of her.

After that, her figure was vertical, and she left Chu Town in an instant, as if she had never seen it before, leaving only the ice frost on the floor, silently telling what had just happened.

At night, the dark night enveloped, and a round of bright moon was hanging there, with soft moonlight scattered.

Chu Xingyun stood in the courtyard, lifts the head, looking at the round moon, slightly looking to become a god, Shui LiuXiang is standing beside him, the same raise one’s head staring.

January, two people.

The atmosphere of the entire courtyard is a bit quiet and unbearable.

“Flower, do you think I am selfish?” Chu Xingyun spit out a word, but with a bit of emotion.

Shui LiuXiang shook his head and said: “I said, as long as it is the decision made by the cloud big brother, I will promise, even more how, cloud big brother, you said that will help me suppress the cold qi of Nine Extreme Cold Veins, for this, I am convinced.”

Chu Xingyun was a glimpse first, and then his face floated a touch of curvature, reaching out and holding Shui LiuXiang into his arms.

Shui LiuXiang subconsciously screamed, her face flushed, but she did not reach out. She could feel the warmth of Chu Xingyun body, very comfortable and full of love.

Early in the morning, the sky was still full of grey dawn.

Chu Xingyun let Chuhu and scorpion smear manage Chu Town, and he took Shui LiuXiang to Baibaolou.

With his current strength, he is still far from controlling Nine Extreme Cold Veins. The only way is to curb the spill of cold qi through the medicine pill and delay the outbreak of Nine Extreme Cold Veins.

Such a medicine pill, Chu Xingyun is still unable to refine now, and must rely on the help of Qin Yuyan.

“Miss Rain Smoke?” A maid led Chu Xingyun into the Baibao Building and shook her head slightly: “Miss Rain Smoke is talking to the City Lord, but it hasn’t come out yet.”

Chu Xingyun expressionless said: “You said Chu Xingyun asked, she will naturally come out.”

The maid suddenly became embarrassed. Chu Xingyun’s identity, she is also clear, not only Chu Family Patriarch, but also has a deep friendship with Qin Yuyan, even Qin Yuyan must treat him with courtesy.

However, the City Lord of the Westwind City suddenly arrived at the Treasure House today, looking for Qin Yuyan to talk about certain important things, and said that no matter what happened, no interruptions were allowed.

“If Qin Yuyan blames it, all the consequences, I will bear, all your losses, I will also compensate.” Chu Xingyun see through the maid’s fear, said plain tone.

The maid suddenly stopped, her face was helpless, and there was some sweat on her forehead. Qin Yuyan couldn’t afford to offend, but Chu Xingyun couldn’t afford to be offended. Any side was very embarrassed.

At this time, the crowd gathered in the Treasure House had cast a curious look.

The rise of Chu Town has been raging recently. The name of Chu Xingyun has also entered the eyes of everyone. When they heard Chu Xingyun, they could not help but secretly shocked.

This Chu Xingyun is really bold. Even the words of the City Lord of the West Wind City are not in the eye. Let Qin Yuyan come out directly. Your Chu Family is strong, but it is not a level compared to the City Lord Mansion.

Just when everyone was full of laughter, the sound of Qinshan’s surprise came over and said: “What is the wind today, blowing the Chu Family master, there is a far-reaching welcome, and there is a far-reaching welcome.”

When the maid heard it, the delivery was relaxed and hurried back.

“I don’t talk much about nonsense, let Qin Yuyan come out, I intend to refine some medicine pill, need her help.” Chu Xingyun opened the door to see the mountain, let Qinshan some stunned, Chu Xingyun what is going on today, named Let Qin Yuyan help Pill Refining.

As soon as I heard Chu Xingyun, the crowd was all in a sluggish state.

Who is Qin Yuyan?

The behind-the-scenes control of the Treasure House, if it is a fairy, unpredictable, has an amazing Pill Dao innate talent, could it be that Chu Xingyun I don’t know, the person who is looking for Qin Yuyan Pill Refining has already scheduled to go next year. ?

“I thought that the rise of Chu Town, this Chu Xingyun is also a bit of a skill, it seems to be a blind child, Qin Yuyan will not know how to deal with him, maybe it will be bombarded.”

“For Pill Refining, I have to offend the City Lord. Chu Family is going to be bad luck this time.”

Many people are beginning to talk about it. There is nothing mixed with pungent sarcasm. It is like a optimistic play. This scene makes Shui LiuXiang scared, tearing Chu Xingyun’s sleeves and not wanting Chu Xingyun to be off. The West Lord City City Lord.

Qinshan is full of sweat. If it is normal, he will definitely take Chu Xingyun to see Qin Yuyan.

But today, the City Lord of the West Wind City arrived, saying that it is with some top secret news about the Imperial City. These news are very important to Qin Yuyan and are top secret in top secret. They cannot be disturbed by anyone.

“Chu Family, can you wait for a while?” Qinshan shouted, pulling out a stubborn smile.

Chu Xingyun’s patience has gradually disappeared, and the voice is cold: “The last sentence, call or not!”

“This…” Qinshan was scared by Chu Xingyun’s attitude, his face became pale, and the crowd was scared to death. This Chu Xingyun actually shouted Qinshan…

“If that’s the case, then it’s good, it’s fragrant, let’s go.” Chu Xingyun smiled indifferently and turned away with Shui LiuXiang.

Upon seeing it, Qinshan was long relaxed, hanging heart, just ready to let go, but suddenly heard Chu Xingyun who had already walked to the door and said: “Qinshan, I am looking for Qin Yuyan to refine medicine pill, is to give her a Opportunity, this time I missed it. Next time, even if she personally went to Chuzhen to ask me, I wouldn’t have any soft feelings.”

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