Chapter 481. Fiery Fruit.


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Mo Fan listened to what those two were saying and was able to understand some of the details. As soon as Zhao Man Yan was silent, the young man asked: “Did your mother burn the local fire?”

“Yes. Fire threat. It happened about twelve years ago. My parents arrived in the northern red-hot plain in search of the seed of the fire element. Suddenly, there was a fire threat, and they tried to escape. However, the speed of fire was too high. Therefore, they had only seconds before the fire consumed them, ”Chen Ying calmly replied.

When she reached this place, Chen Ying changed, her gaze changed. Her mother had repeatedly told about these events, and each time in her voice there were notes of anger and pain. In addition, the mother from time to time reminded the girl about the events of days gone by.

What a pity that you can’t take this damned, burned skin off your mother, so that she no longer has the same feeling – hopelessness.

“Wait, but could your parents survive the flames of a fire threat?” Asked Zhao Man Yan.

“One of the elements of my mother is the wind, in order for one of them to be saved, she used her magic object and the path of the wind to save her father. That is why the father returned to the family safe and sound. In addition, the resources brought by the father were in great demand in the family. They helped the family to go through a difficult stage of life. After that, the father’s status changed radically, ”said Chen Ying.

Everyone in the team involuntarily silent. They are aware of how dangerous the fire threat is. Compared with this power, a man seems tiny, insignificant, pitiful. The heart is involuntarily filled with fear of this unbridled power, and the only thing that remains is to run.

To be able to take care of your half in such a critical situation is a truly heroic quality.

“My mother was consumed by a fiery threat. However, due to the fact that its main element is fire and for some other reason, it is not clear, she was able to survive. She was saved by a completely covered animal. This animal also began to feed it with special fruits. Thanks to these fruits, her internal organs survived. She lived for many years on the northern red-hot plain, before her body could at least function. After many years, it was found by hunters who arrived here in search of jewels. Only after she offered the hunters the rare valuables she had found on this land, the latter agreed to take her back with her to Dunhuang. ”

“What happened next, I think you guess. The father did not want his current life to collapse, so he denied the mother. He did not want to lose his position, so he settled her in a separate house, found magicians for her with an element of healing.

However, he did all this without investing much effort. He never dared to dream of the life he had received. But if it were not for the noble deed of the mother, he would still drag a pitiful remnant of his life. The only reason why she continued to live is because I did not refuse her. Because I did not want to give up, and continued to search for a way to cure her ”

As long as Chen Ying was telling all this, her self-confidence was slowly fading. She felt angry, losing her calm. It was clear that the incident with the mother greatly influenced her.

“That’s why you came here. But since your mother is alive, who has lived here for a while, then why didn’t she go here herself? I suppose you came here looking for a cure that could heal your mother, ”said Mo Fan.

“After the fire threat passes, fruit appears. These fruits dry out completely in a few days, so they do not last long. My mother lived here for several years. Returning back, she begged her father to send people in search of this fruit, but he did not begin to steam. If none of this had happened, then my father would not be a person who has no equal in the family, but just a ghost of a freeloader. ”

“From my mother, I learned how to accurately calculate the time of the fire threat. In the meantime, I thought about how to cross the river of the lost sands, you appeared, adventurers searching for the fiery hetera. That’s why I joined. ”

Chen Ying spoke about her current situation. She was not going to do this, because this is a personal matter, involving only a few people. In addition, it is very difficult for outsiders to tell such things, it is especially difficult to do this when a family member is Zhao Man Yang.

Only now, if she continued to hide all this in the future, she would create distrust in her comrades, and they could refuse to help her. Without help, she would not be able to get even one fiery fruit in life, which would certainly put off the prospect of curing the mother.

“So that’s why you slowed down our movement when we hit the plain. Were you afraid of the fire threat? ”Said Ling Ling.

As soon as they entered the territory of the northern red-hot plain, Chen Ying forced the whole group to stop for rest, wrote off everything on the wounds. It seems that the girl was really afraid of fire.

Chen Ying nodded and continued: “I calculated the time very accurately, which I did not take into account was the power of the fire threat. That I was hiding it all … it was wrong, forgive me. I just hoped you would help me find the fire fruit. Fire fruits are very expensive, but if we find them, then I just need one in order to make medicine for the mother. And all the rest I do not need, divide among themselves as you wish. In addition, my mother told me that the fiery hetera live alongside the fiery fruits. They protect them, therefore … ”

“Will we find a fruit — will we find a fiery hetero?”, Said Mo Fan, and his eyes lit up.

“Yes. That is why I hope that you will not lose much time searching for spiritual seeds. And since I know how valuable these fruits are, I’m almost sure that it’s not a lot of time, as those who cross the river appear in order to gather these fruits. These people are likely to be many. In addition, they may try to rob us, ”said Chen Ying.

“Then faster, until there are those who are higher than us at several levels of magic and have not taken away the prey. Otherwise, we won’t get anything at all, ”said Mo Fan excitedly.

Money. Someone who, and Mo Fan, they are sorely lacking. As a mage with four elements, he needs to spend too much money on magic. And since I had such a chance, I must use it. We need to find these fiery fruits. In addition, the fiery hetero and the fiery fruit will most likely be in the same place, why not get one or the other?

Xing Xia looked at Mo Fang with impatience and said with a smile: “Well, those about whom you said it’s not a fact that they can get here. After the fire threat had passed, the river of lost sands became agitated, now I could not get here, even using the magic of the spirit element … ”

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