Chapter 482: Pass (Part One)


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Mother Chen Ying lived in the northern red-hot plain for several years, although her actions are not at all appropriate, but now they have information that is inaccessible to the rest of the hunters.

According to the description of the mother from the memories of Chen Ying about the area, the group reached the foot of the plateau-like mountain.

“This plateau suddenly turned out so high, and all the time while we were walking along the northern red-hot plain, it seemed that the whole terrain would be as flat,” said Zhang Xiao Hou, with his head up on the sheer slope of the plateau-like mountain.

It looked very similar to a volcano, and did not look like a typical mountain, wide at the base, and tapering towards the summit. Rather, it even resembled a fiery obelisk rising to the heavens, and without the ability to take off, it is definitely impossible to climb.

“Are you sure the fire fruit is here?” Yes, even if so, how can we go upstairs? ”Asked Mo Fan.

“Inside this fire-breathing mountain is empty, I heard that mother said that at the foot there is a gorge through which you can get inside. So, we should look for him, ”said Chen Ying.

Bypassing this giant fire-breathing mountain, they discovered a gorge. It could be called a gorge only if we took the relatively colossal size of the mountain, for a man it was a huge cave, and the deeper it went into, the more spacious it became.

Passing along the walls of the gorge, on the walls one could see the brilliant winding patterns of granite and the fiery color of crystals. On the way, they again found several fragments of the spiritual seed. It seems that this is another Klondike jewelry, and if you search well, you can find a couple of spiritual seeds.

** Ding! **

In the pitch darkness of the cave there was a sound of metal hitting, piercing the deathly silence that had previously stood, forcing everyone to shudder.

The sound is extremely cut ears, as if scratching nails on a metal board.

“Apparently, I’m not the only one who can hear this sound?”, Gritting his teeth and looking around, said Zhang Xiao Hou.

“What do you think it is?” Asked Zhao Man Yan.

“It doesn’t matter what it is! It goes right to keep going forward, there’s absolutely no point in worrying at the moment. And if this is something hidden in the dark, then we should not be too eager to get to know him more closely, ”said Nothing, Mo Fan said.

According to Mo Fan, if the monster had enough strength to deal with the whole group at once, then he would have done it without delay, and since he only makes sounds, then there is nothing to worry about.

Gaining courage, the group moved on. The fire-breathing mountain was extremely high, and if in order to climb straight up the slope, you need to spend an incredible amount of time, then it is not worth talking about this method – walking through the inner maze of the mountain.

Everyone heard this strange sound again and again, but the monster did not appear, which seemed to everyone only for the better.

It is not known how high they have already risen, but in the walls of the cave cracks were already found, from which scorching magma flowed, merging into one streamlet.

The light emitted to her illuminated the space around, and now travelers could clearly see what was happening around, but for a long time Zhao Man Yan did not cancel his Shine, and the sum of light from several sources was as if they were on a clear sunny day.

“Ha-ha, this magma under your feet, let’s go, just like on the red carpet,” Zhang Xiao Hou walked with a smug look.

The temperature of the magma is so high that a simple person burns to the ground for a couple of seconds, and the magician has not been able to resist for a long time, except for the magicians of the fire element, they are able to hold it for some time, and even that is not straight to take magma baths

But Mo Fan didn’t even reach such a level, he tried to stick his finger into the stream of magma, got burned, and withdrew his hand, just like when boiling water falls on it!

“Still, don’t you think that the stream of magma has somehow expanded?”, Chen Ying suddenly asked.

“It should be higher than her even more. Nothing, the magma still flows down, and there is still a lot of space, which is why it is unlikely to block our way, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

“Well, if so … But what if there is any special reason for this?” Is concerned, said Xin Xia.

“What else is the reason?” Asked Zhang Xiao Hou.

While they were talking, Mo Fan was standing next to a stream of magma, he was very attentively watching his stream, only recently they were saying how smoothly it was flowing, but now something has accelerated and filled their old tracks.

And from that moment no more than a minute has passed!

“It seems to me that we need to get out of here more quickly!” Said Mo Fan expressively, and his expression abruptly changed.

“Why is this?”, Zhao Man Yan and Zhang Xiao Hou were asked in unison, still thinking about the high price of the fire fruit.

Chen Ying also did not want to throw everything, because the fire fruit was at the top of this mountain.

“I say we are moving away from here faster!”, Mo Fan shouted, who understood that there was no time for clarification.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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