Chapter 483. Pass (Part Two).


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The severity of Mo Fang deprived all other members of the team of any doubt.

Even if Mo Fan, who is so determined to paddle more dough from this campaign, said to retreat, it means that something really serious had happened.

– Faster! Faster! – Mo Fan used the magic of the shadows and customized the guys.

Zhao Man Yan, Xiao Hou and Chen Ying, somewhat hesitating, quickly headed down the mountain pass.

“Well … when did it get so much magma here?”

Suddenly, they were faced with fiery magma, which blocked their path.

– Are you stupid or how ?! This magma is not for you mountain water that flows down the mountain slopes … The source of the magma is right above us, so it flows here! – said Mo Fan on the run.

They did not come here at all, and this flowing magma did not pose any threat to people who were rising up the mountain gorge, but now it completely blocked the road …

This means that magma floods this place … And the amount of magma continues to increase rapidly …

If the magma fills the whole gorge, they will perish!

– E * at! Yes, there is a swimming pool! – Zhang Xiao Hou said in surprise.

– And the magma continues to pour from above!

– Did you hear the sounds?

– What do we care about sounds now? – Zhao Man Yan spoke impatiently.

– No. Background sounds.

Suddenly sounds come from the surface of the steel. However, the sound source was relatively far from the guys, so it was audible badly.

Chen Ying purposely even stopped and listened to the stone surface nearby.

***Boom! Boom!***

At the same moment the girl’s face turned pale. She turned her head. The rest could see glimpses of fear in her eyes. Everyone understood without a word what happened …

Magma was going fast!

The flow of magma was heard from the simultaneous sounds of boiling and the blows of heavy drops on stones …

Only now everyone understood why Mo Fan sharply ordered everyone to retreat … The slightest delay could cost them their lives!

Either they underestimated the speed of the flow of magma, or their own speed of the path, but most of their road was already filled with boiling liquid.

But the worst thing was that behind their backs the sounds were heard more and more clearly, they could already be heard all over the inside of the mountain!

*** Ding! Ding! ***

At this time, no one really paid attention to this metal ringing. At this point, they discovered that the cave gap was sealed tightly to an animal that was covered with a fiery red shell. Here it is now certainly everyone was not alone!

– What is it? – Zhao Man Yan yelled hysterically.

It was a saving way! Not only did this animal somehow crawl here and stuck in this crevice, blocking their exit, so the magma continued to fill all space non-stop!

Magma, unable to flow further down through this crevice, accumulated there, forming a boiling pool!

The elemental beast of fire was not at all afraid of boiling magma, and in the middle of its body one could see two whole heads!

The beast had two physiognomies that were similar to humans … The great mouth was opened: for this animal, magma was something like water for fish – so comfortable it was here! With a grin, the beast looked at Mo Fan and the others.

One face of the beast portrayed a smirk, and the second – rage! For the guys, he looked like a demon from the other world …

– Killed! Killed! – now shouted Xiao Hou.

The sounds behind him were getting louder, the magma continued to fit.

Who knew that the sounds were heard were the forerunners of the approaching end!

There was one more cluster of magma in sight … Looking at the beast with two masks, it was not clear what was worse – to die from the magma or from this beast …

– We must deal with this e * Anna tortoise! – Zhao Man Yan and Xiao Hou decided to head towards the beast, bypassing the magma.

“Wait, first give this case to me,” said Lin Ling.

– Do you know the solution? Asked Mo Fan, surprised.

“I don’t know if this will work or not.” When we ran here, I looked around. There, from the side, there is a pothole. We can hide there, and then, using the magic of the earth, seal this pothole from the inside. However, if even the slightest gap remains, we will be completely roasted by this magma … – said Lin Lin.

– We have no other choice. First you need to get to this pothole! Agile wolf, let’s go! Said Mo Fan.

“We have to hurry, otherwise …” Xing Xia began to say.

It was clear to everyone, what kind of outcome awaits them, if they do not hurry to follow the words of Lin Ling!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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