Chapter 484. The Test of Time!


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“I could rip this turtle bastard to pieces!” – Zhao Man Yan on the run continued to spew swear words.

At this moment there was no point in saving power, therefore absolutely all magical artifacts were used.

The deadly sound was heard quite close. At any time, you can stretch your legs!

Now everyone really rushed like a race with the spirit of death, because there was still some distance to that very pothole.

Everything around was flooded with red slurry. The guys ran along the rocky ledges – this was the only way out.

The stone surface on both sides was already hot.

If a spray of boiling lava hits the surface of the skin, then it will immediately burn through …

– Blessing of Light: Holy Wall!

The holy wall of Zhao Man Yang in time saved the team from flying splashes, which bounced off the spell with a ringing.

However, some drops of magma could still hurt the guys …

– How long? – asked Mo Fan. He went ahead of all as a shield, because his body is not exposed to the ravages of fire.

He was the only one who had not yet received any burns. The flame of the fiery rose protected it, but without it, Mo Fan would have long been transformed into a piece of coal.

Lin Lin, who was sitting on the back of the wolf, did not answer.

She needed an absolute concentration of the spirit, so as not to miss the very pothole that she had glimpsed!

Then the eyes of Ling Ling sparkled, and she happily said: “Over there, on the left! Rather! ”

After her words, a red stream splashed from the side, which, like a wild beast, attacked from around the corner!

Everybody was scared to death …

There was a little bit of a hole in the pothole.

– First, you climb there! – Mo Fang commanded in a loud voice to those behind.

– What are you going to do? – excitedly asked Xing Xia.

Mo Fan did not answer. His body flared up even more with the flame of a rose, turning him into a fiery demon!

He continued to stand in the same place, and the star elemental system already loomed under his feet … Most people in his place would completely lose their mind, being surrounded by boiling magma!

However, Mo Fan forced himself to concentrate, because behind him were the most dear to him people!

He growled fiercely, and a flame had already formed on his right hand.

– Flaming fist!

Mo Fan channeled all his might into this hulk …

The strongest lava flow began to fill in everything around, but Mo Fan with his burning fist seemed to cut this flow, freeing up space where Lin Lin had indicated before.

Literally at the last second, Xing Xia, Lin Lin, an agile wolf, Zhang Xiao Hou and Zhao Man Yan found themselves in the side of a hollow … It was obvious that the last human being standing outside was in a raging stream!

Xing Xia had only one last look at Mo Fang’s silhouette …

– Mo … Mo Fan !!!

The sound of spilled magma was heard …

From the impact of a boiling wave, everything inside the pothole was heated to the limit …

The stone barrier that emerged under the guidance of Xiao Hou closed them … The agile wolf literally grabbed Xiao Hou’s clothes at the last moment, dragging him inside!

– Faster! Seal! Shouted Ling Ling.

– I can not! Shouted Xiao Hou.

Zhao Man Yan and Chen Ying were mad at this moment from what is happening …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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