Chapter 485. The Fiery Witch.


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“He has already been washed away by magma.” Now it is not up to him! – in a cold voice, said Lin Ling.

Xing Xia bit her lip, tears appeared in her eyes … However, she was well aware that what Lin Says said was the only right decision.

Zhao Man Yan, gritting his teeth, began to form the Holy Wall in order to seal this pothole, in which all of them were.

Chen Ying also did not stand aside: she erected a mountain curtain, creating an additional protective layer in case the holy wall leaks.

Zhang Xiao Hou only some time later came to his senses … Wiping away tears, which never happened in the future, he created another stone wall …

Now everyone, being exhausted, began to sit down on the ground, right in the middle of the pothole.

No one said anything, everything just silently took a breath.

In the end, Xiao Hou, looking up, looked at Xing Xia.

Xing Xia, predicting his question, pointing to the wolf, said: “The wolf … he’s still here, so Mo Fan is alive …”.

The others, hearing this, rose abruptly.

But the truth is: the agile wolf was Mo Fane’s draft beast, and if he died, the beast would immediately be sucked back into the call-out world … The presence of the wolf meant that its owner was still alive …

– The main element of Mo Fan is fire, so a short stay in the magma is unlikely to harm him much. But if we did not have time to hide here, then all his efforts would have gone to the cat’s tail! – Ling Ling continued to calm them down.

“We must first wait here before we go looking for him.” The flow of magma can not last very long … otherwise, we are doomed …. Said Chen Ying.

Every time a stream of magma hit Mo Fan on a rock, he felt unbearable pain.

His skin soon became accustomed to being in a hot environment.

Mo Fan himself did not know how far he had already been taken down by this stream …

The hot sun scorched the northern red-hot plain right in the middle …. Now, various plants began to cover the local land ….

With a fiery red carpet, they covered everything around.

The leaves of the plants fell to the ground like candle lights, bringing the indescribable beauty of these places to the limit …

Among all this beauty, on the fallen leaves, lay the guy in an unconscious state. His entire skin was covered with bruises.

Next to him was a graceful silhouette, who carefully looked at him. He poured leaf extract into his mouth.

This leaf extract had a healing effect: after it reached the abdominal cavity, all the wounds on the guy’s body began to tighten.

In addition, the burns were not specific. They were not poisonous and contagious, so healing was not complicated by anything. The guy lost consciousness not from burns (his body had a powerful force of resistance to fire), but from the lack of oxygen …

Only when the sun went down over the horizon did the guy finally regain consciousness.

Mo Fan opened and looked around. At first it seemed to him that he was lying in the middle of a hot sea, however, having seen the leaves, he calmly sighed. A carpet of leaves seemed very soft and comfortable, especially after Mo Fan spent all his energy shortly before.

– How did I get here? – asked Mo Fan. He clearly remembered that he had been blown down by a stream of magma to a lowland.

– Is it the top of the mountain? – said Mo Fan with himself.

He hurried to investigate his body for wounds. He found nothing – even for him it was incomprehensible!

All this time he was watched by a humanoid creature in red. Even the movements of this creature were very strange.

The creature approached Mo Fan … It was clear that it possessed a fiery energy, but Mo Fan did not feel any heat emanating from him.

Mo Fan stared at the creature. However, the creature did not even try to attack him, on the contrary, it extended a fiery fruit to Mo Fan. The creature did not come close to him, fearing to scare him with its appearance.

– That’s for me? Mo Fan asked in disbelief that he could taste the fire fruit.

The fiery silhouette slowly nodded his head.

“Did you save me by dragging me here?” – continued Mo Fan.

The fiery man nodded his head again, as if confirming that he fully understood human language.

At that moment, Mo Fang seemed to have dawned: he remembered that Chen Ying was saying that her mother was saved at the most dangerous moment by a human-like fiery creature …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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