Chapter 487. The Sky, the Stars, and the Trees


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Suddenly, Mo Fan felt a wave of hot air hit him in the back.

The young man turned around and saw that the fire witch was floating in the air at a distance of one hundred meters above the ground.

After a moment, the witch was already rushing angrily towards the three-headed snake. Her body blazed with fire, and all the leaves around soared into the air.

The fire enveloped the girl like a cloak, like an expensive dress, turning her into a magmatic queen.

Mo Fan looked at the witch in horror. More recently, he considered her a kindly girl, but after such a metamorphosis, he would not have turned his tongue to call her friendly.

Let the three-headed snake and dangerous, but seeing an angry fire witch, the beast did not dare to approach Mo Fang.

You can even say that the serpent was frightened by such a fierce defense and, turning its head back, crawled away.

In less than a couple of minutes, the snake disappeared into the thicket of the forest.

Mo Fan thought that this was all over, but who would have thought that after some time a group of fire larks would appear from the forest. They saw a fiery witch and hurriedly, very vainly ran out of the grove, like several other species of animals.

Mo Fan was stunned.

Initially, he thought that the fire witch was some sort of person who had learned to understand human speech. Now, however, Mo Fan began to believe that this witch was the master of the northern red-hot plain.

It does not matter, whether it is a three-headed snake or a fire lark, this witch keeps all animals in awe. But they are not at the level of a servant!

After some time, the fiery cloak stopped enveloping the witch, but the animals in the grove could not calm down for a long time.

The fiery witch began to fly slowly towards Mo Fang, changing her appearance. By the time she was in front of him, from the past, the combat form was not a trace.

However, one thought didn’t give Mo Fang any peace: why is the fire witch so indifferent to people? Why does she help them?

The young man had no doubt that the witch was angry and chased the snake away just because she wanted to eat Mo Fanya.

“Saved … thank you,” said Mo Fan after he came to his senses.

The witch looked at the young man as if with regret. As if asking: you are not hurt?

Nothing happened to Mo Phan, only the aura of such a powerful creature as a fire witch almost strangled the young man.

After some time, Mo Fan noticed that there was something in the hands of the witch, the young man immediately asked: What have you got there? Did you bring me food?

Hearing this phrase, the witch immediately seemed angry.

The young man realized that he was mistaken and he felt embarrassed.

In the hands of the witch was some kind of precious fruit. In appearance, this fruit was much more valuable and better than fiery.

“Isn’t this a fiery fruit by chance?” Asked Mo Fan, without thinking.

The witch doubted for a few seconds, then nodded.

Seeing the answer, Mo Fang almost fell off his jaw!

Damn it, he just asked, just like that, one might say.

Is that … and really that expensive fruit that Chen Ying was talking about?

Mo Fan was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say.

The young man did not know whether to laugh or cry. He found the fruit, only this fruit belongs to the fiery witch, and she is not the fact that she wants to just donate it.

And after she showed her power, the young man chose to sweep away the option of taking the fruit away by force.

“Since you saved me, I will not deceive you, we came here including in search of this fruit. We, the people, it is in the price. Many of us come here for his sake, so if he is important to you, then take care of him. I know that you treat people well, but not all people are as honest and decent as I am, ”said Mo Fan to the fiery witch.

As Mo Fan spoke, he noticed how carefully and caring the girl was holding the fruit.

The witch left and decided to ask about the health status of Mo Fang.

The young man was already able to walk, but he could not answer for the safety of his internal organs. This is only a magician with an element of healing can say.

After that, the fire witch seemed to say to Mo Fanyu: it’s dangerous here, follow me.

Mo Fan could not refuse such an offer. The young man himself moved with difficulty, but it was not worth remembering about self-defense.

They walked through the forest for a long time, at some point the young man even lost track of time.

In the end they came to the end of the grove.

Then there were only mountains. However, the slope was not very steep, but the strangest thing was that trees without leaves were growing here. The trees themselves were very tall and seemed to reach the sky.

Due to the fact that there were no leaves on the trees, the impression was created that there were stars on the branches.

Who would have thought that there is such a beauty?

Mo Fan continued to go on and after some time the witch stopped. She cautiously flew to the top of the tree and planted a fire fruit on him, after which he began to shine.

“So is it here that the fiery fruits appear?” Asked Mo Fan.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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