Chapter 489. Material for spiritual seed!


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It took quite a bit of time for Zhao Yu Lin’s team to reach the fire-breathing mountain, as another group of people approached the mountain. The clothes of a group of people were hung with orders.

All hunters understand that it is impossible to get here without winged magical artifacts or flying animals.

The plain throughout its area was inhabited by magical tigers, so even the highest level mages would not risk coming here in other ways.

It was only possible to cross the plain by crossing the river of lost sands. However, it is impossible to fly over the river: as soon as a flying creature appears above the airspace of the river, the bones of dead animals immediately fly into it. That is why in the military part of Dunhuang they did not hold the birds – because flying over this territory is unreal!

– Let’s go from the outside of the mountain. It is, of course, high, but if we go through the mountain, there are many dangers ahead of us, ”said a female officer with an aquiline nose.

The officer, apparently, was the main one among them, because everyone started to give her a boost, not daring to say the words across.

– Experienced hunters said that the fire-breathing mountain looks steep and steep in appearance, but it’s really possible to gouge a walkway on it.

– Then we need to hurry. We are moving forward tonight so that others cannot get ahead of us.

“Officer Nan Jue, what is the use of this fiery fruit?” Why did we come here just for his sake? – asked one of the team.

– There is a lot of benefit from it … How to explain that … From this fruit, you can get synthetic material for making fiery spiritual seed. And the result is guaranteed! Said an officer with an eagle’s nose named Nan Jue.

– The material of the soul level … and with a guaranteed result!

The eyes of the military flashed involuntarily.

The fiery seed of a soul level is such a thing that can increase the magic power of any fire mage four times! In addition, it can help the average level mage cultivate to a high level!

Soul seed is extremely rare. Even at the most famous auctions of large cities, such seeds are rarely set. Most spiritual seeds are obtained by the method of energy concentration of ordinary spiritual seeds, but the main disadvantage of this method is that the probability of obtaining a spiritual seed as a result is very, very low, and the costs are very high.

The same fiery fruit increases the likelihood of the formation of spiritual seed to 100 percent !!! Just unthinkable!

For spiritual seeds, it is enough to have money – then you can safely buy them absolutely everywhere, but spiritual seed is something that cannot be found just like that!

On the other side of the fire-breathing mountain there was already another group, which was part of the hunters league. They were ready to climb up the mountain: a scarred hunter called his beast to climb mountains.

The claws of the mountain-climbing beast were very specific: as if with hooks they could cling to the protrusions of the rock.

The beast was just huge: all the members of this team easily climbed on it and continued on their way.

Having traveled about two kilometers, the hunters league team has already reached the middle of the mountain. Here, the magician of the element of earth, who used the spiritual seed, took up the task.

He went further up and from there he let the rest down.

They continued to walk continuously.

The team of the magical court, too, continuously continued its way, only from the other side.

The river of lost sands was virtually impassable, and it was not so easy to get to the northern red-hot plain. However, three teams, leagues of hunters, a magical court and the military, were already here.

They all came here not for the numerous spiritual seeds, which were abundant here. They all came here for this fiery fruit !!!

The night sky was blue … Only in the second half of the night the stars began to shine very brightly, causing the forest to shimmer beautifully …

Mo Fan was sitting on a mountainside under the trees. The sky was beautiful, and the plain was endless … The habitat of the fiery witch …

Mo Fan watched the carefully flaming witch handling the fiery fruit in the trees. How many years has this been going on? Mo Fanu became interested in the story of the fiery witch.

“Why do you care so much about fiery fruits?” – asked Mo Fan, at the same time saturating his mortal body.

The fiery witch moved like the wind … Her gentle silhouette was always close to the fiery fruits, as if she was afraid that those who want to steal them might appear.

Hearing Mo Fang’s question, she gently sat down next to him and started a conversation using her special communication method.

– You want to say that I can find out about this only if I wait a few days? – asked Mo Fan.

The fiery witch nodded her head.

– It is already bearing fruit. Will the tree never bloom again? Mo Fan asked again.

Mo Fan recalled the words of Chen Ying that the fire fruits disappear very quickly. Her father sent expeditions here several times for this fruit, but each time they could not guess the time of the existence of the fruit.

This is a fruit that will disappear on its own, why should we still watch it?

Fire fruits were like tomatoes: if they hang for a few more days, they ripen, and their taste will become even better.

– You ask how I feel? – Mo Fan rose from his seat and began to move. It turned out that the joints still ache, but there was nothing serious. Smiling, he answered the witch: “Everything is fine. I have to go now, my friends must be worried about me. ”

– And yes, I am very grateful to you. If I can help you in return, just say, ”Mo Fan added.

The fiery witch made a sound that meant that she did not need any help from him.

– Well then, I went. As a result, I did not find the fire starter, and you are guarding the fire fruits … I will have to gather more spiritual seeds and sell them … ”said Mo Fan magnanimously

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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