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An opportunity!

Qin Shan felt his head dizzy, and suddenly remembered that a few months ago, Chu Xingyun casually said a word, let Qin Yuyan break through the bottleneck and entered the Third Grade Pill Refining Master.

There is such a magic in one sentence, the opportunity that Chu Xingyun said…

“Please stay!”

Qinshan disregarded the image and ran forward. He pulled out Chu Xingyun, who was about to leave. He smiled and said: “Chu Family, I will let Miss Rain Smoke come out, you must not leave.”

“West Lord City City Lord and Qin Yuyan are talking in secret, I am a small person, so I am bothered, isn’t it suitable?” Chu Xingyun sneered, pushing Qinshan’s hand and continuing to make a big step away.

Qinshan was so anxious to cry, and he was really blinded by lard. The inscrutable people like Chu Xingyun helped him a favor and was a big Good Fortune for the Baibao Building.

“Chu Family, you come with me, I will take you to see Miss Rain Smoke, whether it is in secret talk, I will take you in, never wait for a minute, I will take life to guarantee!” Qinshan Raise three fingers and swear aloud.

At this time, the onlookers could not think properly, or their eyes were round, or their mouths were wide, and in a word, a little bit of sound could not be heard, and they fell into silence.

The people who just said this talk are completely different from the Qinshan they know. They have only been asked by others for Qinshan. Today, Qinshan actually asks Chu Xingyun, but also swears directly?

Chu Xingyun saw Qinshan’s grievances and didn’t want to go wrong. He said, “Let’s lead the way ahead.”

“Well!” Qinshan hurriedly stood up and walked in the direction of Chu Xingyun and Shui LiuXiang move towards the secret room, letting the crowd with the wrong face stand in the hall, it is difficult to return to God.

The three people soon arrived at the secret room. Chu Xingyun has come several times. It has long been strange, but Shui LiuXiang seems to be somewhat cautious and closely follows Chu Xingyun.

“Open the door.” Chu Xingyun said directly, he has been delayed for a lot of time and does not want to wait any longer.

Qinshan squatted down, his forehead was all cold sweat, he opened the door without notice, but the consequences were not dare to imagine, but he never saw Chu Xingyun so anxious, but also guessed the urgency of the matter.

Thinking again and again, Qinshan had took a deep breath, went to the front door, poured spiritual power into the door, and slowly opened the door.

Hōng lóng lóng !

Stone door A little bit open, Qinshan’s heart has mentioned the scorpion, and is ready to bear the anger.

When the stone door is completely opened, a broken sound suddenly blooms, and even if a person sees a flash of light, the palm of the hand is hurricane, and Qinshan is directly flew out.

“Qinshan, you are a big dog, dare to bother me and talk to Miss Rain Smoke!” A thick voice came out, like a thunderous explosion, even the crowd outside the hall can clearly hear, the heart madly twitched .

This voice is the voice of the City Lord of the West Wind City!

I saw in the field of vision, a middle-aged man wearing a robes appeared there, and the resolute facial features became distorted by anger, and all of them were full of anger.

This person is the West Lord City City Lord, Gu Cyan Mountain.

Behind Gu Cyan Mountain, Qin Yuyan came out with gloomy and cold. She looked at Qinshan and didn’t talk, but the anger in the eyes was nothing to explain her, how angry she was.

Qinshan felt the anger of the two people. For a moment, they forgot the pain in their bodies. The whole body was wet with sweat. Although he had expected such a situation, he didn’t expect the two would be angry to this extent.

“City Lord adult, Miss Rain Smoke, please ask you to anger, Chu Family is not looking for Miss Rain smoke refining medicine pill, the situation is urgent, I really can’t do anything, can only come out with this policy.” Qin Shan crying face, pointing Chu Xingyun on the side.

“Chu Xingyun!” Qin Yuyan’s heart was slightly stunned, his eyes moved, just to meet the eyes of Chu Xingyun’s two calm and composed.

“But anyone who is looking for a smoker to refine the medicine pill has to wait, even I am no exception. When is a Chu Family Patriarch, when is there a chance to see it directly?” Gu Cyan mountain is full of disdain The cellar to Chu Xingyun.

Recently, Chu Family large-scale, is being promoted at a terrifying speed, enough to rank as a first-class family. As a city Lord, Cyan Mountain is in charge of the West Wind City. He is not in a position to suppress the Chu Family.

“Miss Rain Smoke, wait for me to drive this madman out, and then continue to talk to you.” Gu Cyan mountain step forward, the Spirit Gathering Ninth Level of the day exudes, straight to Chu Xingyun.

“You retire.” Just as cyan mountain wants to make a move, Qin Yuyan spit out a word, and stopped him.

“This kind of small character, I don’t have to smoke the smoke smoke, I can handle it.” Gu Cyan mountain hehe smiled, the language fell, but he found that Qin Yuyan looked at his eyes and suddenly became very indifferent, one word : “I let you back!”


Gu Cyan mountain body trembled, gave birth to a wrath, but when I thought of the terrifying power behind Qin Yu’s body, the anger immediately disappeared without a trace, and hurriedly retreated to the side, coldly squatting Chu Xingyun.

“Where are you looking for me to refine what medicine pill?” After the last time I got Chu Xingyun’s instructions, Qin Yuyan went into the Third Grade Pill Refining Master smoothly and never encountered a bottleneck.

From then, beginning, Qin Yuyan looked at Chu Xingyun, no longer a partner, but like a mentor, want to get more guidance from him, and go further on Pill Dao.

Chu Xingyun said with a smile : “Your innate talent is better than I expected. I have already entered the Third Grade level. It happens that I am looking for your refining medicine pill, which is exactly the Third Grade.”

“Third Grade!” Qin rain smoked a bright glow, suppressing excitedly said: “What Third Grade medicine pill, is there a pill recipe?”

“It’s not a terrific Third Grade medicine pill, but more than pill recipe. I am naturally prepared, and I have improved it. If it is refining, the effect is not far from the fourth-level medicine pill. “Chu Xingyun replied.

When Qin Yuyan heard it, his face was wonderful and full of ecstasy.

Baiyang Dan, she naturally heard, is a medicine pill from the sun to the right, ranked in the Third Grade peak level. If Chu Xingyun finds her refining, it is equivalent to passing Baiyangdan’s pill recipe to her. .

Moreover, Chu Xingyun has also improved it, so that Bai Yangdan’s efficacy is comparable to the fourth-grade medicine pill, so amazing, she can’t wait to see the improved pill recipe.

“If it is not too late, we will begin to refine it, and the Chu Family will follow me.” Qin Yuyan ignored Gu Yanshan, who was on the sidelines, and hurriedly invited Chu Xingyun to come in.

A Third Grade pill recipe, and a pill recipe comparable to the fourth-grade medicine pill, is too tempting for her, and she feels excited when she thinks she can refine herself.

“That’s not good?”

Chu Xingyun didn’t step out of Half-step, his hands clasped around his chest, lightly said: “Miss Qin has a good talk with Gu City Lord, a Chu Family Patriarch in my district, and dare to disturb, even more how, Gu City Lord just said I am looking for Miss Pill Refining to wait for the flight. If the City Lord said, I can’t disobey.”

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