Chapter 490. Deadly Forest.


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In the crimson forest, hung with orders of Nan Jue and her people walked with a look, as if they were off course.

In fact, having reached the forest, they did not know where to go next. They wandered through the forest here and there, because one of the old men told them that the fire fruit should grow in such a high-temperature forest.

– You did not hear the sound like an animal? – asked one of the officers with a bronze complexion.

– Yes, do not beasts it. In this forest so hot, what animals can be found here? – Said the girl from the team that went behind all.

This girl was already sweating, although it was morning. At lunch and in the afternoon, there probably should be like in the underworld.

– E Tzu, do you still have water? Give me a drink … E Tzi ???

The bronze-skinned officer who led the way turned around and found that there was no one behind!

He looked down and saw that there were marks on the ground, as someone dragged. He immediately changed his face and turned to those who were leading.

“Officer Nan Jue, Ye Zi, who was behind, she is gone!” – said the bronze-faced.

Nan Jue raised her hand, giving everyone a sign to stop. She gazed at the silent forest with a careful look.

– We have to go back, she may have strayed.

Nan Jue nodded her head negatively. The military can not leave the detachment, without giving any sounds.

– No, that will not do. Xu Dong is missing too. He walked in front of everyone and opened the way. – excitedly another officer told the others.

Nan Jue immediately changed her face. She told the remaining team members: “There are a lot of enemies! We must leave this place now! ”

– So we throw E Tzu? Is it possible to throw team members here? – did not calm down the bronze-faced.

– If you want everyone to die here, then go look for the corpse of E Tzu !!! – in a cold voice said Nan Jue.

After that, the rest decided to immediately leave the limits of this mysterious forest.

While they were unfolding, several more people suddenly disappeared.

Only now everyone understood how dangerous and unpredictable was this forest! They did not have time to go a few meters, and some team members have already disappeared without a trace! They disappeared, without uttering absolutely no sounds, there were no signs of blood or anything else. Only traces of how they dragged.

Nan Jue was a very powerful magician, and the fact that she did not sense the auras of a magical creature in the face of such danger said that this creature must repeatedly surpass them in magical power!

Nan Jue hurried to inform the others. The remaining team members were literally shaking with fear, and the bronze-faced one said: “Even if this creature is many times more powerful than us, why should he kill us one by one? Wouldn’t it have been easier to beat all of us at once? ”

“Perhaps he likes to play cat and mouse with us.” If we stay here, they will destroy us. – cut off Nan Jue.

– What is this place so unpredictable? We have not even had time to find this fiery fruit, and we have already begun to kill …

The leaves on the trees tried as much as possible to feed on all the benefits of nature. Their lifespan in the trees was limited: in seven days they would all fall down, creating a soft carpet on the ground, on which it was so pleasant to walk.

After Mo Fan entered this forest, he had already regretted it. All the trees here were similar to each other, and the forest itself looked like a tangled labyrinth. No matter how much Mo Fan wandered back and forth, he still could not find the cave that led inside the mountain.

Charter, he crouched down. There, Mo Fan began to ponder whether he should call a fiery witch for help, because perhaps this is much better than wandering aimlessly through the forest.

Rising, Mo Fan felt something sticky on his arm. He saw a red fluid. Sniffing her, he realized that it was blood! His expression immediately changed!

This is blood! Human blood!

Mo Fan lowered his head and looked at the leaves on which he sat. The red leaves from the blood marks were even redder …

Mo Fan began to rake the leaves. Beneath them, he found bloodied remains of a hand. Judging by the bone structure, it was a female hand.

Mo Fang was not the first to see the remains. Apparently, the girl died not so long ago. Mo Fan thought that she was supposed to be a magician, one of those who came here to these lands for treasure.

With difficulty, Mo Fan found the order, which confirmed his idea that the girl was a military magician.

– From this forest is very difficult to get out. Not only is it easy to get lost in it, like in a labyrinth, so are the animals that attack people. I hope that Xing Xia and the others have not yet managed to get here, otherwise they are in great danger … – Mo Fan thought to himself, burying the remains.

This was a gesture of respect among hunters. They very often die in the most dangerous and deserted places, so giving them, if possible, to the ground, becomes a ritual of peace of mind of the deceased.

This also suggests that magicians and hunters should be ready at any moment to say goodbye to their lives.

While everyone else was interested only in the fiery fruit, Mo Fan was indifferent to him. On the one hand, due to the fact that these fruits are protected by a witch, and on the other hand, because this witch saved his life.

Now the most important thing is to find Xing Xia and the rest. Then you can collect more treasure, return to Shanghai, sell it all and earn money. You can buy a good magic artifact for the money, and then you can safely return to the university and ask everyone the heat !!!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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