Chapter 494. Shanghai, surrounded by fire (beginning).


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Everything happened extremely suddenly and unexpectedly for Zhao Man Yan, Zhang Xiao Hou, Lin Lin and Xin Xia.

Upon their return to Shanghai, they were arrested in the south-western estate of the Zhao family, Uncle Yan Yan, Yu Lin. In fact, they had no choice but to leave the ill-fated place in a hurry and wait.

And it is very similar to the fact that very soon the fiery fruit will finally ripen.

A couple of days passed, and people who had already begun to worry, people received news from Mo Fang. He learned from an agile wolf that the others were safe, he returned to Dunhuang.

In the city, he learned that Zhao Yu Lin took the group with him to Shanghai, and only after that he flew to Shanghai on a military plane.

The officer Nan Nzue flew along with Mo Fan. She did not retreat, and was still eager to find out who actually took the fire fruit, so she flew with him.

Thanks to her specific skill, they easily overcame the river of lost sands.

The return flight to Shanghai did not take much time, finally reaching Hongjiao Airport, Mo Fan immediately rushed to the southwest estate. Calling this place simply “an estate” was no longer possible, since it looked like a small, lively town!

Basically it was inhabited by workers from a factory nearby.

The site of this small town is fully owned by Zhao Yu Lin, who lives on the top of the mountain. On it is located a charming manor, made in the European style, inside the estate was a charming fountain and flower garden, which was obviously courted by an experienced gardener.

Mo Fan first walked through this small town, he had always thought that in this part of the city there was a luxurious estate, like the estate of the Mu family in Bo, but no, this place looks more like a small country in which Zhao Yu Lin!

Mo Fang needed to climb a mountain, and when entering the estate, he came across patrol magicians. He showed them his ID, a little less than an hour later, he received confirmation, and only after the patrolman nodded Mo Fanyu, letting him go.

Mo Fan from this little bit, since these dumbassies played a deaf phone, talking to each other along the chain, there would be no need to call someone on a mobile phone, and as a result the matter of a couple of minutes stretched for an hour!

Mo Fan and Nan Jue got into the wagon of the funicular, started to climb, and finally saw in the distance the estate itself in all the roads, and it took another half an hour to climb to its main gate.

Under the mountain patrol magicians, and on the mountain are high fortress walls. Private manor with its appearance is extremely reminiscent of the military headquarters. How do you need to be paranoid to protect yourself in the southwest of Shanghai?

“How tired I am, old Zhang survived completely out of his mind, made us patrol for 24 hours!” Said one of the sentries and yawned.

“Who knows, but I heard from the captain that they had invited someone from the Mu family, they said that the ice house seems to be the most reliable now,” said the sentry, a very tricky look.

“Is it really because of the misdeeds of the Dongfang family. The Mu and Dongfang family are deadly enemies! ”

Mo Fan vaguely heard the conversation of the two sentries. And immediately understood everything.

It seems that Zhao Yu Lin and his wife are afraid of a fiery witch, and despite the fact that the estate is crammed with the military, they in addition called for representatives of the ice-cold Mu family.

“I can send you to your companions, but old Zhao ordered you to get asylum here for a few days … you are free to move freely around the estate, all you need is here, welcome!” Said the commander of the guards.

“How many magicians do you have here?” Asked Mo Fan.

“One hundred and twenty-three, most of the family arrived in the last few days, of course among them are capable representatives of allied families. We were told to keep our mouths shut, so do not spread, ”the guard commander said with a serious face.

“Thank you very much.”

Hongqiao Airport, taxi with a crazy speed rushed along the road.

Upon reaching the deserted place, the passenger in the back seat demanded to stop, causing the driver to be perplexed.

“Are you hot? I can take you to the hospital … ”, – the taxi driver took off his hat.

Who knew that this passenger himself would open the doors for himself, and right during the movement, he would jump to the curb.

The driver has not yet come to himself, as the passenger suddenly became covered in flame. With his foot, the fire was transferred higher, to the waist, his head immediately flared up. The driver was just taken aback …

Spontaneous combustion?

I have never heard that people have such a high temperature that they could self-ignite!

The flames on the passenger’s body looked like some terrifying magic. He disappeared from his body as quickly as it appeared, as if descending from it.

The silhouette of the flame resembled a human figure, gentle and graceful. The passenger still took a couple of steps, and fell on the sidelines.

The flaming magical body slowly circled in the air. It did not create any magic, but it spilled out a kind of impulse, such that all the cars on the road were covered with a red flame …

In the dark of night, on the highway created a mash of self-igniting cars. Fortunately, the ignition occurred rather slowly, and the people inside had time to leave the car!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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