Chapter 495. Shanghai Surrounded by Fire (end).


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Merry town, the estate of Yu Lin.

The open-air swimming pool reflected the light of the lamp, the clear water in it, looked gorgeous under its rays. Near him was a common table with various snacks and fruits.

Lin Lin, Zhang Xiao Hou, Zhao Man Yan, Chen Ying, Xin Xia five of us sat at this table. It was a bit cool, they didn’t bathe, instead they played cards sluggishly.

“I won’t play, Xin Xia wins all the time,” Zhang Xiao Hou threw the cards, losing a lot of cash, his state of affairs was no longer good.

“Aha, aha, Xin Xia, could you turn off the cheats, a serious card game is a fair game …”, Chen Ying exclaimed.

Xin Xia was not deft in front of everyone, and gave back all the money won: “I did not specifically.”

Xin Xia herself did not understand how, without the use of spiritual magic, she could recognize the cards of her opponents, that now she couldn’t play at all?

“It seems that I understand now why on the doors of the casino in Macau they write:“ Entrance to spiritual magicians is forbidden, ”above the inscription:“ Entrance is for adults only, ”Zhao Man Yan said helplessly.

While they were talking, several young people flew out of the pool like a bullet, in a misunderstanding, from which the water, in which they splashed so merrily, suddenly became so cold that even in places it was covered with a thin crust of ice.

“Some abilities have simply become a habit, and they cannot be controlled, because with people like us, no one likes to swim in the pools, because even on warmer days everything is the same”, a man with six dice press, in swimming shorts came up to the table and took a glass with a cocktail.

“Mu Xu, no one spoke to you, you don’t need to declare your presence like that. You were called to protect the estate of your uncle, and not to cool down, as on a vacation, for quite impressive sums! ”Said Zhao Man-Yan with displeasure.

Hearing this, the girl also climbed out of the pool, brushing back her pretty wet hair, and laughing, in a tone like the fox said: “This is the safest territory of Shanghai, I don’t think that something from monsters will be able to invade here. Even if there are such, our family Mu specializes in fighting monsters, whose main attribute is fire, a blizzard squad can easily figure out everything, hehe, we don’t even have to fight ourselves. ”

No one began to delve into the words of Moo Xiu and Moo Ting Le, and continued to talk about something completely different.

“Oh yes, Xin Xia, why did the river of lost sands go wild? All because of the fiery threat? ”, – Zhang Xiao Hou suddenly remembered what had happened, and until he forgot, he immediately decided to ask.

Xin Xia shook her head from side to side, and said: “This is a coincidence, the fiery threat did not affect the river of lost sands, I felt that the cause of their anxiety was in the east, as if something terrible was happening there.”

“But our fate is no easier because of this, first a fiery threat, right there behind it is a river of lost sands …”, – complained about the fate of Zhao Man Yan.

“Something else is strange, Chen Ying, you do not know why your mother decided that you should strike a fiery witch … In fact, her relationship with a fiery witch is somehow strange,” Lin tried to connect all that happened. developments.

“I don’t know myself, my mother gave me a cooling pike, and said when I should attack, and I just followed her words, and I also think that everything went too well,” Chen Ying shook her head, recalling the scene that occurred. with a fiery witch.

“Chen Ying, you have done such a stupid thing …”

While the crowd was talking, a familiar voice was heard from behind …

“Mo Fan!”

“Tin, how did you get here so quickly !?”

Zhang Xiao Hou and Zhao Man Yan immediately approached, and shook hands, and then began to cheerfully hug.

Mo Fan immediately pushed them away, and approached Xin Xia. It seemed to him that it was impossible to be sincerely happy to meet with everyone, so I wanted to share my mood with only one.

Mo Fan did not take into account the opinion of the others, and Xin Xia embraced, her face turned red, but she did not resist, and dutifully laid her head on his shoulders …

“Oh, this is …”

“Mo Fan, you are so kind, washed off by magma to bring us such a lovely lady …”

“Shut up!”

Mo Fan wanted to relax with Xin Xia, as the two intervened, and Xin Xia angrily looked at Mo Fan, but the explanation was not long in coming!

“This is Nan Jue. She is a military man, she says she can find a long-lost thread leading to a clue, and she came with me for this, ”explained Mo Fan.

Nan Jue, without another word, found herself where to sit.

“Why did you say that Chen Ying did something stupid?” Ling Ling went straight to the point.

“I was washed away by magma, but I was saved by a fiery witch, who actually had no evil intent against people …”, – Mo Fan told everyone about his acquaintance with a fiery witch.

“Now she’s very angry, and now it’s not clear how terrible events await us.”

“It’s so far away, it’s most likely not to get there, and besides it’s not easy to invade the safe territory of Shanghai, the legions of wickedness are being cleaned up by the security camps of the city.

“I wanted it to be true, Zhao Yu Lin and his wife will not be able to organize a large guard for the defense of the mountain,” she mumbled Lin, glancing at the sentries in the patrol.

These words made everyone understand the current situation, and the atmosphere immediately became much more serious.

From the park of the southern mountain of the cheerful town, there was a great view, a young couple playfully nestled to each other, looking in the black as the sky, now at the bright lights of the night town.

“I don’t care if you really love me, then give my parents a hundred thousand yuan for me so that they don’t worry?” Said the tender girl with bangs and an oval face.

“I’m only twenty, and I’ll not be able to ask the family about such amounts soon, let me think about it, I give you my salary every month already,” the guy was wearing factory overalls, and was clearly a worker in this town, who immediately after the shift came here.

The girl did not want to listen, and arrogantly threw back her head.

However, at this moment the blinding beam cut through the sky, leaving behind a sparkling beam that lit up the waste of the factory pipe, mysteriously, majestically!

“Oh, it’s a shooting star!” The girl cried enthusiastically.

“And really, make a wish, make a wish!”

Both immediately closed their eyes, and, as if before a prayer, folded their palms.

In megalopolises, light pollution and general cloudiness of the sky are common, so seeing a falling star together isn’t it proof of true love?

Only now, opening their eyes, they saw a terrifying picture: the night sky lit up red!

This amazing meteor very soon fall on the town!

The sky was burning!

And if you look at where the meteor is flying, it’s easy to understand that it is moving straight up the mountain, in the middle of the town, on the estate of the Zhao family!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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