Chapter 496. The appearance of the queen of a red-hot plain.


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“Hurry, run! A meteorite fell there! ”

“My car is not driving! Damn, she caught fire! ”

“All the lighting at the factory went out! Rather, the electrical switch … ”

Everyone who was in the factory did not know what had happened. Just suddenly once, and the lights turned off.

Many cars suddenly caught fire, including those driving down the street. The closer the cars were to the place where the meteorite fell, the faster they ignited.

At this factory there were just a lot of cars and flammable substances. It was unclear how many factories began to burn, but an alarm bell rang from everywhere. Workers in a panic ran out of the building, not paying attention to everything else.

The fire spread slowly, so people had time to run. As soon as people ran out, they raised their heads. Upstairs there was a large, scorching fireball. People looked at the fire and did not know where to run.

It is good that the fire did not spread to the cheerful town, otherwise many people would have died!


“Mommy!”, Zhao Man Yan raised his head and could not believe his eyes.

The whole mountain turned bright red. Once they said that the chance that the fiery witch would appear here was extremely small, as she immediately appeared from nowhere. This woman was a disaster for such a small town!

Safe world?

Strengthened camp?

One had only to make the queen of the red-hot plain angry, as all these words lost at least some meaning.

This meteorite has become a warning for humans!


The fire from the meteorite began to spread, burning what had recently been a fortress city.

The estate was guarded by a magical barrier. If a meteorite lands directly on an aquamarine barrier, then the barrier could withstand most of the impact.

Therefore, the queen sent a meteorite right on the mountain …

Everyone who was in the estate was confused. They looked at the mountain, which was severely crippled by a meteorite.

There were probably many patrol magicians around this mountain. Apparently, they were all destroyed along with the mountain. Not even a cry for help was heard, no one could tell what had happened.

Located near the basin of Mo Fan, Zhang Xiao Hou, Zhao Man Yan, Xing Xia, Lin Ling, Mu Xiu and Mu Ting Le were rooted to the spot. They could not believe what they saw with their eyes!

Mountain floor …

The floor of the mountain is not so simple!

And if this meteorite hit the barrier, would it really stand?

Would any of them survive?

*** Screams ***

The fire burned the plants to which he reached, the aura of death filled these lands.

And at this time, the queen of hot lands soared in the air not far from this, seemingly strictly guarded estate.

In her hot eyes, in the truest sense of the word, a cold, scornful look was read.

In the end, she appeared here, having passed half the country, being in the very east of China, at the moment when no one expected her appearance. She pursued the heroes, like a nightmare in reality, she brought all her fury on them!

Her anger clearly demonstrated to everyone that someone must pay a bloody price for what they did!


Suddenly the queen roared, seeing exactly where Mo Fan and the others were.

She took off freely and headed there, while a wave of fire enveloped her body.

Seeing this, Chen Ying fell to the ground from fear, the horror overwhelmed her!

Once she had pierced a witch with a cool spear, now she has come to revenge! Yes, she definitely came to revenge!

The fire witch flew up to the barrier. Her gaze settled on the spot where Mo Fan and the others were. Suddenly, she raised her hand into the air and seemed to grab something!

At that moment, when no one left a shadow of a doubt that the witch could pass through the barrier to kill Chen Ying, something unimaginable happened! Xing Xia’s body, flew up and hung in the air, as if it had somehow been lifted …

“Xing Xia!”

Mo Fan turned pale with fright. However, the fear did not paralyze the young man and he immediately used bloody boots to instantly move beyond the barrier.

Xing Xia’s body quickly flew towards the barrier, right into the hands of a fiery witch.

Mo Fan rushed after her, and out of anger in the young man’s fists, fire flared up, after which he directed the raging flames directly into the fiery witch.

The witch at this time indifferently looked at the approaching Mo Fan and the fiery fist.

With a stone face, the witch waved her hand and crushed the spell with an unknown force.

Mo Fan was annoyed for a second, how could he have thought that the fiery element could even hurt the queen of a red-hot plain?

As soon as the young man wanted to use the element of lightning to attack, he heard Xing Xia’s voice, which rang in his head with the help of magic of the spirit.

“Mo Fan-ge, she does not want to harm me”

These words had no effect on Mo Fan, he simultaneously used a step through the shadow and bloody boots and found himself on a nearby pine tree.

Pine was at some distance from the witch frozen in the air. Mo Fan looked at her and at the Xing Xia hovering next to her.

“Let her go, she has nothing to do with it!”, Mo Fan shouted angrily.

He was very angry, his blood boiled. Mo Fan himself did not notice how he rushed to the fire witch and shouted. His teeth began to grow, short black hair, too, suddenly grew. “I do not want to harm her, I just want to return what is rightfully mine”

She did not open her mouth, but Mo Fan was able to hear what she was saying.

The witch looked at Xing Xia and opened her mouth. After that, from the mouth of Xing Xia came a voice belonging to her, but not conveying her thoughts.

“She is a magician of the spirit element, will help me to express myself …”, – the fiery witch opened her mouth, after which Xing Xia’s voice sounded, conveying her words.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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