Chapter 497. Squad of Blizzard.


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On the roof of the house of the Western sample appeared a lot of magicians. They lined up in rows, it was clear that this was already a pre-worked scheme.

Only now it cost them to see this creature, as horror gripped each of them. Each of these magicians participated in many battles with monsters, but no one has ever seen anything like it!

The guard Chiang Hai Yang was wearing dark armor. This armor had one very useful feature: it was made of fire-resistant, lava-cooling matter. However, even the owner of such beautiful armor, Chan Hai Yan, trembled with fear. He realized that the armor he was so proud of was nothing more than a toy in battle with this beast!

The flame of the fiery witch not only consecrated everything around, it also spread in different directions for several kilometers.

The witch was floating in the air and inspecting hundreds of magicians who were ready to start a fight with her. She did not put them in anything.

The witch looked around and noticed on the roof of the house a woman and a man with braided hair wrapped in white fabrics and wrapped in white fabrics.

These greedy spouses stood with an old man and a middle-aged man whose hair at the temples had just begun to turn gray. They looked like ordinary people, only behaved very freely.

“Scum, how dare you penetrate this magical city?” The old man exclaimed angrily.

This man was specially invited from the Mu Zhao Yu Lin family. He is the second deputy manager of the Mu family.

He had an extremely high status both in society and in the family. His status was so high that he was equated with local deputies.

Next to Mu Dao Nayem was his loyal assistant – Shi Gui, also a strong magician of the ice element.

Zhao Yu Lin and Mu Dao Nai were on good terms. Zhao Yu Lin even wanted to appoint him commander, but since he was not in the country, they chose Shi Gui.

At first, Zhao Yu Lin did not know who this Shi Gui was. But as soon as he learned that this man had just reached the highest level of magic, he immediately began to respect him. Let the responsibility for this business be on his shoulders.

Meanwhile, Shi Gui was one of the few who was not afraid of the fiery witch.

“Fire fruits, return my fire fruits!” The witch cried as soon as she saw Zhao Yu Lin and the others.

Only now the cry was issued by Xing Xia and strengthened by the magic of the element of the spirit, because of what happened so that the cry penetrated into the very soul, forcing everything inside to shrink.

“There’s nothing to talk to her about, she’s hurt, so you shouldn’t waste time,” said mother Chen Ying Zhao Yu Lin and Shi Guiyu.

Shi Gui himself knew that there was nothing to chat with the monster about. He immediately waved his hand, showing the hidden element of the magicians of the element of ice to speak.

In the vast estate of the estate, eight ice element mages have long been waiting in the wings. After Shi Gui gave the order, they immediately began to concentrate an insane amount of ice element magic.

Under their feet the energy of a snow-white color shone, looking like an infinite number of snowflakes …

The more energy was collected, the stronger the blizzard detachment became.

At this time, the area around the mountain was like a stove, some people even began to faint from the heat, however, after eight magicians began to conjure, a miracle happened! Suddenly snow fell!

The snow fell a lot and plentifully.

With each, the amount of snow increased. After some time, it was already possible to notice a thin wall of snow.

The ice wall had eight faces, each on one ice mage.

The speed of the wall was very high, the fire witch did not have time to recover, as she was locked in an octagonal trap.

The witch, in turn, did not wait and waved her hand, after which a fireball appeared, which flew straight to one of the walls to the left.


The fireball instantly blew up the ice wall, causing small fragments of ice to scatter in different directions, melting in flight.

However, as soon as one ice wall disappeared, if not its place, a second one immediately appeared!

Only the witch wanted to destroy the new wall, as an ice blade formed from it, which immediately injured the animal.

“They had prepared for this battle in advance,” said Mo Fan, after seeing the ice walls.

The fire witch seized Xing Xia, she hoped that she could explain to the spouses that they had made a serious mistake, after which they would return the fire fruits.

In fact, Zhao Yu Lin did not even think about going for an exchange, he and his wife had long been eager to get fire fruits, and they were not going to give them away so easily.

The fire witch understood their intentions, and her gaze became ruthless. A spark appeared next to her.

A spark immediately flew into one of the ice walls, causing an appalling force of explosion that shook all the space around.

This spark was similar to the “burst of flame: the blast wave”, only more powerful several times.

The spark burned out the ice walls like a fierce boa, causing the trap to steam.

The witch understood very well who was involved in this conflict, and who was not, therefore she immediately let Xing Xiu go near Mo Fang.

Immediately after that, the fire witch was enveloped in flames.

Literally in one second, the witch’s graceful and beautiful body turned into pure fire, after which it rushed towards the magical barrier.

The magical barrier surrounded the estate and protected it from the element of fire, but he had no chance to stand against such power …

In just a couple of seconds, the barrier was shredded.

Shards fell down and burned without landing on the ground.

After a moment, clean fire rushed and hit where Zhao Yu Lin was …

In just a second, the building was destroyed, along with all the jewels that were stored there.

Zhao Yu Lin’s heart bleeds from the damage he suffered in just one second. At the same time, the man understood that in a battle with such a strong opponent he would in any case suffer losses.

The only thing that Yu Lin had to do was wait for the magicians of the Mu family to deal with the fiery witch!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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