Chapter 499. Bright Flames, Hidden Flames.


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The flaming sea all crawled, and already reached the swimming pool.

Mo Fan with a clouded state returned when everything was already burning with a red flame.

Fortunately, the flames here cannot be compared with what was at the epicenter of the fighting. Using the seed of the fire rose, he could easily endure this flame.

Dragging Xing Xia across the fiery wall, Mo Fan saw Zhang Xiao Hou and the others go backwards. They did not have a fiery spiritual seed like Mo Fang, so the flames that burned around were a great threat to them.

– How is she? – Zhao Man Yan, seeing Xing Xia, asked a worried question.

– Nothing serious. The spiritual powers of the fiery witch are very large, perhaps that is why the disassembly between them is so hard for Xing Xia, said Mo Fan.

Xing Xia kept muttering incessantly. Her eyes were tightly closed, and she herself was like a sleepwalker who spoke in a sleeping state. It was not clear whether the words were Xing Xia, or the fiery witch still uses her.

– Let’s first get away from here, until the trouble has not overtaken us. – Zhao Man Yan was the first to propose.

Mo Fan thought the same thing. The whole thing, from beginning to end, was not their fault, but the anger of the fiery witch could accidentally touch them.

– Where is Chen Ying? Why can’t I see her? – suddenly Mo Fan was missing one of the team members.

“She seems to have run toward her mother.” This girl, too, to me … She herself had injured a fiery witch, and in fact a fiery witch certainly remembered her. And where she rushed to certain death? – Zhao Man Yan swore.

– No, it can not be…

At this moment, Xing Xia muttered something.

She constantly denied something, as if trying to explain something to everyone.

Xing Xia kept shaking her head, whispering something, repeating these slurred words.

– Okay, time to dump. Said Mo Fan, hugging Xing Xia.

At that moment a fireball flew over their heads.

The fireball seemed to fly straight from the center of the fighting. Instantly, he landed on the rest room next to the pool …

– Heck! Now we will not pass! Shouted Zhang Xiao Hou.

– Storm wave!

Zhao Man Yan certainly didn’t want to die. Raising his hands high, he used all the water from the pool and directed it toward the destroyed room.

It is not clear what level the flame of the witch was, but all the water in a rather short period of time turned into steam.

– The remaining forces are used to get out of here. There we will not pass. Here! – said Mo Fan Zhao Man Yanu.

Everyone decided to take the path that was not engulfed in fire, but it was located in close proximity to the center of the battlefield. She at any time, too, could be engulfed in flames …

Two-thirds of the huge estate has already burned down. Mages still continued to die …

The fiery witch was angry for no reason. She had no thought of stopping this slaughter.

Rushing forward, she was getting closer to the attic, where Zhao Yu Lin and his wife were located.

The witch felt that the fruit was with his wife, who was waiting for the moment when they would finally ripen, and then she would be able to restore her appearance ten years ago.

Zhao Yu Lin himself didn’t want to let it all down just like that. He wanted to get the spiritual seed of the element of fire from fruit, and then he, Zhao Yu Lin, would prove to his younger brother what he was worth! He will be able to hold his hand on the pulse of the whole city, and no one dares to say words to him across!

– Father !!! Mama!!! “Chen Ying, accompanied by the guards, finally reached the building where her parents were.

– Why did you come here? – said Zhao Yu Lin, angrily frowning.

“I told her to come,” Jiang Feng replied.

Zhao Yu Lin looked menacingly at her.

During this time, Shi Gui has already managed to get out of the epicenter of the fire and crawl here. All the hair on his head burned, his body was covered with numerous burns, and there was no trace of the protective chain mail. Shi Gui himself was very angry.

– Mr. Shi Gui, are you all right? – Zhao Yu Lin asked anxiously.

– What kind of unbridled evil! A blizzard squad must freeze it to death! – Shi Gui said menacingly.

He personally intervened in the fight only to delay time. A blizzard squad will have more advantages over the power of the magic of fire, it’s just that they can get close to it at the required distance.

– So that’s great! If all goes well, then Zhao will reward you well. – now on the face of Zhao Yu Lin, a smile began to play.

“I noticed that the ice magic that we use not only delays time, but also weakens the fiery witch.” She uses a bright sizzling flame to attack, and when she defends herself, her flame becomes hidden. It is becoming harder for her to attack us … However, this hidden flame surrounding her does not disappear, because of this no one can approach her … – said Shi Gui.

“Would you like to say that even if we cordoned off her, it’s impossible to kill her because of this hidden fire around her?” And the cooling peak turned out to be completely useless? – now the smile has disappeared from Yu Lin’s face.

– Yes. This hidden flame is so strong that even I cannot get close to it. This is just a super power creature! – Shi Gui exclaimed.

Zhao Yu Lin once again became gloomy. Now he needs to think of a way to break through the hidden flame of the witch and kill her.

Only magical creatures of a higher order have a similar aura, which even magicians cannot approach!

– You should not worry about this, Mr. Shi Gui. You only need to cordon off her, and then I will kill this witch myself! – At that moment, the voice of Jiang Feng was heard, whose body was completely wrapped in white bandages.

Under these bandages one could clearly see her eyes that were burning with hatred …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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