Chapter 5: Demon King’s common sense, insane after 2,000 years


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I return the heel. Then I heard a voice from my back.


Jepeth wobbles, but the wound is wound.The body does not move as expected and only crawls on the ground.

“I’ll help if I get treatment right away. Give it up.”

“I thought it was such a thing, that the devil of this demon royalty couldn’t stab the enemy, and that’s why I’m well drawn to the founder’s blood …”

Is the Demon King a pedigree of the Demon King? I’m the founder of anything but blood.

“Don’t talk too much. I’ll die.”


“But it’s not worth killing small fish like you.”

Well, what happened?

“Hah! Can’t you do it? Then give it up. Let me say, I can’t give up even if I die!”

I think if you order give up, it’s right now.

“I know what you’re thinking. You’re going to use the magic of forcing? Ah, good. Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha-ga ha ha! ”

Step on Zepeth’s head and press his face against the stone pavement.

“Well done, I’m taller. He looked down on wanting to immerse himself in such a clever sense of excellence.”

But you said something interesting.

“If you don’t use forced magic, you can’t give it up.”

“… ho … it might be true … but …!”

Despite being trampled on his head, Zepes still hits his mouth.For Mitashita, a hatred role is in the hall.

“Hm, it’s an interesting entertainment. Let’s ride. If you give up without using the magic of force, I win. Otherwise, you win.”

“Han? Is that okay? Hit those mouths. I won’t give up even if I die …!”

Contract Blink and activate the magic of <>.It states that if I don’t give Zepes up without forcing magic, I will give up.The contract <> is absolute.The user of this magic and the one signed with it cannot magically make this contract.

Without hesitation, Zepes signed.

“How stupidly I hurt you, but I can’t give up … I’ll regret at the most … Huhhhhhhhhh!”

I bring my index finger around Zepes’s forehead.

“Ah? What?-”

I flipped my finger.


Zepes’s whole body has disappeared.

“Oops? I thought I was going enough, but will you die now? I see.”

Good grief.This will be my’s no use.

I cut my index finger with my nails and dripped a drop of blood.The magic of resuscitation <>.

Zepes’ whole body is rebuilt and he revives.The armor and sword were slightly stronger.

“Now …! What’s that magic, Zepes, who should have died, has revived …?!”

“To bring the dead back to life …! That magic is beyond common sense!”

What are you surprised at? The spectators are noisy as Zepes is revived.If you don’t use this much magic, you’ll die if you die.

“What … I am …?”

Zepes looks at me with a funny face.

“How do you feel like you’ve died once? Do you want to give up?”

“Bah … idiot … who’s give-ups … kaki …”

Flip your finger again and kill Zepes.

Resuscitation: “Oops, you killed me inadvertently. Well, if you use <> within three seconds, you can be resurrected without risk. This is the so-called three-second rule.”

From the audience seats, I felt the tranquility of the waves.

HM.What did you do, apparently you removed the gag? The three-second rule of being safe if killed within three seconds was a joke on an iron plate in the mythological era, but no, it is not at all.

As 2,000 years have passed, has the culture of laughter changed? On the contrary, they all look like fear. Was my gag so cold?

Do you have to weigh yourself until you know the gag of the magical age?


Revival <> Zepes revived at <> looks at me and expresses a fearful expression.

By the way, do you drive lightly? Not to be a trauma.

“You said you wouldn’t give up if you died, but did you ever think you’d only die once in your lifetime?”

There was no reply, and Zepes was just trembling with a trap.

“Well, let’s ask again? Will you give up?”

For a moment, Zepes has a desperate expression. But he said in a thin voice.

“Who, who is …

I thought it was another push and killed it again.Resurrection Anyway, <> uses a drop of blood, so it’s tedious.

Once again Zeppeth’s whole body was rebuilt, and he looked at me with a scared face.

Resuscitation “By the way, there is an interesting philosophy around the magic of this <> Is this another person newly created? Which do you think is?”

Zepes shakes her lips, echoing the sound of teeth that don’t fit together.His face was pale.

“Ki, Kisa … You … well, such immoral imitation …”

“Hmm. I’m not interested. It was quite hot in my time.”

Well, the culture of laughter is different.What kind of philosophy you are interested in depends on the times.

“I’ll kill you once more.”

“Oh, you … don’t say killing that lightly …”

Haha, I spilled a refreshing smile.

“What, I suddenly began to say something vulgar. Even if I die, I don’t really die.”

Slowly say, put your fingertip on Zeppes’s forehead.

“Oh … oh, oh … wait, wait …?”


Yabe. I slipped my finger and killed me accidentally.I was trying to say something now.

Resurrection Well, use <> to get it back to life.

“Hello, thank you … I’ll tell you to wait !!!!”

“Hahaha is bad. I’m careless.”

“Hahhhha, hey, shit !!!! Will you be inadvertently killed!”

“Oh, I’m still fine.

And bring your finger to Zepes’s forehead. Immediately he shrank and lost his eye color.

“… Well, wait …”



With a look of humiliation, he certainly said.

“Oh, I’m losing. Give up.”

What, there is no competition.

“I’m such a playless person, I thought I’d kill about 10,000 more times.”

When she jokes with a smile to show she has no hostility, Zepes shakes herself for some reason.

“… That Zepes …… like a child…”

“… It’s too overwhelming … He’s who. He’s a face I’ve never seen …”

Such a voice was leaking from the audience seats.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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