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The way of Samsara is also known as the road to life and death.

According to the biography, Samsara Heavenly Emperor is a rare and talented Talent, which is a rare and unprecedented Samsara.

The one who controls Samsara’s way, even in the countless fairy courts of the powerhouse, is one of the best exists, can freely reverse time and space, Samsara life and death, almost undying and unextinguished.

In the end, why did he fall, and the biography did not say it, but there is no doubt that the power of Samsara has completely surpassed Chu Xingyun’s cognition.

Even if you get a half move, you can let him live for the rest of his life!

“I have to work hard to cultivate and try to break into the Spirit Gathering realm as soon as possible, and take a good look at what secrets Samsara Heavenly Book hides.” Chu Xingyun whispered, his face did not become dignified, but extremely excited.

His cultivation base is Body Tempering Second Level Day, from Spirit Gathering, and there are eight levels.

In the eyes of others, this may be difficult, but for Chu Xingyun, it is not difficult.

On the surface, he is only a sixteen-year-old boy. In fact, he has thousands of memories in his mind. The cultivation technique Martial Study is even more numerous.

Even more how, in the Samsara stone cultivate, arrived in five days.

This is to make Chu Xingyun full of confidence, can enter the Spirit Gathering realm in a short time.


Thinking about it, Chu Xingyun felt a little hungry and left the inner space of the Samsara stone. He was surprised to find that a blazing sun had risen outside the window. It turned out that he was in the unconsciously, just in the Samsara stone. as long as.

Out of the Room, in the hall, Shui LiuXiang had already prepared breakfast and was preparing to call Chu Xingyun for dinner.

The Chuhu guy is drooling and puts out the chicken soup left over yesterday.

The entire courtyard is filled with the aroma of food, and the picture is very warm.

However, it was only when Chu Xingyun was happy.

A roar of sound came, and the door of Chu Family was suddenly kicked open, and the strength was so great that the entire door was shattered.

“Chu Xingyun, get out of it immediately, otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” A very indifferent voice sounded and Chu Xingyun’s eyes solidified there.

The three immediately went out, but they saw him outside the door. They stood a robes and the face was full of pride. At his waist, there was a five-foot long sword, and the sword glow flashed. A strong breath.

Chu Xingyun saw this person, his face sank: “Chuyang, what do you mean this!”

In front of this jinbo boy, named Chu Yang, is also a Chu Family person.

More than a decade ago, the Chu Family was declining, and the three elders in the family colluded in secret to preserve the Chu Family’s many industries and wealth on the grounds of preserving the Chu Family incense.

At that time, Chu Xingyun was still young and had no power to fight back. He could only watch the belongings and wealth belonging to the owner and was taken away by the three elders.

Otherwise, Chu Xingyun will not fall into such a situation, even a chicken, can not afford to eat, to rely on Chu Chu to steal.

And this Chu Yang, is the son of Chu Family big elder, temperament, almost never came in normally.

Let Chu Xingyun absolutely didn’t expect, today, Chu Yang actually did not ask for it, kicked the door without breaking, but also threatened to export.

“Chu Xingyun, what happened to you at the Water House yesterday, it is now known throughout the city. You are a good-for-nothing dog thing. You actually smashed the Shui LiuXiang. Today I came over, the purpose is very simple, Patriarch has been handed over, and since then, Chu Xingyun is no longer my Chu Family Young Master, and even less qualified to claim to be a Chu Family!”

With this in mind, Chu Yang proudly raises his head, and his tone is overbearing: “After all, your existence will only make Chu Family shameful. It is better to draw a line early so that you don’t face the Chu Family’s ancestors in the future.”

Chu Xingyun is not angry and smiles. He asks: “Patriarch Gold Seal? Why do you let me give you the gold seal?”

Bone barely fell, Chu Yang’s face is somber down, indifferently said: “I am Body Tempering Fourth Level day cultivation foundation, today if you do not come up with Patriarch gold seal, I will not remember the old love!”

The palm of the hand suddenly slammed, Chu Yang held the long sword in his hand, the sword light flashed, cold qi forced.

Yesterday, Chu Yang entered the Body Level of Body Tempering. After overjoyed, he learned about Chu Xingyun’s mention of the relatives. He simply wanted to force Chu Xingyun to hand over the Patriarch gold seal, so that his father could inherit the gold seal. Become the new Patriarch of Chu Family.

In this way, he can not only improve his status, but also get more cultivate resources.

Feeling the coldness of Chu Yang, Chu Xingyun had no expression on his face, his eyes slightly solidified, and suddenly spit out a cold voice: “You roll, Patriarch gold seal, it does not belong to you.”

See Chu Xingyun so arrogant, Chu Yang heart suddenly burst into a wrath: “Well, you Chu Xingyun, since you refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, then don’t blame my heart!”

After all, Chu Yang body bloomed a yellow rays of light, the chest stood up, the whole body skate came a burst of sound, the muscles suddenly expanded, and the clothes on the body were propped up.

Even more striking is that behind him there is a unicorn bull illusory shadow, screaming in the sky, so that the whole man’s momentum in Chuyang has become quite arrogant, rolling up a gust of wind.

This one-horned bull is the Martial Spirit of Chuyang, which ranks Second Grade.

“Dead!” Chu Yang gave a low voice, holding a sword with one hand, and immediately rushed forward, directly to Chu Xingyun’s chest.

Originally, Chu Yang did not want to start with Chu Xingyun.

After all, Chu Xingyun is a Chu Family Young Master. Although it is an uncompromising waste, in nominal terms, his status is much higher than him.

It is for this reason that for the past 16 years, Chu Family’s three elders have not made a move to force Chu Xingyun.

Today, Chu Xingyun is so arrogant, not only refused to hand over the Patriarch gold seal, but also let him get out, posing a pair of aloof and remote, which makes Chu Yang can no longer bear.

“Courting death is you!” Chu Xingyun is also angry, the whole person does not retreat, one step ahead at the front of Chu Yang.

I saw his left hand like a snake, tightly wrapped around Chu Yang’s arm, the right palm is clenched into a fist, move towards Chu Yang’s shoulders and heavy bang, all the strength of the body, broke out at this moment.

“Even the Martial Spirit can’t show it, waste is waste.” Seeing Chu Xingyun make a move, Chu Yang disdainfully smiled.

However, just when he wanted to make a move, he was surprised to find that under the entanglement of Chu Xingyun, the arm of own couldn’t move, and even the spiritual power could not be seen. The fist hits the shoulder and there is no way to dodge.


Chu Yang’s entire body was bombarded, his arm dislocated, and there was no way to hold the long sword. The wolverine fell on the ground and the body changed back to its original appearance.

“The one-horned bull is also a good one in the Second Grade Martial Spirit. It is extremely arrogant, but you choose to use the long sword as the weapon, so you don’t take advantage of the Martial Spirit.”

“And, sword, not for you.”

Chu Xingyun complexion Indifferently looking at Chu Yang, his right hand glimpsed, holding the long sword in his hand, a sword flower pulled out, exquisite, actually issued a clear and ethereal sword cry sound.

This voice, very pure, completely without a trace of impurities, so that Chu Yang’s eyes are wide, his face is full of horror.

In his impression, even his father, Chu Family big elder, can’t make long sword send such an ethereal sword cry.

What happened to this in the end, Chu Xingyun, when did it become so strong?

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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