Chapter 50: Black cat at cat cafe


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Walking round the clock, Misha said.

“What do you use magic models for?


I put the magic model I made earlier on my fingertips and give it to Misha.

“This is the first magic model I’ve ever made. I was hoping Misha could take a look.”

Misha blinked her pussy and eyes.

Then smile happily.


She stares at the magic model.

“What do you say?

“… wow…”

As if to pay close attention, Misha changes angles and looks at the magic models I’ve made from various directions.

I had a blurry look at that, but after a few minutes, she still wouldn’t try to keep her eyes open.

I’ve never seen Misha so obsessed.

You don’t just make it, you seem interested in the magic model itself.



Kokuri, and Misha nods.

“Where I can’t see it, it’s made right”

Have you noticed? That’s right, you’re Misha.

“The key thing in Creative Architecture is the contents. If we are to create a sword, it will not be decent strength unless we consider what the structure of its contents is. Just look at the magic model, but try to make it look just like the outside, but it doesn’t look the same.”

Misha is seriously asking, nodding with a creep.

“Don’t create stones when you create stones. It’s often said in mythological times to create atoms that make up stones.”

“Whose words?

It’s me.

Most of all, it is easy to say, and there are not many who can actually do it.


Misha is staring at the magic model again.

“If you like it so much, let’s do it”

Just a little, she rounds her eyes.

“Are you sure?

“Thanks for hanging out with me today.”

The magic of < Creative Architecture (Ives) > was used to replace the magic model with a gem and make a ring.

I’ll put that on Misha’s right index finger.

“Now you’ll see it when you want to. A ring with no sparkling shards.”

Misha sifted and shook her neck left and right, smiling modestly, but with great pleasure.

“The prettiest”


Kokuri and Misha nod.

“… Anos can do anything…”

Looking at the magic model ring, close to talking to herself, Misha spills her words.

“Well, it’s certainly not impossible.”

Then Misha said as she was slightly discouraged.

“… I can’t do anything…”

“I don’t think so, though?

Misha turns her gaze on me.

“Anos helped me”


“So I want to give it back”

After a slight silence, Misha continued.

“Avos Dilhevia is a fake. I want to help Anos, too.”

A healthy thing to say.

“But Anos, who can do anything, doesn’t need me”

I see. So you were depressed.

It’s the same, sweet, Misha.

“Not necessarily.”

Misha closes her eyes.

“You have a good demon eye. I’m also good at the magic of creation. Maybe you can go beyond me.”

“… really?

“It’s never almighty with me. I don’t know if the unexpected impossibility won’t show up. If I tell you, the only thing I can beat in this world is the power to destroy something.”

It has destroyed, destroyed, destroyed, and transformed the impossible.

But I’m not foolish enough to come high that I can do the same no matter what happens next.

A lot of preparation would be better.

“At its opposite pole, there may come a time when your creative magic will come in handy”

Naturally, Misha’s growth is essential to that.

“If you want to help me, you need to get closer to the magical abyss.”

As determined, Misha nods.


Strong will in your eyes, says Misha.

“Anos just gave it to me. But I’ll pay you back someday.”

“Oh, I’m looking forward to it.”

At that time, Nyah, I heard a chirp.

A black cat is coming out of a building window. The sign said Cat Coffee ‘Pavilion Once Again’.

“… Nah, nah…”

And, Misha rings and imitates, calling the black cat. But I pulled it in through the window.

“… Nah…”

Misha dropped her shoulder.

“Come in.”

“… okay?

“Oh, this is the destination”

“… Anos, too, likes cats…?

“That’s the place”

Once in the pavilion, “Welcome -” sounded a cheerful voice.

There were many cats walking around in the store, and Misha called out “Nyah, Nyah” firmly.

When I took my seat, a white cat came and rode on her lap.

“Look, Anos”

Misha said happily.


“Good for you.”

She nodded with a smile.

“Huh? Nha?”

While Misha strokes the white cat’s head OK, she speaks out with a cat sounding imitation.

Naturally, there’s no way to reply, and the cat just relaxes on Misha’s lap.

When I ordered the right tea, a black cat jumped on the shelf that was behind me.

The one with the face out the window earlier.

“Thank you, Ives.”


I saw the black cat as Misha was surprised.

Then he opened his mouth and uttered words.

“Please forgive me for tarnishing you like this.”

“I don’t mind.”

There’s no way that Ives can understand that he’s alive.

It’s not magical interaction, and this is how I met him in person, also because Avos Dilhevia wouldn’t notice me.

I flew an owl to the city yesterday, signaling that I wanted to see him.

When I see it, Ives has arranged for me to be found and contacted.

Previously, when I handed over my memories in Thought Communications (Leaks), I finally told them.

So this is how we got Misha to hang out with us today, and that means we were hanging out in the city until Ives came in contact.

“What do you got?

“There was something inexplicable about one of the Seven Demons, the Emperor, Merhayce Bolan. He belongs to the Unitarian, but he wasn’t the head of the Unitarian.”

Hmm. That’s a strange thing indeed.

I don’t know how many Unitarians, but the seven-most likely Elder Demon Emperor isn’t at the top.

“So who’s at the top of that?

“I looked it up, but I couldn’t even grab it. The head of the Unitarian never shows up on the table. On the contrary, no one in the Unitarian faction seems to know who it is.”

“Melhayce too?

“Seems so.”

That’s suspicious again.

“Well, if it’s someone from the demon emperor now, I don’t know. If they find out you’re the head of the Unitarian faction, they could lose the throne of the Demon Emperor.”

The Seven Demons will be the Seven Demons no matter what, but the Demons are good at replacing them.

“But not even you could be the devil who lived through the age of mythology.”

It is also possible that he is Avos Dilhevia.

For example, it fits at the top of the Unitarian and what are you up to?

Were you also controlling the power balance between royalty and unity?

“I’ve found out one thing about this one. Melhayce is losing my memory. And there was only one root”

“Have you been contacted?

“Oh. Looking straight at my roots, I think I realize I’m the demon king of tyranny. Probably on your side, but I’m not talking about you.”

Ives is waiting for my order.

“Find Melhayce. Sometimes about the head of the Unitarian. For once, I washed my memories, but only the superficial layer. And maybe he didn’t let me read it in a different way than the fusion of roots.”

[]/(exp, adj-na) (1) (uk) (uk) (uk)

“Have you found out anything else?

“One. There was information that might lead to the top of that unity”

Just bring the tea the clerk ordered.

As she walked away, Ives started talking again.

“There is a magic hospital in this city called Lognorth. It is reputable that Ellio the Demon will receive the best treatment for Dilhade in a hospital built at his own expense. But the demon emperor Elio is nothing but a puppet. It’s like there’s another demon clan behind it…”

“Find out who you are and you won’t come out,”

Ives nods.

“It will also be possible to think of the head of the Unitarian and the same person”

“Okay. Anything else?

“I have a few, but not yet confirmed information”

“Okay, one more thing. Find out about the Devil’s Sword Games. Especially if Old Seven Demons didn’t bite one.”

[]/(exp, adj-na) (1) (uk) (uk) (uk)

Ives walked out the window.

But an unidentified demon tribe, huh?

If you’re the head of the Unitarian, you still know, but what’s the purpose of a magic hospital?

What connects. Or are they separate?

I don’t know, do you want me to take a lighter look at the area?

After a cup of tea and a short break, Misha showed me around and I came to Lognorth Magic Hospital.


“Hmm. Pretty big building, huh?”

“There are a lot of patients in the hospital.”

I see. But you don’t seem particularly suspicious.

I washed the building with demonic eyes all the time, but I can only feel the weak magic.


Misha grabs her finger. There was Ray in that direction.

Looks like he just got out of the magic hospital.


Approaching, speaking up, Ray turned this way.

“That, Anos? What’s wrong with you?

“It just took a street. Did you catch a cold?

Then Ray smiles like trouble.

“Hey, to see my mother.”

You mean you’re in the hospital?

“Is that bad?

“I was born a little weak. I’m not worried enough.”

Instead, you have a face that doesn’t float.

“If it’s out of the doctor’s hands, I’ll take care of it.”

“Heh. Anos is also good at healing magic.”

“What, not as good as being good at it, but being a dying, seriously ill patient, let’s make it look healthy enough to conquer the Neil Mountains in a day trip tomorrow”

Ray smiled.

“You’re a little too healthy.”

“True medical magic is more invigorating than it was before illness”

“I’m scared, I’ll just accept your feelings.”

Hmm. So it’s not that big of a disease?

“Oh, yeah. I thought I’d tell you, I might not be in the Devil’s Sword Games.”

For a moment, Ray’s expression clouds. But I immediately went back to smiling.

“Oh well. Then we’ll settle it again.”

“… don’t you ask why?

“Huh? Oh… why?


Ray looks like he’s been poked at.

“… I think you should like Anos”

“Thought they’d tell you to leave to settle?

“I don’t like to impose on other people.”

Hmm. Well, that sounds like a story.

See you at the academy.

Ray left.

“What do you think?

Asked, Misha said.

“… a little different than usual”

“That’s what you looked like.”

It was as if there was something backwards, but what happened?

Normally, it’s not that I care, but the place is the place.

Just in case, let Ives look into it.

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