Chapter 500. The Eight-System Star Cloud.


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Against the background of ordinary people, magicians, of course, stand out, but it is very difficult for one magician to resist a magical creature.

It is necessary to fight with magical animals for many years, and use not only their wisdom, accumulated in the environment of such creatures, but also natural resources, in order to build tactics of opposition to such powerful beasts!

Military techniques, protective barriers – all this is aimed at overthrowing the power of the magical hegemons.

Magic artifacts, magic tools, military techniques, magic barriers – these are the 4 aspects that humanity has studied for many years, gaining wisdom bit by bit. Magic artifacts and tools designed to strengthen and protect the weaknesses of the magician, but military techniques and tactics remain the most important aspect.

The basis of the techniques and tactics is the outline of constellations, elemental systems, star clouds, etc. Therefore, if eight high-level magicians simultaneously create eight systems, then they form a huge eight-system star cloud!

The eight-system cloud created by a group of high-level mages exceeds the power of one high-level mage many times!

The ice wall was formed literally in an instant!

The wall began to approach the fiery witch from all sides … The heat of her body spread around a radius of a hundred meters!

Ice crystals continued to descend. Now they have formed a cap over the witch!

The fiery witch raised her head and saw a ten-meter wall of ice around, which now it will be difficult for her to destroy.

The flames of her body were sharpened in a drawer. However, the ice from its heat melted not as fast as it was formed again.

Glancing around the ruined estate, the witch just now saw that there were eight magicians on the dais in the very center, who were constantly releasing magic …

Mages were surrounded by constellations that intertwined in the most beautiful star systems that created a huge star cloud!

Since there were eight magicians, the product of their joint magic was like an octahedral glowing box.

Upon discovering this, the fiery witch made a sharp, piercing ear.

She directed her hands toward a small workshop nearby, and this workshop began to rise into the air!


Under the control of the witch, the flashing workshop headed towards the eight magicians …

“Do you still think that I was not prepared for such an occasion?” – A smile appeared on Zhao Yu Lin’s face.

Suddenly, the workshop, not reaching thirty meters from the destination, as if struck about something disembodied and invisible, flying into pieces right in the air.

Only now around these magicians of the blizzard detachment could one see the wall that protected them from external misfortunes.

The magic barrier!

The squad was protected by a magical barrier!

Zhao Yu Lin was well aware that if he set up a magic barrier throughout the estate, the barrier itself would be vulnerable. However, having protected only the central part, within which the detachment was located, with a barrier, the protected area was virtually invulnerable.

The fiery witch could not even imagine that there was an additional force behind the squad of the blizzard. It was too late to attack the already formed magical barrier.

*** Ding! Ding! ***

The ice wall around began to emerge even faster. The fiery witch has already been sharpened …

The flames were now blocked in an area of ten square meters, the ice was gradually covering the body of the fiery witch. All would be nothing, but the cooling peak, stuck in her back, only accelerated this process, affecting its flame.

At first, the witch did not feel the effect of the cooling peak, however, as the slaughter took more and more time, her flame was more and more influenced …


The crystals again accumulated in one ice transparent wall, which was the last.

The witch only had strength to keep the last piece of space around her.

The ice octahedral cube was finished, becoming the metal cage for the witch. At that moment, her bright flame also went out …

– Hooray!!! Happened! Shouted Zhao Yu Lin.

Shi Gui, too, was overjoyed. He turned to his party of mages, and a smile shone on his face.

– Cooling peak was very helpful! Said Jiang Feng.

If they had not attacked the witch then, now it would not have been so easy to neutralize her.

– I did what I had to do. Next thing is yours – said Shi Gui spouses.

Zhao Yu Lin looked at his bandaged wife. He wondered in what way she was going to suppress the hidden protective flame of the witch, which was dangerous even for high-level magicians to approach.

“Chen Ying, do you remember that destructive artifact to execute that I gave you?” Jiang Feng asked her daughter.

Chen Ying nodded her head.

– So, this artifact with the effect of destruction enhances the freezing effect of the cooling spikes. You must stick him into the body of a fiery witch, and then she will die very soon!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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