Chapter 503. The Unchanging Soul.


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The woman in the bandages was still there, and her expression did not change much, apparently she had difficulty expressing emotions.

She did not try to stop Xin Xia, just smirked coldly, and said in a dismissive tone: “My curse was to dig a grave for you, I didn’t think that you, little girl, would end up with such an interesting soul …”

If so, the woman in the bandages did not pay attention to the fact that it was Xin Xia, and for the sake of victory, she decided to attack the fiery witch. For her, the owner of a fiery fruit could be only one!

“She experienced the horror of the fiery threat, but in fact even the fiery fruit is not able to fully help, as a result, she could only leave the body, because you can only see it now …”, said Xin Xia in a hoarse voice, and used the magic of the spirit for all to hear.

“So who is this?”, Zhao Yu Lin had already managed to move away from the frightening woman in white, and pointing his finger at her, said: “How does she know everything about Jiang Feng?”

Zhao Yu Lin, after all, is also not a complete idiot, and many times he checked the identity of a woman in white. She knew everything about the relationship between them, knew his secrets, which he, besides her, did not tell anyone.

“The element of the spirit … She is the magician of the elements of the spirit and the curse!”, – this is not said Xin Xia, but supporting her, Nan Jue.

The girl officer stared at the woman in bandages, and said coldly: “In the military department, the orientation towards the ghost woman was hanged a long time ago, it looks like it is you, the shame of the city of Dnuhuan!”

The ghost woman laughed out loud. She so stupidly exposed herself, and, in fact, it happened as much as ten years ago!

“Wow, there are people who still remember me!”

“She was a military magician of Dunhong, and about ten years ago she issued an order to arrest her, we thought she was dead, no one imagined that she continues to live under a completely different guise …” – Nan Jue did not just come to Shanghai , she drew attention to the familiar things under the star tree (found in chapter 487).

In the end, something happened that she did not expect, because she did not doubt the girl’s personality in the bandages, and could not even think that the real Jiang Feng would be an ardent witch.

Obviously, the ghost woman who possessed elements of the spirit and curse was watching the fiery witch Jiang Feng got all her memories, so she was able to penetrate Zhao’s house under this guise …

Okay, she would be content with a new license until old age, but no, she wanted to get a new life and thus arranged what is happening now!

But here the fire threat appeared again, and revealed its plans!

She knew that Jiang Feng became a fiery witch, and protects the fiery fruit, and at the same time worries about her daughter, that’s why she kept Chen Ying always beside her, telling her different stories, in the hope that one day she would be determined to go for the fiery fruit …

In fact, Chen Ying did not need Mo Fan to overcome the northern red-hot plain, since, being the only weakness of the fiery witch, she could easily carry out the plan herself!

“She saved you from a fiery threat, tried to prolong your life, and you built such a terrifying plan. Your soul is poisoned by the poison of the snake, no, you are the snake itself, without a drop of humanity! ”Cried Xin Xia angrily, hardly overcoming the curse action!

** howling wind **

In the memoirs of Chen Ying, there is one moment when she was quite small, under a heavy shower, her mother held her in her arms, closing it from cold drops. That calm, those gentle hands, the warmth … Chen Ying remembered it and dreamed of repaying her mother for her suffering.

But she could not even imagine that everything would turn out this way …

And she personally kill her.

This minute is the end, its life lot. She just wanted to protect herself without harming anyone.

Chen Ying fell to her knees, full of anger at the ghost-bastard.

“There are no changes … Absolutely no …”, – crouched, his teeth clenched, Zhao Yu Lin.

Not long ago, he told a woman in bandages: “You have changed.”

She replied that everything is changing, and that was enough to calm Zhao Yu Lin, because he himself admitted that he had changed.

But now, he did not find a place for himself, he had only one desire: to break himself from the inside, to turn this bag of bones inside out!

No change for such a familiar Jiang Feng. Once she had already sacrificed herself so that he, pathetic Zhao Yu Lin, could continue dragging her existence.

And now … All the same again.

She suffered, suffered from a raging flame that left nothing from her body, and for ten years her soul languished under a centuries-old tree. Not to mention that the tremendous force imprisoned there did not prevail over her soul.

Now look at yourself …

Just a monster!

Allowing the ghost woman to persuade Chen Ying to kill the fiery witch, and even more, he himself tried to get the maximum benefit from it!

“The fire fruit, he is still able to help her!”, Zhao Yu Lin, the idea that came to his mind, shouted at the top of his voice.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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