Chapter 507. Effect of adjunction against the villain! (Part one).


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Xing Xia released the magic of the spirit in order to protect Mo Fan from the action of the magic of the female ghost, but she had plans for this. She wanted to take possession of Mo Fang’s mind, in order to force him to kill Xing Xia himself!

– Xing Xia! Be careful! – Zhang Xiao Hou and Zhao Man Yan were both shouted at the same time.

All of them could not even think that the female ghost would decide to use Mo Fang against Xing Xia. Xing Xia did not have time to complete his magic of the spirit, Mo Fan created the initial-level fire magic too quickly, which already flared up in his right palm!

The magic of fire struck everyone … she was directed toward Xing Xia!

All this time, Mo Fan’s eyes were covered with a veil of delusion …

In fact, in the eyes of Mo Fang, Xing Xi Xia had already gained the appearance of a female ghost who was making a strange laugh.

Mo Fan’s hands began to shake, as if his body resisted what he was going to do.

At the most crucial moment not far from Mo Fang, the laments of the fiery witch were moaning.

Xing Xia’s healing magic worked, and the state of the fiery witch improved markedly. Now the flame appeared on her body, which she sent to Mo Fanya.

His hands froze in the air, and his pupils ran back and forth, as if his inner spirit was struggling with the control of a ghost woman.

The female ghost, seeing that the fiery witch appeals to Mo Fang, became angry in earnest.

– die! Die I’ll kill you! – snarling female ghost.

In a typical situation, she would easily have taken control of the average level mage’s mind and would send his destructive power against her own relative.

However, it is not known why, the inner spirit of this magician turned out to be much stronger than that of other mid-level magicians. This confused her for a few seconds …

The ghost woman did not know that Mo Fang’s neck was a concentration watch that protected her master from the magic of total control!

In fact, the necklace could not completely protect the magician from the effects of high-level magic. The whole thing was that Mo Fan, as a magician of four elements, had a stronger inner spirit than the other magicians of his level.

With four elements and this necklace on his neck, Mo Fan was a magician who was most difficult to subdue to the magic of total control. Even with those eight magicians it wasn’t so hard!

In her thoughts on the disinfection of Xing Xia, the female ghost could not think about how hard she would have to with Mo Fang!

At that moment, when the ghost woman put even more effort into her magic, the fiery witch had already entered the body of Mo Fanya!

From the blow of the fiery witch, Mo Fan did not take off … his silhouette remained the same, just a witch entered his body!

Adjoining effect!

Fiery witch had the ability to adjoin!

The power of the fiery witch seemed to have “joined” Mo Fang’s body, enhancing its combat capability and ability to withstand the control of a female ghost.

The ghost woman could control the souls of other mages without any problems; she also ventured to control Mo Fan’s soul control, but she did not risk doing the same with the spirit of a fiery witch. The spirit of the witch was so strong that attempts to take him under control could turn into a destructive impact for the most ghostly woman!

Due to the fact that the fiery witch joined Mo Fang, his body of a magician, the main element of which was fire, became covered with fire, and the fiery sea began to burn around with a new force, painting the neighborhood in fiery red!

The witch’s breathing intensified to such an extent as if a fire-breathing dragon flew around the area!

In the eyes of Mo Fan, the flame of a witch burned. Having made a step forward, everything ahead caught fire even more!

Such an onslaught of a fiery witch made a ghostly woman keep her distance.

– You’ll all die! I’ll take care of it! Screamed the ghostly witch, seeing that the situation was getting worse.

Realizing that the ardent witch joined Mo Fan, he strengthens his fire, and her own strength is limited, the ghostly woman let go of Shi Guya and decided to go on the run!

She had the fire fruits, and then when she ate them, she would come back here and surely deal with this gang!

– She runs away! Shouted Zhang Xiao Hou.

It is not known what kind of magical artifact a female ghost used, but she fled very quickly.

– Wow! Here people have talents! – while everyone was in a state of afigevaniya, came the voice of a little Lolita.

She leaped to the ground right where the ghostly woman ran.

Light networks literally captured the body of a ghostly woman.

Zhao Man was dumbfounded.

Well your mother! Isn’t it the light networks that the vampire Ne Dun used ?! However, his network had an additional effect: a person who got into these networks, just burned to the meat!


Now there was a scream of a ghostly woman.

The ghostly woman was afraid of burns more than anything because of what had happened to her before. Now these light networks again left terrible burns on her body, delivering incredible torment!

– You……. You! I’ll kill you!

Through the light nets, the ghostly woman looked at the very little Lolita that threw them at her …

Her plan to defeat this group of magicians failed … Who knew that at the most crucial moment the little 12-year-old girl would change the whole situation?

A ghostly woman in her life has destroyed a myriad of magical creatures and high-level magicians …. And now she was caught by this juvenile trash?

This spectacle of all embarrassed.

All this time, they all together tried to overcome the fear of the power of this ghostly woman, and the outcome of the carnage was decided by Lin Ling! Still, the fighting spirit in it is much more than all the rest!

Nobody could even think that Lin Ling, who had been hiding in the shadows all this time, would be able to grab the ghostly woman alone!

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