Chapter 508. Effect of adjoining against the villain! (Part two).


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– What are you slow? Kill her! Shouted Mo Fan.

No one expected from the ghost woman such magical abilities of the elements of spirits and curses. Moreover, no one expected from the little Lolita the use of light vampire networks!

The ghostly woman was just about to pounce on Ling Ling appeared … but it was not there! The red flame was creeping on quickly, embracing everything around her!

Mo Fan, of course, could not hang in the air like a fiery witch, but he endured the heat of the hot flame without any problems.

Standing in the middle of the fire, Mo Fan was in flames like a lord of fire!

Fire even captured the air!

– No one will die! Only you, snake!

Mo Fan only now felt complete unity with the fiery witch …. His anger began to pour out …

The fire ax has already rushed towards the ghostly woman, promising her the passage of all nine circles of hell.

At the moment when the flame thickened, it became as sharp as an ax!

The fire ax sank heavily to the cry of a woman, dividing her body into two parts!

However, after this blow, she did not die. Part of the body from the waist to the feet still took a few steps, walking on the flame …

She kept screaming … Most of all, a ghostly woman was afraid of fire, so this death was just the embodiment of hell for her!

During all this time, none of those present had ever thought about whether the suffering of a ghostly woman paid off the flour of Chen Ying and her mother …

Normally, a dark talisman would signal that a soul appeared in the district, which it can absorb and digest, but at that moment, when the soul of the executed woman flew out of the body, he did not even move.

The dark talisman most of all does not tolerate such vile little ones, it’s better to just dissolve it!


The fire of the fiery witch still continued to incinerate the estate, inflaming ever stronger.

The fiery witch imperceptibly left Mo Fang’s body. He just turned his head and saw her exhausted expression.

After she was wounded in a fire-breathing grief, the fiery witch made such an enormous journey here, endured a whole battle — at any moment she could lose her life.

Now that the ghostly woman is dead, the end of the fiery witch was also close.

Mo Fan found the body of a ghostly woman and found a fiery fruit on her.

“Hurry, save her,” Ling Ling said.

Mo Fan hurried to bring the fruit to the fiery witch, who slowly extended her arms to him.

“Eat …” said Mo Fan.

It was enough for her to eat just one fruit, and then she would recover …

However, the fiery witch negatively nodded her head.

She held the fruit, looking at him with eyes full of tenderness and love.

Everyone around did not understand what was happening. Of course, the fruit is very valuable, but it can save her life!

Mo Fan looked blankly at the witch, she still continued to gently hold the fiery fruit, as if waiting for something.

Mo Fan was just about to say something, as the fiery witch brought the fruit to her lips and gently blew on him.

This breath cost her the last vitality … Is she out of her mind ???

– What are you doing? – asked Mo Fan.

The fiery witch did not answer, she just continued to hold the fruit gently as well.

Suddenly, the rind of the fruit opened and a small nucleolus flew out of its gut, which sank to the ground …

The micro-being from the inside of the fiery fruit went through its paws, as if it wanted to see the world.

It was about the size of Mo Fan’s finger, and its flame was so weak that it seemed to go out with the slightest breath …

“This is …” Mo Fan looked crazy at what emerged from the fire fruit.

The creature immediately began gnawing at the remains of the fiery fruit.

The little creature had small legs and arms …

“This is a fiery hetera,” Xing Xia’s soft voice rang out.

Mo Fan was speechless and just hatched his eyes.

The very young hetera he so vehemently sought was inside the fiery fruit!


The fire fruit is the fire hetero! And so her cub is born!

Only now Mo Fan understood what Chen Ying meant when she said that the fire fruit could disappear very quickly …

It turns out that the fiery fruit gives life to the fiery hetero, and the fiery witch all this time carefully guarded not the fetus itself, but the cub inside it !!!

– This happens once in many years. Of all the fruits on the tree, only in one comes the life of the fiery hetera. Jiao Feng then received a fiery blessing by using the unborn fire starter that saved her life ….

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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