Chapter 51


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Day of the Devil’s Sword Games.

When I tried to leave the house, my mother ran in a hurry.

“Anos, wait, wait! Because your mother’s coming with you.”

Mother is rare and dressed. It would be outdoor clothes.

“Are you coming to Delzo Gate?

“Yeah. Because the Devil’s Sword tournament puts anyone on campus as long as they have tickets. They sent me from the academy, so your mother can come in.”

“I’m not sure you can make it to the Devil’s Sword Games yet.”

I’m supposed to meet Ives at the academy and hear the report.

Depending on that, I’m going to make a final decision on whether or not to participate in the tournament.

“Don’t you know if the sword will make it?

“Well, that’s the place”

I’ll tell you that because I can’t explain it to my mother and she won’t understand me.

“But if I might get out, I’d still go to your mother. Besides, look, I want to see what college Anos usually attends.”

Look at that stuff, I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but, well, okay.

Okay, let’s go.


Leave the house and tighten the door.

As I walked out, my mother had put her arms together.

“Phew, Anos, I rarely go out with you, so don’t make your mother happy”

When they stick together like this, it’s a little hard to walk…

“Hey, Anos.”

My mother is in a good mood at all times.

“… right”

Well, fine. It’s not like I can take away this freedom of mine as long as I’m armed.

My mother seems to enjoy it. Sometimes I don’t give water.

“By the way, Dad, haven’t you seen it lately?

After I jumped out because I had something for the wild, I came back once, but from then on I often started to vacate the house.

From the way things used to be, I thought you were trying to do something about the Devil’s Sword, but no way you’re still trying?

He said, “We don’t have enough men at the other blacksmiths to help.”

I see. Did you have that kind of interaction once?

“I hope I’m not bothering you”

My mother laughs with pleasure.

“Right. But the job is decent, so I think it’s gonna be okay.”

I’ve never seen my father do his job.

Honestly, I can’t imagine it from what I normally do.

“Speaking of which, the other one selected for the Devil’s Sword Games in Anos’ class, Ray, is you?

I walk relaxed, answering my mother’s questions.

When I came to Delzogate Demon King College, I guided my mother to the arena.

“Go straight there and you’ll be in the audience”

“Yeah, thanks. Good luck, Anos.”

“Oh, I don’t know yet.”

“Bye. Mother, I’m here for you!

My mother left as if she hadn’t listened to me.

I’ve come a long way, so I guess it’s time for the game to start.

My turn is in Game One, so I don’t have much time.

But I didn’t go to the barn, and I turned my heel back.

After the arena, it was the Devil Tree Forest that came.

I turned it into a wilderness once in the squad-by-squad confrontation test in the meantime, but it’s completely green back.

For a while, as I proceeded there, I heard a grunt from overhead.

Look, there was a black cat on a tree branch. The cat jumps with a slight foothold and comes down from the tree.

It’s Ives.

“Did you check it out?

Ives, turned into a black cat, opens his mouth.

“Two of the Seven Demons, Gaios and Idol, seem to be involved behind this Demon Sword tournament”

Those two.

Gaios has been erased of his memory and his body has been taken over by Avos Dilhevia’s subordination.

Perhaps Idol is more likely to do that too.

“What’s their aim?

“I just think of you as Master Anos. I’m going to put you in some kind of trap.”

“‘Cause it shouldn’t mean anything where you beat me by the rules”

Ives takes the lead.

“I thought you were going to shackle the rules and sharpen the power of Master Anos”

Hmm. That makes sense.

Apparently, the sen is thick.

“Where are Gaios and Idol?

“I don’t know. But I got the information that I’m coming to watch tomorrow’s finals.”

I don’t think it’s just a game.

What are you up to in anticipation of me winning?

“How’s it going with Melhayce?

“I haven’t grabbed much. But at least it doesn’t seem to be involved in running the Devil’s Sword Games. I don’t even see any sign of Anos pulling a bow.”

Was it white?

Well, I can’t say for sure, but don’t you care much about this one?

“How’s Ray?

“Ray Grandsdry’s mother, who is hospitalized at Lognorth Magic Hospital, doesn’t seem to be in good shape. There is a risk of death. The effect of healing magic is not fragrant either. Being in the hospital has managed to keep me in a healthy state.”

So you had a face that didn’t float?

But why didn’t you rely on me?

“What disease?

“The hospital records said it was a psychosis”

Hmm. You’ve never even heard of it.

It wasn’t at least two thousand years ago.

“What kind of illness?

“I don’t know. I’ve never heard of it either. I looked it up, but it looks like a very serious disease.”

So you’re admitted to Dillhayd’s best log North Magic Hospital?

“Other than that?

“That’s all I’ve ever grabbed”

I don’t know about the mother’s illness without seeing her in person.

It’s also a mystery that it has something to do with the Demons who don’t know who the example is.

Together, shall we start with today’s Demon Sword Games?

“Thank you for your hard work. I asked you to keep going.”

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Ives left into the woods.

I turn back to the arena again.

What has come is the audience, not the modest room for athletes.

I decide to wait there for a while.

“Now, we’re going to play the first round of the Dilheid Demon Sword Games!

I hear voices from owls flying over the sky.

“Game one, game one! The first to appear is Kurt Ludwell, affiliated with the Lognorth Demon Sword Association!!

With great cheer, it was the long-haired, honorable man who showed up in the arena with refreshment. He holds a thin demon sword like Rapier on his hips.

“Suddenly, here we are. Ooh! Kurt Ludwell, Dilheid’s strongest swordsman, champion of the previous tournament!

“If I had been shocked when I started that guy’s game and saw it, you wouldn’t have!

“Oh. At the time, Kurt, less than twenty years old, slashed and dumped the hand-worked swordsmen, through pain, I felt terrible.”

“Since then, how many sword moves do you wear now after 300 years? Just thinking about it makes my hair feel better…”

“Who’s the unfortunate guy to hit Kurt from World War I?

Apparently it’s a celebrity, and the audience is thriving.

“The Lognose Demon Sword Society is a prestigious Royalist organization”

Came next to me, Mass said.

“I see. By the way, is that Emilia’s brother or his brother?

It’s my brother.

The whole family is royalty? I guess it’s not uncommon.

“Then comes Anos Voldigord, affiliated with the Delzogate Demon King’s College!

Even if the owl says so, no one shows up on the arena.

Anyway, you’re here.

“… excuse me. For us…”

“What, it’s just the way Avos Dilhevia thinks it is going”

If I don’t take part in the Devil’s Sword Games, their plans will go crazy for sure.

That way, I’ll show you, maybe I’ll give you a rundown.

Now, how are you going to get out of this?

He had this plan because he didn’t think I was going to run.

Otherwise, there’s no way I could have made a dodgy plan that wouldn’t have been possible without my participation.

I’m guessing you’re stepping on my pride, even said to be the Demon King of Atrocities, but the only person to fight is Avos Dilhevia, not a participant in the Demon Sword Games.

It’s not me who missees that.

“… hey, your opponent won’t show up…?

“The other guy is Kurt. College students are loaded. Didn’t you run away?

“But that’s Anos Voldigord, isn’t it? Aren’t you the one who’s been hustling around these days saying that the Unitarians are the rebirth of the tyrannical Demon King?

“Oh, no, you’re right. What, after all the rumors fell?”

“Ha ha, you make me laugh. Mostly, the hybrids are hybrid, and from the beginning, they don’t have to go to college to work for the royal family.”

“Honestly, you’re a fool that you can’t be the Demon Emperor if you work hard.”

“Totally. It’s called a Unitarian, its anoth is called a kid, it feels like what you’re dreaming about”

They must be royalists. They are raising their voices so that they can be heard on purpose by students in white clothes who were nearby.

Being mixed, they looked remorseful and held their fists for a long time. All around us are royalty. Therefore, I can only drink the words.

I guess I’m the hope for students in white clothes.

If I don’t leave here, their remorse won’t clear up.

But what happened to that?

Did Avos Dilhevia think I’d show up on such a provocation?

“How do you know I can’t be the Demon King!?

A familiar voice slaps his ear.

I glanced at you.

It’s my mother.

“Am I? What is it, sister? You know that. A demon emperor is a royal family. That’s how it’s decided.”

Mother paid resolutely for the man to reach out to her face.

“Anos, you will never be demon emperor!

My mother doesn’t know I’m the Demon King of Atrocities.

If you had looked into the Demon Emperor, you would have known that being an Imperial family was the primary condition for becoming a Demon Emperor in Dirheid.

Still, Mother affirmed so without hesitation.

You don’t even know I’m here.

They insulted my dreams and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

“… anossssssssss”

He slapped me on the shoulder and turned around, and there was a father there who let me out of breath.

“… ha… ha… I’ve been looking… for this…”

My father gave me a sword.

“It’s a demon sword my father worked out using Vajra iron. Now you can join us.”

If you work your demon eyes, your father is wearing a lot of bandages under his clothes.

“Dad… that injury…?

“Whoa, what do you know? Ha, I have to climb a cool cliff to get the Vajra iron…… I screwed up once and fell, well, how dare you! It’s a scratch.”

Even giving you an arm should be a struggle.

To train my sword, I would have had severe pain every time I waved the hammer.

Did you complete this sword with such a body?

For me.

“More than that, look, come on. If you win this tournament, you might even become the Demon King.”

I thought I was just speaking appropriately.

But my father and mother, it wasn’t just brain weather.

Knowing that the Mixed Demon Emperor had no precedent, he nevertheless tried to support my son’s dream.

“Mass. Tell Melhayce we don’t need rooting.”

“… ok…”

If you don’t want to take part in the Devil’s Sword Games, ask for Avos Dilhevia’s way out.

That would certainly be the case.


Jesus Christ, what was I doing cautious about the little man who never showed up in grandeur?

Isn’t that more important than that?

“Anos Voldigord! Are you there? If you don’t get on stage within ten seconds, you will be disqualified. Anos Voldigord?

An owl swirling over the sky speaks out.

“I’d be here.”

Get yourself out of the audience and jump onto the arena stage.

Even if there was a misunderstanding, it turned out I was lying.

He wants to be the Demon Emperor. I can’t get the Devil’s Sword, he said.

But I can’t tell my father and mother the truth.

Then let’s at least really change this lie.

Even if there’s something I can’t talk about right now, there’s no falsehood in my desire to see the happy faces of my father and mother.

Compared to that, it’s not enough to take, such as Avos Dilhevia’s attempt.

How small they seem to do, they smash it grandiously from the front.

“I thought you ran away. The Unified Heroes”

Kurt turns a cold glance at me.

“Hmm. I’m a little lost. Did I make you wait?

“I don’t mind. Forgive me for the courage that appeared before me without running away.”

“That’s very forgiving.”

Kurt is looking at me with an unafraid gaze.

Definitely a pretty good user.

If you put it only by the arm of the sword, it’s probably above the Gaios of the Seven Demons.

“Apologize for wasting your time.”

Place the Vajra Iron Sword your father gave you, loosely on the lower level.

“I’ll finish you in a minute.”

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