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Pill Refining, paying attention to gradual progress, is more calm, and needs to remain absolutely quiet.

Because of this, Gu Cyan Mountain will personally stay outside the secret room, and dispatch so many Experts to maintain the order of the Treasure House, in order to let Qin Yuyan and Chu Xingyun have the best Pill Refining environment.

But unlike the tranquility of the Treasure House, the water home at the moment has completely quarreled.

In the water home hall, all the high-rises gathered again.

Recently, the water family frequently held family meetings. The focus of almost every discussion was Chu Xingyun. This time, nature is no exception.

But unlike in the past, this time the meeting, Shui Qianyue is also impressive.

“According to reliable information, this time Chu Xingyun went to the Treasure House to find the medicine pill of Qin Yuyan. In the process, Chu Xingyun forced the secret room to disturb the secret talk of Cyan Mountain and Qin Yuyan, but finally Gu Yanan, but bowed her head and apologized, and also personally stayed outside the secret room, saying that it was to make up for the previous dispute.”

“At the time of the incident, many people were in the Treasure House. They not only saw Qinshan bowing to Chu Xingyun, but also found that Chu Xingyun’s realm had reached the Body Tempering Eigth Level.”

“Since Cyan Mountain shows the attitude of own, in addition to our water family, all the families of Xifeng City are vying to show up to Chu Family and express their willingness to reach a cooperative relationship. Even some families want to isolate us in order to please Chu Family. Water home.”


a path of voice echoed in the hall, so that the face of Shui Chongxian more somber, and Shui Qianyue, even more embarrassing, she can clearly feel that many family executives have blame her.

Chu Town can go to today, no one can think of it. If Shui Qianyue faced Chu Xingyun, it was not arrogant, perhaps Chu Xingyun would be willing to marry Shui Qianyue, and their water home could rise to become West Wind City. The most powerful family.

Even if this is the case, in the previous period, the water family decided to send people to suppress Chu Family.

It is Shui Qianyue. I feel that Chu Family is not afraid at all. I simply disdain to send people to suppress it. I also say that for the Chu Family, the water family will face the contempt of others, and make her own shame.

Now, the facts slammed Shui Qianyue a slap on the face.

Chu Family is completely large-scale, not only has the support of so many families, but even the Cyan Mountain City Lord has to show good, anyone can expect how terrifying Chu Family will be in the next few years. development of!

Things will evolve into this kind of appearance, Shui Qianyue can’t escape the relationship, many seniors of the water family are very dissatisfied with her, even Shui Qianxian is also somewhat angry, I think Shui Qianyue is too proud.

“Give me all shut up!” At this time, Shui Qianyue suddenly snorted, letting the hot waters of the end of the discussion of the hot waters frightened and closed their mouths.

Shui Qianyue cold eyes glanced at the crowd, because of her anger, her face was a bit distorted and looked awkward.

“A family of wastes, even if they have the support of Cyan Mountain and many families, it is only the surface of the scenery more, there is no foundation, no powerhouse, no powerhouse, it is impossible to compare with our water home, wait for me to win The selection of the head of the government, even the Cyan mountain must bow to us, a Chu Family, I can pinch to death.”

When I heard the voice of Shui Qianyue, many people were silent. I only heard a voice rumored. “Chu Xingyun’s cultivation base is not weak now, if he is also selected by the five major military affairs…”

This talk, let the heart of the water conservancy seniors slammed down.

They suddenly remembered that when Chu Xingyun married Shui LiuXiang, he made a one-year contract. One year later, let Shui Qianyue know who in the end is a frog in well.

Now, this year’s covenant has passed most of the time, the selection of the military will soon be beginning, with the current cultivate speed of Chu Xingyun, maybe, can really be selected!

Shui Qianyue coldly snorted, scornful, looking at the loser’s head out of fear, said: “Martial Dao cultivate, there is never a shortcut, Chu Xingyun can raise the cultivation base so quickly, certainly taking some The medicine pill with great side effects is at best a nothing more than a flower shelf. There is no real power at all.”

“Moreover, as long as I am there, even if he has three heads, six arms, I also want to be selected by the five major military, can it be that you think, he can beat me?”

Between the talks, Shui Qianyue turned into an ice blue color, and behind it was a blue fox shadow of appear indistinctly. The water was raging, as if the tide was coming, so that the seniors at the water house had a sense of heart.

Spirit Gathering Second Level Day!

After this period of hard work, Shui Qianyue broke through again and stepped into the Spirit Gathering Second Level realm, so terrifying cultivate speed, is beyond everyone’s imagination.

Shui Chongxian thought again and again, and finally said: “About Chu Xingyun, we are worried that it will not help, and everything will be handed over to the millennium. If it is not good, we can also come to Yunmengwufu.”

Hearing the four words of Yunmengwufu, the tops of the waters have put down the big stone in the heart. Yes, even if things worsen, as long as Yunmengwufu comes forward, it can be easily solved.

“However.” Shui Chongxian’s words turned and said: “We can’t let the Chu Family develop again. Otherwise, it will become a future problem.”

This time, Shui Qianyue didn’t say much, obviously she felt some threats.

“Because of Pill Refining, the attention of the entire Westwind City is placed on the treasure house. Now the Chu Family can be said to be the leader of the dragon. As long as this trend has passed, Chu Family will definitely enter a vacuum period.”

“We have to seize this opportunity, 趁Chu Family has not recruited powerhouse, Wind and Thunder make a move, hit them by surprise, can kill and kill, can grab and grab, absolutely do not show mercy.”

There is a hint of suffocation on Shui Chongxian’s face. He had long wanted to make a move to Chu Family. Now there is a chance to put it in front of him. He will definitely not let go. Now Chu Family has no wealth and no strength. Slaughter sheep.

“second child !”

Looking at a black clothed man below, this person named Shui Chongde is the younger brother of Shui Chongxian. The cultivation base reaches Spirit Gathering Third Level, and is responsible for doing some dirty things like stealing chickens and dogs.

“You the past few days, put together the secret forces of our water house, waiting for the make a move opportunity, this make a move, you will pretend to be a thief, never let people find that we are a water house, to do The gods don’t know.”

“I will give it to me!” Shui Chongde’s face is full of self-confidence. After years of development, the Shuijia secretly cultivated a lot of Experts. If all of them are assembled, there are more than forty people in the Spirit Gathering Expedition. Called terrifying.

Just grab the opportunity of make a move, you don’t have to spend one night, within two hours, you can easily smash the town of Chu!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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