Chapter 510. Still not selling!


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“Yesterday night, a mountain in a fun town was destroyed by a meteorite, a fire started, which caused great damage to the estate of the Zhao family …”

“The merry town caught fire, but the plant’s staff managed to evacuate in time, because, fortunately, there are not many human victims …”

Less than a few days, as the news of the incident spread around. Although Merry town and was on the outskirts, but the quick journalists could still get to the truth.

“Zhao Yu Lin could somehow prevent the information from leaking, but apparently, after what happened, he discovered many truths for himself,” Mo Fan turned off the TV, and smiled approvingly about the news the public.

Xin Xia nodded: “Brother Mo Fan, I need to go back to school. Something I lingered on, I think teacher A will strongly swear. ”

“Yeah, I will help you get to school.”

The round trip from Shanghai to Hanzhou took no more than noon, so Mo Fan helped Xin Xia to get to her school, and immediately returned to Mingzhu.

Zhang Xiao Hou and Nan Jue returned to their military corps. Zhang Xiao Hou was going to in a strange hurry, as if something extremely important had happened in their neighborhood.

Mo Fan wanted Zhang Xiao Hou to stay in Shanghai for a few days, so what if he had some urgent business to do.

Having finished with his small affairs, and having estimated how much time had passed, Mo Fan went to Hoto.

Arriving at the Oriental Pearl, Mo Fan went straight to Khoto shop. As he entered, the first thing he saw was how shameless Li Jun Nan, who was supposed to take orders at that time, was dozing at the table.

“You are again … Right, you are the one who brought snake-skin without patterns!” – Li Jun Nan grabbed Mo Fang.

The damn question about the patterns on the snake skin and tormented him night after night!

Mo Fan rolled his eyes, clearly not wanting to talk to this mentally retarded apprentice.

“Where is my product?” Asked Mo Fan.

“Oooh, this is not really my friend Mo Fan, those vampire teeth that you brought to me turned out to be a really interesting thing, come in, look … Oops, what kind of light is on your shoulder?”, Hoto narrowed his eyes, drilling Mo’s Fanya.

“My contract beast,” Mo Fan sighed from the hopelessness, grabbing a fiery getter jumping on his shoulder, and clicked on her forehead: “Didn’t I tell you to stick out, you can accidentally burn someone or something.”

* plaintive sigh *

The fiery hetero lowered her head, as if she was about to cry.

Mo Fan did not swear any further. Other contract animals are usually in a special space, and appear only by call. In the case of the fiery hetero, everything was much stranger, with incomprehensible power, it is able to snoop back and forth between contract space and the real world.

“This … this … This is a fiery hetero!”, – suddenly, Hoto’s eyes opened wide, and the lover of lolit eagerly reached out to Mo Fang.

“Hey, hey, old man, watch your little hands!” Said Mo Fan with a serious look, blocking Hoto’s attempt to hug him and the fiery starter.

“Haha. I’m excited! You wretch, tell me the price, I buy this fiery hetero, whatever the amount you call it! ”, – Hoto’s face turned red, even when Mo Fan handed him the vampire’s teeth, he did not look so piggy!

Mo Fan could not understand that this was a blacksmith who deified a fiery hetero.

Usually only the magicians of lightning and fire can become blacksmiths, and he could not hear about the call of blacksmiths. They must be using fire elemental draft animals to use the magic needed for forging themselves.

Different materials require different types of fire, Hoto, for example, has three different types, which means he is a blacksmith of three fires.

Usually, the fiery hetero has two kinds of it, and if Hoto grows it properly, he can become a blacksmith of four fires, which is enough to become famous all over the world!

Only here, how many do not look for a fiery getter, especially you will not find it. And most people know about her only by rumors, not to mention that someone could sign a contract with her!

And even such a miserly miser as Hoto, for the sake of world-wide fame, is ready to exchange everything that he has for a fiery getter!

Therefore, it was he who went mad, and only after seeing the fire getter from Mo Fang, he immediately asked him to set a price.

“Hush, hush, I’ll say one billion for your granddaughter, would you sell it?” So it’s with a little fiery hetero, it’s not for sale, so just take it easy! ”- Mo Fan pushed this old idiot off.

“Mo Fan, my friend, oh no, brother Mo Fan, sell it to me, I’ll pay any price!” Hoto asked plaintively, falling off the ground and grasping Mo Fan by the thigh.

Li Jun Nan was taken aback by what he saw.

For him, the question about the snake skin is still open, and now so cringe for some small fiery heter … Where is the honor of the blacksmith ?!

Mo Fan so he removed the old man, hastily hiding a fiery hetero.

Hoto, realizing that Mo Fan was not going to catch anything, in order to at least slightly curl him in a magical snake skin armor, discarding the thought, beg for more money for it.

“If so, she is your contractual beast, and so dear to you that you cannot give her a price, I will go to meet you. You have a fiery hetera, which means that in any case you can become a blacksmith of four lights … For a modest training fee, ”Hoto said honestly.

“Goodbye!”, Mo Fan took the magical armor, turned and left.

Is that a sick person who wants to be his apprentice?

Moreover, such an ambitious guy like him, not at all interested in forging!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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