Chapter 511. All for a cub.


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Usually blacksmiths are magicians of the elements of lightning and fire.

Mo Fan is a magician of both these elements, but this alone is not enough to become a real blacksmith. This is a matter of in-depth study of blacksmithing, materials science, and most importantly – a mental attitude to all of this.

Mo Fang doesn’t like such high-tech things, research of incomprehensible subjects. He likes to kill, fight one on one …. In addition, blacksmithing requires a lot of financial and time costs. And if to find the money for Mo Fan is not a problem, then he cannot allocate so much time for learning.

Now the primary task for Mo Fan is a smooth transition to high-level magic, since he has already achieved the average level of his elements.

After he returned to the campus, he had the opportunity to use his one day for cultivation in a three-stage tower.

One day Mo Fan was not enough. Even if he cultivates in the space of the third level, where the magical density is very high, this will still not be enough for him to break through his magic element of lightning.

However, Mo Fan, too, did not trade small things. He has already reached the top twenty students of the fire department, and will soon begin to call them into battle.

Students who are in the top twenty of the ranking, each month receive the opportunity to cultivate in a three-stage tower for three days. During these three days, many useful things can be extracted from the three-level tower …

For two months, Mo Fan did not leave the house, all in order to cultivate in the tower and bring the nebula of the shadow element to the second stage.

Mo Fan’s next target was the lightning element. For too long, he left his lightning magic on the second step. His two-element opponents have already reached the third stage, which puts him at a rather disadvantageous position.

Another good news: fire hetera has grown noticeably in the last two months. If earlier she fit on Mo Fang’s one palm, now he needed to join two of his hands so that she could fit.

The little hetera was very pretty: if it were not for the bright light that enveloped her body, then she really would have looked like a ruddy girl of 2-3 years old.

– Little hetera grows too slow. Next month I plan to challenge those who are above the 20th place in the ranking, but by that time its combat readiness will not be enough. Thought Mo Fan, his brow furrowed.

The first twenty consisted mainly of those more freaks …. In the first 50 Mo Fan felt quite confident, therefore, having received his long-awaited mail, he hoped for a successful hit in the top twenty.

– The periods of life of a contract beast are about the same as those of magical animals. The phase of childhood, the phase of growth, the phase of maturity and the phase of the highest power – only 4 periods. In simple terms, the lower the level of the animal, the faster it goes through all phases. Take, for example, the one-eyed wolf: from the moment of birth and until he reaches the growth period, without using additional upgrades, it takes about six months. Fire hetera refers to very high level animals. Moreover, only two months have passed, she has not yet reached the period of childhood, even after eating so many fragments of spiritual seeds … – said Lin Ling, simultaneously turning over the pages of the book.

– Didn’t even reach the childhood phase ??? – Mo Fan was speechless.

“The speed of development of the contract beast also depends on the magical power of the summoning nebula …” Lin Ling continued.

“Tell me right away how much time she still needs to reach the childhood phase — Mo Fan looked at the fiery hetero, which happily jumped on the surface.”

The fiery hetero ate well these two months and managed to turn into a small fire ball. Falling to the ground, she did not feel pain, but instead jumped up again.

– I calculated that from the period of infancy until the onset of the period of childhood, about 3-5 years will pass. The growth rate of a hetero is similar to human development … ”said Lin Lin, running a finger through the book.

– Here you go…. I now really feel like a father to my daughter. Until she grows up, I will grow old!

– Recently you have been feeding her with fragments of spiritual seeds. Feeding can be reduced to three times a day … As a result, some 12-17 months should pass before the onset of the childhood phase. Your daily cultivation of invocation magic can increase the speed of its development three times more, and then the onset of the childhood phase can be achieved within 4-5 months from the moment of birth. So, if we accelerate, then in a month the hetero can already reach the period of childhood, if slower – in 3 months. – calculated out loud Ling Ling.

Such a disposition more or less made Mo Fan. But waiting for 3-5 years is already completely beyond the verge …

“After the onset of the childhood phase, you can already give her whole spiritual seeds,” Lin said.

“…” Mo Fan didn’t answer.

One feed worth 20 million yuan!

Yes, his life is not enough to feed her …

– A high-level animal requires a large investment, however, the return will be appropriate. I figured roughly and I can say that once the hetero phase of childhood is reached, in terms of its combat capability, it will be even more powerful than your agile wolf, ”said Lin Lyn.

– In the phase of childhood and already reach the level of the leader of the pack ??? – Mo Fan just stupefied.

– That’s right. In the childhood phase, its power is equal to the animal-level forces of the pack leader, Lin Lin said with confidence.

The agile wolf was already in the phase of maturity and its fighting capacity was at the level of the animal leader of the pack, but was slightly inferior to the more powerful animals of this level.

But even in this case, the magicians from the first hundred fiery faculty could not fight with the wolf alone!

This fact motivated Mo Fan not to give up.

The phase of childhood, so the phase of childhood!

This means that in periods of growth and maturity a hetero can reach the level of the commander in chief, and maybe even higher!

– Here, eat more! Daddy has money! – Mo Fan fed one more fragment of the spiritual seed to the pet.

These were the last remnants of what Mo Fan brought from the northern red-hot plain. Now he was not sorry for the fact that the little hetero quickly entered the phase of childhood.

Little Hetera devoured fragments of seeds like chocolates: in one bite she could grab half. After the meal, her eyes began to glow with fiery happiness.

Mo Fan stroked her head.

– In one rich villa there is a dead soul, they pay 10 million, will you take it?

– I take it!

– One pharmaceutical company needs someone who delivers a batch of drugs within safe borders. Payment is very high. The only condition is that the venerable hunter must do this. Will you take it?

– You treat venerable hunters! Come on come on!

Mo Fan took on everything, and all this – for the calf!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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