Chapter 512. To personally kill a winged ash wolf!


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In the deep of the night the city seems calm. Only lamps illuminate its dark streets.

In the hostel, Mo Fan opened his room with the last of his strength and saw scattered clothes, food packaging and socks …

Mo Fang was not in a state of order now, he stomped heavily to his bed.

Still, the degree of difficulty of this order was very high. If it were not for the serpentine mail, he probably would have fallen right there.

No matter how, but he finished the assignment without disgracing the “Clear Sky”.

Mo Fan’s forces were running out. Just putting his head to the pillow, he immediately fell asleep.

Only rays of light touched Mo Fan’s face as he immediately woke up.

*** rustle ***

Little Hetera was already jumping on Mo Fang’s forehead, bringing him to her senses.

He scolded the pet by slightly clicking on the small forehead. Little Hetera immediately squealed, tugging at her short limbs in the air.

Only after he fed her a fragment of the seed, she calmed down, and Mo Fan again lay down under a blanket. However, in less than a few seconds, the blanket swung open again and Mo Fan was surprised to look at his room, which was perfectly clean!

Of course, he was exhausted, but he has no lapses in his memory! He clearly remembered that before he fell asleep, chaos reigned in the room …. From what is it now removed and it smells so good?

Mo Fan uncomprehendingly looked at a small fiery hetero, which was nibbling on a chocolate bar, and shook his head sharply. This little girl, she can burn a room for a few seconds …. After Xing Xia left, in these two months, so much garbage should have accumulated in this room …

– Liu Zhu? – Mo Fan seemed to remember something. He looked closely at the closed window.

Mo Fan rubbed his throat, which seemed to tingle. He looked in the mirror and saw that he had a hickey on his neck, but not bite marks …

Liu Zhu seemed to know that Mo Fan was busy with a difficult mission and exhausted, so she did not drink his blood.

During these two months, Mo Fan periodically noticed bites on his neck.

He guessed that Liu Zhu most likely can only feed on his blood, but he is afraid to face him face to face, which is why he comes on deep nights when he sleeps …

She was always moderate. Small blood samples do not harm the human body. Liu Zhu always used to drink so much blood, which was enough to saturate her and not cause damage to Mo Fang.

Looking again at the closed window, and, feeling a bruise on his neck, Mo Fan unwittingly grinned.

Mo Fan knew that she was in this city and was watching him closely from afar. However, Mo Fan could not even think that from the very beginning she herself decided everything for herself in this way.

Perhaps she lives only because of his blood … She does not intrude on his life …

Southern ridges. Even in the airspace there is no end in sight and the edge of these mountains.

Two pairs of wings flew in the air, leaving a trail behind them.

It was a man with a mustache. His uniform was worn out to the horror, and in some places even traces of blood were visible.

Below were the mountain ranges, from the forests and glades of which countless pairs of eyes looked at him. Yes…. No matter how many magical wolves now look at him, no one will dare to attack.

And all because in the right hand of this man the wolf’s head was clamped!

The wolf’s head was two-legged, and a pattern was seen on its forehead. Horrific fangs cut the airspace …

The head was cut off from the wolf’s body, fresh blood still dripping from it. Wherever this man flew, blood irrigated the space below.

Not a single magic wolf in these mountains could even think of attacking this man, because in his hands was the head of their commander in chief – a winged ash wolf!

He single-handedly entered the wolf ridges …. Cutting off the head of a winged ash wolf, he took off to return to the city of Bo!

When Zhan Kon appeared over the city of Bo, its inhabitants already met this military man with tears.

“Zhan Kon, how dare you go against a military order?” Didn’t I tell you that we would find a way to destroy these wolf nests? If you were dead, you would endanger the inhabitants of the city even more! – the commander in chief Jiang Yu of the relocated city Bo swore.

Zhan Kon, with the wolf’s head on the ground, said: “As long as you walk like this, the city of Bo will have time to die a thousand more times.”

– What are you talking about ?! Shouted Jian Yu.

“You can use any military rules to punish me.” When I have to, I admit my guilt myself, said Zhan Kon. His two pairs of wings were ready to take off.

– Where are you going? – Jiang Yu fiercely asked him, watching him.

– Search for Salana – answered Zhan Kon.

“That Cardinal of the Black Church?” – Jian Yu was dumbfounded.


Any high-ranking official of the magical organization, having heard this name, will begin to pour in sweat!

Zhan Kon, without saying anything, again rushed into the sky.

The main problem of the city of Bo has now been resolved, which means that it can already be left in the care of Jiang Yuya.

Zhan Kona’s eyes looked northwestward. They still traced the idea of murder.

In addition to the pack of bloodthirsty wolves, Zhan Kon discovered something else in the southern ranges!

The initial purpose of Salan was not the city of Bo!

“If I survive this time, then I will definitely go to the gorge of the Heavenly Mountain to find you …”

“If that doesn’t work, then please don’t be angry.”

“You know, I, Zhan Kon, never in my life have ever been afraid of anyone … But this Salan … the horror of his name scares me to the bone.

Zhan Kona’s eyes faded. In his hands he firmly squeezed the broken necklace.

He understood that the closer he is to that person, the closer his own death becomes … However, he could do nothing about it – he had no other choice …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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