Chapter 513. Imperial composition.


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– Idiotic electric field! My rampant scorpion can’t even get close to him!

Dong Fang Min was angry at the joke.

Even then, in the city of Hangzhou, Dong Fang Min suffered a fiasco because of this fourth-level entry-level magic … Now, having met this fool again, it seemed to him that the battle with him was going even harder.

Dong Fan Min was well prepared: he had already activated his flying magic artifact, and also made a special protective mail to protect himself from the magic of this Mo Fane.

However, Mo Fan this time did not use his fiery emissions of the initial level, he released fourth-stage lightning magic. Dong Fang Min, whose second element was the call, was helpless in the face of this magician.

Unrestrained scorpion refers to specific draft animals.

If one rampant scorpion does not exceed a servant-level animal, then when it comes to a whole pack of scorpions, even the beast of the pack leader level begins to seek shelter!

The draft beast Dun Fan Ming was a kind of general of impetuous scorpions. By his decree, even more than twenty scorpions at the level of a servant were fighting!

This was the main trump card of Dun Fang Ming, who he specially prepared to meet with Mo Fang …

However, he did not calculate that someone who, and Mo Fan, was not at all afraid of such herd attacks!

The fourth-stage lightning magic created an electric field around him that protected the magician from these scorpions. In any case, there were not as many of them as the lizard giants that Mo Fan encountered!

– Run number 19! Run! – a furious grin appeared on Mo Fan’s face.


Lightning strikes erupted over Dong Fang Ming’s body, whipping along his dark blue magical armor.

*** breathe! Breath! ***

From such a strong lightning strike, Dong Fang Min fell to the ground.

His legs were shaking … After his chain mail underwent several lightning magic attacks in a row, she had already broken up, through which the force of lightning struck Dong Fang Ming’s body, causing him unbearable suffering.

Dong Fang Ming had a hard time! He then thought that this time he would definitely avenge all that happened in Hangzhou, however, this time he lost Mo Fang again!

Dun Fan Min was also a gifted magician, so that his speed of compiling star elemental systems was much higher than that of ordinary magicians. This gave him a big advantage, and led to 19th place in the ranking.

After this competition, the 19th place no longer belonged to him, and now he himself has slipped by 45 … What a disgrace…

– As a result, this loafer lost – said the young man with a rude smirk, who sat among the audience.

– What do you think, Dun Fang Le, how long will it take for you to put this innate mage of two elements? – Zu Shu Min asked ironically that he was sitting nearby.

Dong Fang Le, thinking for a few seconds, replied: “If he behaves the same way as now, I think that one or two rounds will be enough.”

Zhou Shu Min was dumbfounded. Smiling, he said: “I will remember your words.”

– It makes no sense to memorize these words. After me there are a few more magicians on the list who he cannot defeat, so you won’t see this mess. – answered Dun Fang Le.

“You know, I have bad news about this two-element mage,” said Zhou Shu Min.

– Yes? – looked inquiringly Dun Fan Le.

“He is part of the reserve team,” Zhou Shu Min said with a look of serious secrecy.

– He has not yet reached the first place, what kind of reserve composition can we talk about? – on the face of Dun Fang Ming expressed dissatisfaction.

Even he, Dun Fang Min, has not yet reached the level to fall into the reserve composition, for what reason is this two-element member in the ranks of the elect?

– This is all Zhu Meng, assessor of the magical court. I myself found out about it by chance … – said Zhou Shu Min.

– It’s just gossip.

– No, the sources are reliable, I checked. He was awarded for helping to solve the problem of the epidemic of the city of Hangzhou. The magical court could nominate him as a reserve imperial mage. If in front of him there is no higher level magician, then he will become the country’s representative on the imperial list of magicians. – said Zhou Shu Min.

Dong Fang Min looked around at Mo Fang, who was already descending from the arena.

Imperial magician!

And this minor is in reserve ???

Across the country are full of outstanding young magicians …

Even the university is full of stronger magicians, and there is still a league of hunters, where there are also many outstanding …

The magical association of five continents eliminates four compositions, which can only be reached by careful selection!

Four world lists in the country are represented by heavenly, land, secret and imperial representatives!

The celestial list, land list and secret list have different levels of power. There are the strongest magicians. Shi Gui is included in the secret world list. His position in the world list puts him on a par with the assessor of the magical court.

The imperial list was compiled specifically for young magicians.

The tragedy in the city of Bo, the cleansing of the Black Church, the elimination of the epidemic in Hangzhou – in all three, Mo Fan took an active part and influenced the outcome of the cases.

The imperial list is updated every four years. This time, China is considering the candidacy of Mo Fan for joining the world imperial list.

Mo Fan is also in reserve to participate in a worldwide university competition. However, the most important is the fact that they already know about him at the highest levels of the magical association. A higher level will be his fame in the Asian Magical Association, the entry into the imperial list …

Mo Fan himself did not know anything about the list yet, because no one told him anything.

And although he himself did not know that his candidacy was regarded as a mage at such a level, as soon as official notification was issued, his name would become known even abroad.

Zhou Shu Ming and Dong Fang Le were outstanding youth magicians. They, like no one else, wanted to enter the world university competitions and the reserve of the imperial list … therefore, when they learned that the name of Mo Fanya is already listed in both lists at once, envy overflowed them headlong …

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