Chapter 514. Natural talents.


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– There is no way to beat his results. I am in solidarity with you now, how could some lad jump onto 19th place in the rating right away? Said Zhou Shu Min.

Dong Fang Le, too, was upset at first, but then with a smile said: “Not everything is so bad. We must defeat him, and then, I do not think that the magic association will allow him to participate in world university competitions or admit him to the imperial list if he loses in the walls of his own university. ”

– It is truth too. You have to be worthy of such regalia, otherwise you will just be torn to shreds! – said Zhou Shu Min.

Mo Fan did not know that all this time someone was watching him closely. Every time after the battle, he thought only of the fact that he needed to cultivate further, he needed to get into the three-level tower again, otherwise the high-level magicians would crush him!

Rising to 19th place in the ranking, Mo Fan will receive a five-day opportunity to cultivate in the tower.

In these five days he must make a breakthrough in the nebula of the magic of lightning.

Upon entering the three-stage tower, Mo Fan spent two days cultivating at the third level. As a result, his nebula of the element of lightning still reached the third step.

The remaining three days he spent on the development of the magic of the shadow.

The shadow element also took a lot of time. Only on the last day, Mo Fan was able to reach the second step.

Due to the demonization of Mo Fan, which reduced his cultivation by one step, all his four elements were cultivated on the third tier!

Mo Fan had several elements, and each time in a three-tier tower he tried to cultivate different types of magic. If we are talking about students of the fire department, then each time they cultivate the magic of fire in the space of the tower, their results are becoming less and less obvious. Mo Fan, on the other hand, had already reached the third stage in the magic of fire, and he cultivated the magic of invocation and shadow here for the first time, therefore the results were obvious here.

After his call-up magic reaches the second stage, the growth rate of fiery hetera will increase 4 times!

This was the most important thing for Mo Fan. As soon as she enters the growth phase, her power will be equal to the strength of the commander-in-chief’s animal level!

The magic of the lightning was on the third step, the magic of the shadow was on the second. Next time he will be able to develop his call to the second step!

After the doors of the tower closed behind Mo Fang, he felt more than wonderful!

Mo Fan was an ordinary student who cultivated in a practical setting and was fought by magicians. He was different from those who crammed up on campus and practiced their skills only at the university, so the results of Mo Fang were also different.

If you compare all this with military training, the three-stage tower was like a healing herbal tincture.

If you only drink this medicinal decoction for whole days, then the body condition, of course, will improve, but the person loses valuable practical experience. This tincture has a greater effect after inquisitive battles …

That is why Mo Fan felt so wonderful after visiting the tower. He felt his magical potential grow.

Mo Fan least complained about the element of appeal. To reach the second step in the call, he needs to spend about seven days in a three-tiered tower!

However, the possibility of cultivation in the tower for a whole week is given only to those who are in the top ten!

– Mo Fan, are you sure you can jump so sharply from 19th place to the top ten? – Ai Tu Tu, recognizing the plans of Mo Fang, began to sharply dissuade him.

– Each student that is in the first thirty is much stronger than the one who is a place below. Do you want to jump over 9 magicians at once! I think that you can challenge 15 in the ranking, and then go up one by one. – Mu Nu Jiao was in solidarity with Ai Tu Tu in this matter, thinking that Mo Fan was too arrogant.

Mu Nu Jiao also achieved great success this year. At her wood department she was already in 47th place, and she still needed to exert a lot of strength in order to rise higher.

Mu Nu Jiao thought that her breakthrough was rather impudent, and here Mo Fan intends to enter the top ten!

The first ten … but this is a bunch of magical psychos!

– I’m not going to waste time. The sooner I enter the top ten, the sooner I will get the resources that they rely there. In addition, the first ten students are given much more fragments of spiritual seeds, you know what the situation is now. Said Mo Fan, glancing at the fiery starter.

“Um … as far as I know, those who are in the top ten possess natural talents, therefore, before fighting with them, you should know that these are far from unusual magicians. – said Mu Well Jiao.

– Natural talents?

– Yeah, something like your natural two-element. However, the higher in the top ten, the more powerful this talent.

Mo Fan immediately remembered that Dong Fan Ming, who was also obviously gifted by nature, because the speed of his composing the star system was much higher than that of ordinary magicians …. However, Dong Fang Min himself could not really use this talent …

Giftedness is extremely rare. Mo Fan was not yet able to meet the natural magical talents, and if you think about it, it turns out that this first ten is a concentration of natural magical geeks.

No wonder Mo Fang was told that fighting with those who are in the top ten is simply unrealistic!

Mu Nu Jiao just tried to convey to Mo Fang that he was just a newcomer for the time being, and it was too dangerous to act so aggressively trying to break into the top ten. In the first ten are grated rolls that will not just give way to their place and relying magical resources.

They cultivated at the limit of capabilities, possessed complete sets of magical artifacts, double spiritual seeds – in short, a simple average level magician didn’t bother with them. And if we take into account the presence of their natural talents …

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