Chapter 515. Fighting Ding Yui Mian?


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The demonization of Mo Fan has noticeably influenced its cultivation.

Mo Fan did not want to spend a lot of time, so he decided to immediately call the one in the top ten to fight.

Because of such swiftness about this rating, Mo Fan received the nickname “Mad Demon”, because his fame spread all over the university in an instant!

Among the newcomers, Mu Nu Jiao, who literally burst into the top fifty, was known for this kind of disposition. However, Mo Fan was ahead of her in audacity.

“Mo Fan, maybe you shouldn’t be in such a hurry, eh?” I am then below the two hundredth place, and I can not look at how you get into the top ten. How is my dignity? – Almost with tears in his eyes spoke Zhao Man Yan.

– At this rate, you will crawl all your life to the top of the ranking – cut off Mo Fan.

What does this Zhao Man Yan do all the time? What element does it cultivate?

One of its elements is light, the second is water. Mo Fan remembered well that back in school, those who had awakened two elements were in the very top.

However, Mo Fan understood that it would be difficult for him to defeat Zhao Man Yan. Although … no one will be easy in confronting him …

Such a “armor-clad” magician (all elements of Zhao Man Yang are protective) … in order to defeat him you will have to spend a lot of energy.

“I want to go to world university games, and I don’t pay much attention to these ratings,” said Zhao Man Yan with confidence in his voice.

– What is it about these world university competitions? – asked Mo Fan.

– Nothing interesting. Just select the elect and pay them travel and practice around the world. Just imagine how many delicious girls will be in the team, and how many more girls can be seen from other countries! Even if you die in the battle of Venice, the fame of you will spread throughout the world! – said Zhao Man Yan.

– It will spread around the world! – Mo Fan’s eyes lit up after these words.

The blood of Zhao Man Yang was boiling with excitement when he imagined how many beautiful girls from all over the world would take part in world university competitions.

– Well, then decided! I have to go to these world competitions too! Said Mo Fan.

If a person does not have a dream, then how is he different from fish?

After these speeches, Man Yang Mo Fan had already felt a surge of strength and vitality.

– The selection of the national team to participate in these competitions is very tough, and the number of places for participants from our university is limited. You have nothing to worry about, you will get there anyway, but I will have to try very hard, otherwise I will not see the heavenly corners of the Earth! Said Zhao Man Yan.

“Oh yes, I recall that Director Xiao said something about this,” said Mo Fan, recalling the director’s words.

– The epidemic in Hangzhou really played into your hand! Why am I not so lucky?

– Lucky? – grinned Mo Fan. He then remembered what creatures he had to face then.

It is during such periods that a person needs absolute self-confidence. Mo Fan possessed confidence, but he was pushed forward by the thought that he should raise a small fiery hetero that became like a child to him.

“Go ahead, I remember you,” said Mature Woman Mo Fanyu while she was laying out breakfast.

– Tomorrow, I will give you everything back! Exactly tomorrow! – Mo Phan muttered to her, holding a little hetero in his hands.

– Today I better take a day off. They say that you are going to fight with students from the top ten. Let my son learn from such magicians as you. Consider that I forgive this today’s arson of my shop – the woman said, holding an empty scoop.

– Well … so you all know what is happening? – Mo Fan has hatched his eyes on a woman.

How can this woman know such news?

“I have a shop selling breakfast.” I know all the news first hand, because many have breakfast here – a woman said arrogantly.

At this time, Mo Fanya’s breakfast was ripe.

Little Hetera still can not learn to control their flame. She already burned Mo Fang’s bank card, which is why he now has to go and restore it in the bank.

The worst thing was that the temper of the little hetera was very bad. And if Mo Fan starts to reproach her, then she defiantly disappears with a ringing. In response to the burnt stall, Mo Fan said only: “Well, you already feel the progress in your development, this month you have already burned a whole stall!”.

After these words, the happy girl returned to the contract space and fell asleep.

After the return of the little hetera, Mo Fan was able to calmly breathe.

Here is a little bitch! Not a joke scared, so much so that even the combined national army will not stop her!

Upon returning to the faculty, Mo Fan fully felt the inquisitive glances of those around him.

After he spoke of his intention to get into the top ten, Mo Fan felt the label “suicide.”

– Have you already learned everything? – suddenly came the voice of the incoming Ai Tu Tu.

– How did you get here? – Mo Fan was surprised to see those who came Mu Nu Jiao and Ai Tu Tu.

– We are waiting for when you finally die … Well? Have you figured out what kind of natural talent your rival has? – said Ai Tu Tu.

– What other natural talent? – he was taken aback.

Mu Nu Jiao frowned: “Didn’t we tell you that all the top ten magicians are endowed with natural talents.”

– Well, okay, I knew that my help would be useful to you. Ding Yui Mian’s natural talent is … – began to say Ay Tu Tu.

– My rival is Ding Yui Mian ??? – ofigel Mo Fan.

The girls just looked at each other: yes, he was completely crazy!

He still did not know who his rival !!!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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