Chapter 516. Mo Fan v. Ding Yu Mian.


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Mu Nu Jiao and Ai Tu Tu did not want to continue the conversation with Mo Fan, since this stupid one does not listen to their advice, and does not put them in anything to try to dissuade him.

The first ten, it’s still the first ten! Today, the top ten calls are taking place, and not anyone getting there, it is strange to see the name Mo Fang in the list of calls!

“Calm … Only calm …”, – the two girls calmed themselves.

“Let’s go from here, let it be here somehow, without us, everything will be decided”, – Mu Nu Jiao was at least angry, and tried to delay Ai Tu Tu.

“Pff, attracted the family to get the information you need, wait a bit and some student will beat you!” – the answer to Ai Tu Tu did not express anything approving either.

Mo Fan was just a jerk, when he entered his name, he didn’t even see who was in the tenth position … Bravo, it seems that now you have offended three girls at once.

“Mo Fan, let me explain, it’s enough to think that you are the coolest in the faculty of fire, the first hundred and first ten differ greatly in skills, besides, the strength of Din Yu Yu Mian is very different from her current position in the ranking. By calling her, you signed the death sentence to yourself! ”, Said Juan Sin with an important look, hitting the table with her hand in front of Mo Fan.

“Yes, I only try,” Mo Fan answered dryly.

“Try? What are you putting our Din Yu Mian? All those who challenge her, at least a month deeply reflect on whether it is worth doing at all! ”, Shouted Huang Xing Li.

Mo Fang had nothing to answer.

Seeing the angry Huang Xing Li, Mo Fan understood everything, and lowered his head. Looks like he was seriously guilty today … in front of three girls.

As for the call site, it was no longer possible to push through, as always, any calls in the top ten attracted many viewers, and this time, in addition to university magicians, many magicians from all over the country came to see.

And this is despite the fact that the competition area is well guarded, and if only one cannot pass.

Mo Fan is extremely famous among newbies, not to mention the fact that he got the nickname Despot (formerly Evil Trait) among them. Yes, and after his return, he called the whole faculty of fire, and became a well-known natural two-element element, so many came to gawk only at him …

The glory of Din Yu Mian is not much less: the representative of the top ten faculty of fire, and the noble beauty of Mingzhu University.

And in general, people just love the top-ten best there … So here, the top beauties of Mingzhu University, well, or the top beauties.

Dinh Yu Mian is also on the tops of such tops, as her strength is known among all university students!

Despot against the fairies of the faculty of fire. The news spread very quickly, and every grandmother on the bench already knew about it … So, in this case, the crowded stadium of spectators is not surprising.

“Mo Fan, what are you still inside? Today you are the main character, many inside are waiting for you. ”

Qiu Yu Hua was very surprised to see that Mo Fan was late, and decided to go up and ask what happened.

“I’ll come in a little later,” Mo Fan replied.

“Good. Today, the opponents are very strong, you do not lose there … “, – an old teacher, Qiu Yu Hua, slapped Mo Fang on the shoulder and entered.

Mo Fan recalled how he entered the stadium at seventeen or eighteen, excitedly, but excitedly, how much he wanted to ask, and how many things he could not talk …

The first thing Mo Fan paid attention to when he entered the stadium was the number of spectators. All rows were occupied, and there were almost no vacant seats.

Challenges are taking place every day, but nobody especially comes to the skirmishes of ordinary students, and it even happens that there is only one person sitting on the seats of the audience – the one who judges the fight.

But to look at the top ten are always willing.

If you think about it, everything becomes clear: the battles of the first ten make the soul tremble, and thousands of viewers deserve attention!

Finally, all settled down. For Din Yu Mian, Mo Phan’s challenge was serious, and she entered the arena in advance. With her slender figure, she looked like a white rose: snow-white, flirtatious, delicate and graceful.

If Mo Fan knew that Dinh Yu Mian was in the tenth place on the list, he would have missed it and called the magician from the ninth place.

A special halo shines above all the beauties, because of which people are afraid to hurt them strongly, and they dare not raise their hands to them. Mo Fan is a rather gentle person, and also does not like it when, during the fighting, it brings its influence.

Ding Yui Mian seemed to understand that Mo Fang was in her heart and said resolutely: “You’d better fight in full force.”

Mo Fan was a little embarrassed, wasn’t it written on his face?

And yet it turns out that this girl carefully peers into his expression?

But entering the arena, Mo Fan at once dropped all thoughts, and fully focused on the fight!

“The impulse of the spirit!”

Din Yu Mian with a tremendous speed created a constellation, forcing the audience to gasp. This spiritual power was transformed into a swift ray of light and ferociously plunged into the mind of Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was going to carve out a case, and use the fourth level of the lightning seal, not expecting the enemy to be faster, interrupting his creation of a constellation. And after Mo Fan stood in confusion for another couple of seconds.

“Spiritual magic, damn!” Said Mo Fan loudly.

Only recently, Mo Fan experienced all the destructive effects of spiritual magic, who knew that the magician from the top ten would suddenly turn out to be an excellent magician of the spirit element!

One of the most terrible places of strong magicians of the spirit in their speed of creating a spell, if the magician turns out to be faster, then the enemy will be unable to concentrate in the future!

“Swift ox …”

“The impulse of the spirit!”

“Striving … Striving … Fuck!”

Mo Fang was clearly not all right.

I can’t even summon a fast-moving wolf!

Well, this all spoils the plans!

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