Chapter 520. Peaceful handsome.


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“It hurts, it hurts … Easy … Easy …”

Mo Fan’s cries were heard far beyond the medical center.

Professor Bai Mei again examined Mo Fan, for the presence of any more wounds, and after that he had already told him to dress.

“The medicine that Ding Yu Mian gave you was very good for yourself, coped well with burns, even though you received serious damage from the fire … But your skin is really thick, if you could withstand this powerful magic, another if you were in pain, you would have at least lost consciousness, ”said Bai Mei.

“I suppose the more burns I get, the more immunity to them I get,” said Mo Fan.


“Bai Mei teacher, if you can heal my draft animal, he was also seriously injured.”

“I told you what, the vet?!”, – by May Mee brows.

Having received the tenth place, Mo Fan felt that he was about to become a thunderstorm of everyone and everything, and no matter the newcomer or the old man, everyone would look at him with open mouth and wanting to get to know each other closer.

Mo Fan has already managed to get the title of despot when he just came to the university, but at the same time, he received significance and high authority, and then became a kind of leader for newcomers, entering the top ten of the strongest faculty.

Upon arrival in the main building, he had to endure the oppression of old men, and also due to not ignorance of the foundations of the faculty, and not yet showing himself among them, he had already gained access to the resources of the faculty, which made him jealous of him.

Among the students there are also various social groups, but Mo Fan eventually did not join any of them, that among students is akin to a place near a cesspool.

It is good that there were those who knew about his past exploits, about difficult fate, at the feet of the Mu family, about his ability to wait for the right moment and true strength.

It is not known whether this is good, but the news that Mo Fan took the top 10 with a crazy speed spread around the district, and everyone and everything discussed it.

The top ten from the faculty of fire, included in about a hundred of the first-class magicians of the Mingzhu University, for whom the newcomer, enrolled among them, was also a tremendous shock.

“They say the evil trait Mo Fan took the place of the participant at the World University Competition.”

“Nonsense, the strongest are chosen in the team of our country, creating a detachment capable of repelling the rest of the world, and this Mo Fan is only one of the ten strongest fire faculties at the University of Mingzhu. He is even before the first place as the moon on foot, even if he tries to climb the second place. ”

“I think so too, only this information was obtained from a reliable source.”

“A reliable source … the relevant authorities related to the competition … or some kind of specialist … Such things can never be trusted!”

The university quickly filled all sorts of information, and lately everyone was talking about the tenth place of Mo Fang in the rating, so the news about participation in the World University Competition kindled new discussions.

Mo Fan bathed in attention from newbies and rejoiced in respect of the guard. Only here it was all too noisy, the whole university seemed to be swallowed up by some kind of new disease, as if everyone he met began to envy him!

“What a cool, highly muzzled face, one day you will fall on anyone!”

“And you are the future participant … You look like something does not matter.”

Similar conversations prevailed around, which already rather tired of Mo Fanyu, as if someone deliberately dismissed all these rumors.

However, from all that is happening, the importance of the upcoming competitions becomes obvious, and someone else’s interest is felt, someone who can, just watch and wait, what happens next.

The competition was initiated by the magical association of five continents, which gathers the best educational institutions in the world. Old magicians cannot afford to spoil their reputation, but young, hot, thirsting for battles is another matter, they fuel interest in the World University Competition, attracting much attention from the whole world!

These are children of the earth, having gained casual glory in their educational institutions, unable to build far-sighted plans, or having no special star paths, definitely cannot get to the World University Competition. And even those who have been taken on the role of replacement, provide their family with a unique growth in status!

Usually, Mo Fan is already quite popular at the university, but after the latest news, he became the star of the university, and created the look of a man who will always achieve everything in everything!

But in fact, all these envious views at the university, all this attention off-campus, terribly pestered him. But Mo Fan just wanted to be a peaceful handsome man.

Only after all, Mo Fan learned that it was Tang Yue who recommended his candidacy to her grandfather Tang Zong, who was the senior magical judge, in the form of a long-promised gift.

By the way, it turned out that the candidate of the Imperial Palace of Sorcery had resigned, and the choice of the candidate went to the assessor of the magical court, Zhu Meng, and since the Imperial Palace already had the opportunity to nominate one candidate, now Zhu Men turned out to have two tickets that allow him to push candidate

In general, there are only four tickets to nominate candidates for participation.

Tang Zong gave one to Mo Fang, and Zhu Meng, in the name of redeeming his disgrace while trying to kill a totem snake, also gave two of his Mo Fanyu.

In the wake of this, the World University Competition will soon begin the selection of candidates, the best students in educational institutions in the country will do their best to nominate themselves.

If we take for example the first place in the list of the faculty of fire – Dong Fang Le, then he still does not even have the right to nominate himself!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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