Chapter 521. Phantom beings.


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Mo Fan did not hang out in the general crowd of students, how could he know about these world-wide competitions and the attitude of director Xiao to all this.

Only some time later, when the period of active selection of students for participation had already begun, Mo Fan learned how many dolb *** s are also on the list.

Mo Fan, who wanted to gradually reach the top of the ranking, in the eyes of all the others was a smart one who did not meet much friendliness from those around him.

However, Mo Fan accepted the situation as it was, and despite all the rumors, he continued to cultivate stubbornly.

Now that he entered the top ten, defeating Din Yu Mian, Mo Fan intended to develop the nebula of his appeal magic by another step so that the growth of his fiery hetero would also accelerate.

What will happen to people when his hetero grows up? He already represented their envious glances …

During this period, Mo Fan wanted only not to get out of the campus and continue to cultivate stubbornly.

In the university, in any case, there should be those who have almost reached a high level of magic. When will he reach this level? When can he control the high level magic?

With the onset of cold weather, the entire district was covered with gray shades – not a hint of rainbow colors!

The whole city is now iridescent gray-brown ebb.

The magical association of the city of Xi’an is located in a clock tower, which marks almost the highest authority. Flows of people in these places do not stop for a minute.

The League of Hunters was in the drum tower, and the building of the magic association, whose height did not exceed a thousand meters, was as if protected by the buildings surrounding it.

The military units were located outside the city, but paid great attention to the protection of the city, as the burial mounds and magical creatures of the Qinlin ridge did not give Xian rest for several months.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a city center or a suburb, if you dig deeper, you can find burials!

The remains, mostly belonged to the fighters and were not so scary. These most magical ghostly creatures were frightened (it is possible that the souls of the dead fighters reincarnate into these creatures).

These ghostly creatures did not have memory, consciousness or anything else. Their main characteristics were constant hunger and thirst to kill. If at least one living creature appeared in the district, they immediately ran.

Therefore, the hunters league, the magical association and the military constantly had a job …

Zhang Xiao Hou, after leaving Shanghai, returned to the military district of Lintong (near the city of Xi’an), and was soon sent to fulfill the mission.

Basically, he traveled to military units with inspections, internships, etc. All these tasks have never been particularly difficult for him.

This time he was instructed to assist people who had to be pulled out of the vicinity of the Hsien reservoir. These people went there as part of an expedition to explore the situation.

The expedition went there two months ago. On the one hand, they had to study the speed of development of the local ghosts, and on the other – to disperse the settlement, which was located in the vicinity.

Local people have already adapted to live in harmony with ghosts. And although these people were not magicians, they owned their own methods of how to hide from the attacks of these ghosts.

For nearly a thousand years, ghosts have become for the local inhabitants something like ordinary monsters that attack any living creature that comes into their view.

Shortly before this, the situation that had occurred on the territory of the river of the lost sands stirred up within a month all the magical creatures sleeping in the sandy chasms of the river.

If the creatures awaken, then an even more bloody massacre begins. The situation on the river of the lost sands echoed on the local lands. Awakened creatures in one night wiped out four villages from the face of the Earth!

The magical association and the league of hunters kept abreast of the events. They even sent an expedition there, which was to convince the local settlers that they should leave these places.

However, the expeditionary detachment discovered some strange commotion on the Hsien reservoir, and after they went to the settlements, the connection with them was lost.

Zhang Xiao Hou and the others had to either save these comrades or transfer their bodies to a magical association and a league of hunters.

– Damn, here is the foreman gives! Sends us in search of the forwarding detachment, which disappeared two months ago. And why look for him if he disappeared? Said the command scout named Vantun.

Together with Zhang Xiao Hou, the team consisted of nine people who were military magicians: two scouts, guides, soldiers,…. Zhang Xiao Hou was one of the scouts, the second was Vantun.

From the very beginning of the mission, Wangtun did not stop pouring out his complaints to Xiao Hou.

– That was lucky Qin Hu! Riding an eagle! He doesn’t even have to move his legs! – said Wanthun, who raised his head up and carefully examined the white eagle.

Qin Hu was a magician with an eagle, besides, he was the team commander. He had to be in front, and for this he used his eagle.

– So you have not finished to deal with him. Either you go straight to the main point and say that you drop out of the team and receive an order, or you go and understand it! Said Zhang Xiao Hou in a good mood.

– Yes, I just popi ** like love! If at least one day I do not speak, then I feel bad! – responded Vantun.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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