Chapter 525. A strange village.


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“Nerd, don’t go there!” Shouted Wantong Zhang Xiao Hou.

But, not hearing anything, Zhang Xiao Hou braked sharply, and rushed to the side calling for help, officer Jia Xi.

The officer was already holding out with the last of her strength, her ice prison was destroyed by the ferocious pressure of the paw-axes of the corpse-commander. Ice fragments scattered in the air and the axes flew in the direction of the officer.

Jia Xi begged for help, and seeing Zhang Xiao Hou hurrying to her rescue, she smiled slightly. But only he tried to grab an officer by the hand, like a bewildered corpse-commander, he decided to return the language to the mouth, and with it, Jia Xi pulled!

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The corpse of the governor snapped his teeth, as if he was kicking through a juicy fruit.

Drops of blood splashed onto Zhang Hou’s cheek, he stood rooted to the spot with his eyes open.

“Run, you fool!”

Vantun’s voice resounded in Zhang Xiao Hou’s ears. But when he came to himself, the corpse-governor had already stared at him with his own eyes filled with blood.

“Not … not right,” Zhang Xiao Hou could only softly say a few words, the wind enveloped his legs, lifted him into the air, and, like an arrow, he flew away.

The corpse-commander could not withstand the speed with Zhang Xiao Hou, the more rotting corpses could not with him, they grabbed with their paws the air trail that he left behind him. Circling in a furious whirlwind, Zhang Xiao Hou caught up with his thinned squad, and continued to move forward with them.

“Wipe out,” Shi Shao Ju handed out Zhang Xiao Hou a handkerchief.

Zhang Xiao Hou did not take it, rubbing his face spattered with fresh blood of Jia Xi, his sleeve.

“I thought that with your skills, you have seen many deaths, and, like us, have already come to terms with the fact that sometimes you have to leave your comrades when it becomes obvious that they cannot be saved. And you turned around, and with her, almost stayed there. Teamwork is here, and teamwork in other places is different at least in that if someone fell into the monster’s paws, then you should leave it. You will turn into a battle, and you will inevitably be completely defeated! ”, The detachment commander Jin Hu approached, and sat on a boulder, above Zhang Xiao Hou, and then told him.

Zhang Xiao Hou did not answer, he was really transferred from the southern part to this ancient capital …

“Next time, do not do this kind of stupidity, and even more so you should not disobey the order,” Jin Hu said, and said nothing more about this.

Zhang Xiao Hou didn’t want to say anything at all, being completely absorbed in thoughts denying these words … And if he were a little faster, he would still be able to save her …

“There are no ghosts here, in front of the village of Yanbai, I can already see their wooden fence,” said Vantun.

“Great, you need to get to the village sooner.”

The village of Yanbai was located no more than a kilometer away from the winding Qinling mountain range, one could say it was located right under the mountain.

The village was not large, settled along a mountain river, and all the houses in it were made of wood. Entering the village, as if they were in the past era, there was nothing in it of the magical technology created after the twentieth century. There were no electric lamps, wires and mobile network signal here was at zero.

“Monsters feel great about our equipment. They don’t use any equipment in the village and therefore don’t attract any attention of monsters or ghosts, ”Shi Shao Ju suggested, carefully examining the village.

With the onset of the evening, it became extremely quiet in the village, and besides the dim moon in the sky, there was not a single source of light.

In this silence a stream of a mountain stream was heard, and it seemed as if no one lived here.

“You … Before you enter the village, leave all the things you don’t need, covered in blood …”, – the old voice was heard from the window of the wooden pagoda.

It seems that the wooden pagoda served as a fast, and on it, just in case, a person was on duty.

“Old man, we are the military districts of Lintun, attacked by a group of corpse monsters. There are wounded people, let us pass urgently, ”said Shi Shui Ju, an old man who was standing on guard.

“That’s why I’m telling you, leave everything that you don’t need, since with this you can bring evil rock and disaster to our village,” the old guard urged persistently.

The detachment looked at each other, realizing that they did not go to a strange monastery with their foundations.

“Leave it too.”

“This is our only means of communication with the main headquarters. The signal goes through special processing and cannot be schooled by monsters, ”said Qin Hu.

“It is impossible. If so, do not enter the village. ”

“Listen to them, since they have been living side by side with ghosts for so many years, naturally they have their own special norms and laws …”, said Shi Shui Ju.

The detachment took off and left all means of communication with the outside world. The old man-guard lit the face of each torch, which was hot and unpleasant, and checked for the presence of any technology. Now, if they die here, then no living soul, outside the village, will know about it …

Now it seems that the research team also entered the village, lost all means of communication. So here something is not at all clean!

“Okay, come in. You look very exhausted, everything is in wounds, so start to wash yourself … Ah, yes, do not bathe in the upper riverbed, we drink from it, ”said the guard old man.

The old man spent eight until the end of the village.

In general, the village was not big, there were no rich houses, and it did not take even ten minutes from one edge to another.

The village was extremely quiet, and no one met them on the way, which worried the detachment very much.

“There are many ghosts around, the village is cut off from everyone. Keep your ears open, perhaps this is a ghostly village, because ghosts do not attack their own, ”said Wantong Zhang Xiao Hou in a whisper.

“Do not talk nonsense, just, it seems, all the villagers are asleep. There are no televisions, no telephones or the Internet, why else can you not sleep at night? ”Said Zhang Xiao Hou.

“Hmm, well, you’re right too. Damn, how to get rid of later, I did not unsubscribe from my girlfriends, they will think that I died here … ”

Zhang Xiao Hou rolled his eyes, and did not want to continue to listen to Vantun’s tales, but just went and looked at the village.

Speaking of strangeness, in this village a stalk of a charm flower was stuck in every house.

Charm flower was most likely a lily of the valley. What kind of flowers are these? Zhang Xiao Hou found out only when he was in Xi’an, although he seemed to have heard it before.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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