Chapter 526. Take refuge from ghosts.


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“You can’t do anything with corpse poison, and even in your group of magicians with a healing element, you don’t even think that you don’t even think about your legs …”, the old man was sitting on a wooden bench and smoking.

Vantun wanted to give him an automatic lighter with the flag of China, but the old man waved his head, the village was not closed, and so was not backward, only he had to follow certain rules in order to remain safe and sound.

The old man-guard said that they did not have empty seats in the wooden houses, so the detachment had to sleep in a shed in the straw.

They were all military men, and they are not afraid of any kind of things, if only there were no ghosts, and a barn with straw, so in general, they can be called excellent conditions.

“We’ll talk about everything else at dawn. In no case do not go anywhere, around the forest. I’ll go talk to the village elder about your arrival … ”, – holding the mouthpiece in his mouth, said the old man-guard.

The detachment was lying on a little damp grass in a barn, but everyone was already terribly tired, because they covered themselves with clothes, and immediately fell asleep.

They all have seen many deaths, a lot of blood, so that, although the evening was full of danger and adventure, but this did not affect their sleep.

No guard was appointed, and everyone slept sweetly.

Zhang Xiao Hou several times during the night woke up from the cold, and each time full silence scared him, but he wanted to sleep much more, and he fell asleep again, the last time he opened his eyes at dawn.

“Come here, you little bitch, who allowed you to wet your feet in the upper reaches of the river, now I will take off your skin!”

“I washed the clothes, a little, my faithful is not what is not so closely watching, as for their clothes.”

“Blah blah blah.”

The sound of a blow to the gong woke everyone up, someone just opened his eyes, and there were already children running around, busy spouses doing household chores, and old men hanging around without work …

Last night the village was unusually quiet, but with the onset of the morning it turned into a typical noisy village.

Everyone woke up, found in front of him a few snotty kids who had never seen strangers.

“Everyone woke up? Go to the village elder, he said he wants to meet you, ”the old guard didn’t sleep all night, and looked extremely cheerful, and after breakfast took them to the elder’s house.

The house was not large, at the entrance there was a cozy garden, at the entrance of which a large piece of foil was laid out, and if you look closely at the stones under the names were written.

“In our village, when a person leaves her, it does not matter whether young or old, everyone writes their names,” said the guard old.

Having passed the courtyard, the house became visible. Inside it, on wooden chairs, sat a few old people, of a very calm mind, according to them you can’t say that ghosts dwell near their village.

A middle-aged man sat behind the chief’s place, wrinkles were clearly visible on his face, he smiled slightly, it was obvious that he had experienced a great deal.

“I am the elder of this village. Call me just Fan Gu, ”said Elder Fan Gu.

“Our elder, oh, how not simple, he is a great magician,” said the guard old man admiringly.

“I can hardly get away with the wizard-magicians of the district,” Fan Gu laughed modestly.

“Another master … One died, one barely got all wounded …”, – that thought, then the old man said directly.

Fan Gu looked at the old man. He immediately understood everything, and bowing left, apparently to sleep.

“Sorry, the old man as always speaks a lot. The last days, the breath of death is getting denser, the ghosts do not wait for complete darkness, and they are already leaving to kill innocent people, and very cruelly, and now everyone is on the alert even more than usual, ”said Fang Gu calmly.

“Thank you for the warning, elder. We received an order to save the reconnaissance team, and if you have …, ”the commander of the detachment Qin Hu did not have time to finish.

“And you are behind this … They were in our village, but they didn’t stay for a long time, they told us about one case and left, most likely, to another village,” Elder Fang Gu immediately realized what they were talking about.

“When they were here, was everything okay with them?” Asked Shi Shao Ju.

“Yes, there were nine of them.”

“They also must have left all the equipment when they entered your village. We lost contact with them, approximately, when they were here. Do you happen to know where they went next? ”Said Qin Hu.

“The means of communication really cannot be carried to the territory of the village, in other nearby villages exactly the same rules. As for where they went … To the west, to the village of Hua, I remember hearing what one of them was saying, ”Elder Fang Gu replied.

“Oh, thank you very much.”

After a conversation with an elder, a bald old man sitting next to him decided to say: “Since you came, we would not want someone following you from your military district to come … Because I say that at least two of the day. ”

“We are magicians.”

“I am talking about magicians,” said the bald old man.

Qin Hu and Shi Shao Ju immediately frowned, if so, then they have no options, they will have to spend the night under the open sky!

Previously, they would have thought it a shit, but the experience of last night showed how much such a night could be dangerous!

“Elder, there are a lot of ghosts around, we can barely cope with them, but we need to complete the task, so could you tell us how to hide from ghosts … Since your village has lived so much time side by side with them, you surely they should know something about it … ”, – asked Elder Shi Shao Ju with a serious face.

“It is impossible, in no case possible. This is the secret of our village, which is not told to strangers, ”the bald old man immediately opposed.

“Even if we tell you, you still will not be able to use it, so think for yourself,” said another old man.

Elder Phan Gu thought about it too, but it was obvious that he could not help either.

After a while, he said: “I can’t tell you the secret of the village, but you can try another way … But if something happens, you’ll find yourself right in the midst of a crowd of corpses.”

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