Chapter 527. Risky Breath.


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Prior to that, Zhang Xiao Hou did not think that the approach of twilight could frighten him like that. As soon as the light of the sun began to dissipate around, his inner calm also began to evaporate …

– Soon … it will be dark – someone opened his mouth. The legs of everyone in the team buckled down as if the claws of the dead monsters had already been raised from the ground.

“Maybe we were just unlucky last time, and we were not far from the burial of these corpses?” – Said Shi Shao Ju.

“Everybody must get ready so that it doesn’t work out like it did then,” said Qin Hu.

The mountain on the east side was very high and looked like a huge black dragon, towering several kilometers up on the right side of the team …

They headed to the east, focusing on the sunset.

The team did not notice how it became completely dark around, and the smell of human decomposition began to spread from the earth …

The first time, when they found themselves in these parts, they behaved quite relaxedly: they laughed and talked. Now, no one even said a word – only the sounds of footsteps were heard, and the pulse became quickened.

– Will the village elder talk about how effective? – with fear in his voice asked Vantun.

Elder Fang Gu told them that the dead monsters have rotten brains and empty eye sockets, so they can only find a living creature by smell …

The dead can not recognize the smell of the same dead.

A living creature exhales carbon dioxide.

Deadly monsters who do not have good eyesight or excellent hearing, can, however, smell the smell of a living being at a distance of hundreds of meters, and all because for them it is the smell of dinner!

They are always hungry, so the slightest scent of living … and they are there!

Therefore, one way to avoid the attack of the dead is to solve the smell problem.

Deadly monsters of the servant level are quite stupid: you just have to shut off the flow of exhaled air, or weaken it, and they will not feel anything at all.

Monsters of the level of the leader of the pack already have a good sense of smell and hearing, but mediocre vision. Therefore, stumbling on them, you should solve the issue of smell and observe silence.

– This is very similar to garlic – it is very difficult to eat – said one of the team.

– It’s already dark. Eat it! I tell everyone! Came the voice of commander Qin Hu.

Everyone followed the order of the commander and pulled some black agricultural plant out of the bags, which really looked like garlic.

The plant is called gray garlic, and it grows in these areas where corpse monsters live.

There is this plant even harder than garlic. After chewing from the mouth, such a terrible stench is heard … however, local residents can chew several chesniches at once – all in the name of survival …

This smell can confuse the corpse monsters who decide that their relatives roam nearby.

In ancient times, ordinary garlic was also used to scare away the dead for this reason – it was believed that the stench from it was so terrifying that even the dead did not want to approach it!

As soon as it began to get dark, they all ate one garlic each, and immediately began to feel sick.

– Damn, even shit is not so nasty as this crap!

– So you say, as if eating shit.

– Well, it is unrealistic to eat it … I will throw up now …

They were all military, so in the conditions of survival they ate what they had to. However, even they could not digest this gray garlic.

– Suffer if you want to live

“Commander, that was my cue …”

– Quiet! – Shi Shao Ju slammed everyone.

It was unbearable to look at the faces of the guys, but on the girl’s orders they immediately held their breath.

There were some movements in the ground, as if someone was scratching himself from the inside. These sounds were soon heard by all.

The team exchanged glances, and then they all looked together under their feet.

Suddenly a worm’s head popped out!

All on their heads hair stood on end …

This head came out next to a military girl named Xiao Jing. Her face instantly turned pale, and she herself was about to release the magic … then Shi Shu Ju stopped her, telling her not to make movements.

Shi Shao Ju thought very reasonably, because after this head another skulls appeared next to …

In less than a few minutes, a crowd of dead monsters stuck their heads out of the slurry, as if they had smelled the approach of living creatures …

The team immediately froze in the form of sculptures, only the hearts of the military beat very hard, and it seemed that they were about to jump out of their chest!

Nearby, where Zhang Xiao Hou stood, two skeletons came out … just ahead of Vantun!

Zhang Xiao Hou could see that there were holes in the backs of these skeletons, as if they had been killed with blows to the head!

He did not move … and did not breathe.

However, how can a person not breathe? He can hold his breath for a few minutes, and then he will just die!

Finally, Zhao Xiao Hou could not stand it, and took a small breath through his nose.


After that, the front skeletons turned sharply around, and Xiao Hou could see their red eye sockets …

Inside Zhang Xiao Hou, everything was uplifting!

He was not afraid of these skeletons, with one wind movement he could take them far away!

The only problem was that there were at least about a hundred bodies in the district who were just waiting for a live movement!

Zhang Xiao Hou is still not moving. His breathing was difficult, and Xiao Hou himself did not even know if this gray garlic was really effective … None of the team could maintain inner peace, because at any moment they can turn into a pile of bones!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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