Chapter 530. The depths of the zombies (part 2).


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A lot of bloodthirsty eyes looked from there, as if all the evil of the world gathered in one place …

The abyss was dark, but Zhang Xiao Hou managed to see a huge number of corpses and body parts. They all lay in layers on top of each other and tried to climb up.

The abyss was just huge, and it was completely crammed with these zombies!

Prior to this, there were several dozens of zombie corpses on the surface of the earth, and they all fell down. However, even their large number was a drop in this sea!

Thousands …

Ten thousand zombies!

Zhang Xiao Hou was shocked. He stood from the edge of the abyss just a few steps away.

Now, Zhang Xiao Hou would prefer to be swallowed up by a clumsy monster-commander rather than live down to this nether world …

The hatchet voivode already overtook him, but there was no time to break through the path.

The monster with Jia Xi’s head was getting closer and had already stuck out his tongue in anticipation of human flesh.

Before he finds himself in this abyss, Zhang Xiao Hou must at least try to fight the monster!

However, at that moment when the monkey was already preparing for a deadly fight, he suddenly saw that the clumsy voivod changed direction towards Shi Shao Ju!

He could not imagine that at the last moment the monster would set his ax in another direction, avoiding the underworld!

Zhang Xiao Hou, exhausted, fell to the ground and sat there for a while. He himself did not remember how he found the strength in him to rise.

Hell was raging behind his back, and he did not want to die like this!

Now that the clumsy voivode was not chasing him, he could make his way.

All other team members have already fled in different directions. Who died, who still fled, but none of them could have imagined that they would undergo such an attack by monsters crawling out of the ground!

The magical association in the bell tower

In the old office block, the young girl controller headed toward the conference room, holding an electronic device in her hands.

– Black color! Black zone! – screamed this girl, running inside.

– Take it easy! And explain everything to us – the chairman of the magic association Xian Pen Yu said to her.

– Black zone! There was a black zone … this is a whole hellish abyss! – the girl hastily said, showing something on the device.

On the device was visible electronic map, which showed the situation in the district.

It happened late at night, so the whole territory beyond the safe borders of Xi’an was blood-red. This meant that the number of monsters increased several times!

However, among all this red space, a black dot blinked noticeably.

Black color means that a person cannot step there!

Already purple color means that the territory is captured by monsters, and even high-level mages can die there with a probability of 90%, and black color means absolute impossibility of survival!

– There must be a problem with the device. Where can black color come from? There can not be more than ten thousand monsters! Said a young member of the magical association with a smile, looking at Peng Yuyu. Seeing the serious physiognomy of the latter, there was no sign of a smile.

– What do you understand? This means that a zombie abyss has formed! – said the girl controller.

– Deeps? I have been here for a long time and have not heard anything like it. – answered the young man.

Chairman Pen Yu, after a pause, said: “You just said that black means more than ten thousand monsters. Right ?”.

– Yes, the highest concentration of monsters, in fact, an unattainable level. – answered young.

“If the device works properly, it means that a real abyss appeared to the west of the Bayan settlement …”

– Do not mo … can be … – the young man began to shake.

– Warn the others about what happened. These terrible places gave birth to hell! – said Chairman Pen Yu.

For many centuries of its existence, the ancient capital of Xi’an has become accustomed to the periodic influx of deadly monsters, and local residents even learned to “coexist” with it.

However, after the riot of the monsters of the river of lost sands, the local monsters also made themselves felt. To control the situation was completely unrealistic. All this led to this situation. Is this flash compared to cholera ?!

Such a way of life here has led to the fact that even high school students know how to fight …

There must be a reason for this flash to occur!

A mountain stream flows near the Bayan settlement. After the bells strike in the morning, people love to steam fresh tea with water from this key.

Su Xiao Luo goes there every day for water, and then hurries home so that his father can enjoy the fragrant tea and cheer up.

On the same day she also went for water. And although she heard the cries of the dead, she was not at all afraid of this.

Scooping water into the bucket, she found that the water had turned blood-red.

Sniffing the water, Su Xiao Luo thought that these stupid zombies had already reached the mountain stream!

However, lifting her head, the girl saw the body of a guy who was half in the water …

Blood flowed continuously from his wounds …

Su Xiao Luo was brave, so she was not afraid to come closer …

– He is still breathing … This way! Faster here! – as soon as she discovered that the boy was alive, she immediately began calling for people from the village.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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