Chapter 532. Pretending to be another.


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The University of Mingzhu has a nomination format. After the nomination of a candidate, he still has to pass a double selection, and only after that a final decision will be made.

This time the selection procedure will be even simpler: the 20 first students of each department will compete with each other.

And the most interesting thing is that the fight will take place not one on one, but four against four.

Each participant will be in a team with three more students.

Winning, of course, significantly increases the chances of success, but even losing does not mean that there is no hope for students at all.

At each faculty a list is posted, consisting mainly of the top 20 mid-level magicians who own two elements. Mages of protective types of magic, as well as magicians of the healing element can also be in the tops of the ratings, because very often it all comes down to the fact that the protective magic and healing magic decide the outcome.

During the selective competition, four people will also oppose a team of 4 people. Each match will be watched by three judges, each of whom will have eight points. Judges have the right to reward mages who stand out in a duel.

Students who score the most points and make the top ten list of candidates.

This list of candidates means that those elected in it will receive one vote each.

However, only by collecting 4 votes, a student can enter the world university competition. The remaining three voices can be typed in different ways: this can be a recommendation of an influential family, or a recall of a magical association, a military unit, etc.

Mo Fang already had three voices, which were kindly presented to him. This means that he was already more successful compared to the rest …

That is why getting into the top of the list of candidates is so important for him!

The format of the fights noticeably agitated Mo Fan.

When he fights one on one, he has the opportunity to fully exercise his magic, not focusing on others. Now, when a group of people will fight against a group of people, the outcome of the battle may change at any moment!

Just like in a situation on the river of lost sands … With Zhang Xiao Hou and Zhao Man Yan, the battle was outstanding!

World University Games are group competitions, so this selection must also calculate students who can fight in a team!

Ai Tu Tu has already managed to turn into Mo Fang’s tail. She thought that she would definitely not be bored with him, she continued to follow him on his heels.

Mo Fan continued to cultivate hard every day, so he didn’t know what was going on outside his room. However, this ignorance was more than filled with the stories of Ai Tu Tu, who constantly collected all the fresh gossip.

With respect to Mo Fan’s participation in the selection, Ai Tu Tu felt a lot of inspiration.

After the draw was drawn, she hurried to take a seat in the stands.

The participants could quietly disclose the results of the draw, however, before a duel, sometimes it is better not to know what kind of magic the others possess.

Ai Tu Tu, who had already become Mo Fan’s secretary, having learned the names of Mo Fan’s partners on the team, immediately dressed up and went to see them.

They were already on the training ground and were waiting for the last member of the team.

– Are you from the eleventh team? – asked the guy.

– I recognize you! You are the thunderstorm of the lightning faculty – Gujian! – said Ai Tu Tu, having learned in the handsome student of an outstanding student.

Gujian’s face immediately took on an appreciative look, which he looked at Ai Tu Tu.

Beautiful girls in this period of time were not interested in Gujian, because the last time he had been thinking only about how to get into the university team.

The first impression of Ay Tu Tu on him was not very good. He took her for a beautiful dummy, and this can noticeably spoil the outcome of the fight.

– Well, since now everything is in the collection, let’s find out who has what elements – said Gujian to all three.

– This is … – Ai Tu Tu decided to immediately clarify the situation that she represents Mo Fang, who is now cultivating in a three-stage tower.

Gujian, frowning, said: “Speak at once, are you from this team or not? Do not waste our time, because we still need to train. ”

– It…. Well yes! – mumbled Ai Tu Tu.

Ai Tu Tu was heard about Gujiang. Her matchmaker for him when she first saw him a year earlier.

Well, as I saw, it was a blind date, something like a smotrin.

This can often be found in ordinary life. Ai Tu Tu already reached marriageable age and did not have much zeal in her studies, so her relatives decided that it was already possible to send her in marriage.

Gujian was the main pride of his family, and Ai Tu Tu could not even think that her fiance would be in Mo Fang’s team.

Handsome, strongman and star of the lightning department met all the taste requirements of Ai Tu Tu, so she seriously thought about his candidacy.

– What are your elements? Gujian asked her.

– The main element – plants, auxiliary – light. – answered the girl.

“Not bad either … our team lacks destructive fire,” said Gujian.

– Let’s start the training …

– Well! Hope we work well together!

Ai Tu Tu, too, with a smile on her face, also mumbled something about successful cooperation.

Mo Fan, who had been cultivating all this time in the tower, did not even imagine that this girl was doing there at that time.

Even after he left the tower, Ai Tu Tu did not tell him about how she pickup the guys, posing as him.

Although, Mo Fan, of course, could have imagined that in principle she was capable of such a thing …

The girl’s mind and heart acted separately … only under the threat of Ay Tu Tu can speak out the truth …

– Wolf, what’s wrong with you? Where are you running? Where did your aggression go?

– Auuuuuuuuu … – howling, an agile wolf huddled in the farthest corner, where there was no fire.

The wolf has already seen a small fiery beast that has covered the whole ground with its flames …

– Wolf! Fight like a man! Come here … hey, fiery hetera, why are you burning your dad ???

– Stop, stop! It’s you fighting, not me … Wolf, come with me … where are you going ??? Calling space? Run away – I’ll kill you!

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