Chapter 533. This girl!


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In one luxurious European restaurant, Dun Fang Le, rubbing a smiling face with a napkin, said: “Is it true that the first fight is lost?”.

– Apparently, we really gave it too much attention. In fact, this little fellow is worth nothing, said Zhou Shu Min, who was sitting opposite.

“I didn’t pay much attention to this, it’s all you.” But this girl who lives with him can really throw out no news of that. Said Dong Fang Le.

Zhou Shu Ming’s face grew grim. He gave Dun Fang Le a quick look.

Both of them were very worried about whether Mo Fan would pass the selection, because it would mean that he would take part in world competitions.

However, there was good news – Mo Fan lost in the team in the first match.

Losing, of course, did not mean that he dropped out, but now Mo Fang will be harder to get up.

Apparently, they overestimated him too much.

As Dun Fang Le said before, he only needs one or two rounds to solve this upstart.

– And in the next fight he will fight with someone? – asked Dun Fang Le.

– Bai Yu Lan from the magical association, and with him three more – ordinary guys, but since they are in the top twenty, it may not be so weak.

– Bai Yu Lan is a very tough opponent …

That same night in the competitive arena

The eleventh team of four people who lost in the first battle now sat with sad faces on the grass.

There were no outstanding personalities among their rivals, but they still lost. So, they lost all the competition, because none of them got high points.

Gujian was darker than all. Although all of his teammates were in the top twenty, who might have known that they would fight in a team battle. In single combat, they still represented something of themselves, but not in command …

With his lightning magic, he was able to squeeze opponents hard enough, but these three were useless at the right time.

Now Gujian felt discontent.

– Mo Fan, what’s wrong with you? Why did you let out the dungeon? That dude used shadow magic, you couldn’t stop him! – strictly told the guy Ai Tu Tu.

She just lowered her head, not daring to say anything.

She was responsible for the outcome of this duel: if she had released the dungeon of the lunar forest in time, she could have blocked the student with the magic of water when he released his waves.

In the end, she stalled with the shadow element magician …

Plant magic has no effect against shadow magic, as it is easy to escape the trap with shadow.

“In truth, I didn’t even know that we still have a girl named Mo Fan,” said Liu Xin, who was also on the team, surprised.

– Aaaa, you mean that same Mo Fang … ha ha … I think he is completely talentless, we are lucky that he is not in our team, but he could have messed up even more than this Mo Fan! – I heard a smirk Li Jie.

– Well, that’s enough. In the next battle, we should not screw up so much – said Gujian.

The rest did not answer.

Ai Tu Tu also pretended that the next time would not allow anything like that.

Ai Tu Tu, without mood, returned to the hostel without uttering a word.

She herself knew that she was noticeably inferior in power to those students who were in the top twenty of their faculties, so the outcome of today’s match slightly surprised her.

– Tomorrow, I will definitely show them all! – muttered Ai Tu Tu.

– Who will you show? – asked Mo Fan, coming from the balcony.

His fire warrior wanted a chicken chop, so Mo Fan got out of the room to cook. Having smelled the smell of the chop, the hetero immediately flew out and began to bite the dish, squealing with pleasure like a mouse.

– Nothing … you heard – trying to convince Ai Tu Tu.

– You’re some kind of strange. It is said that the qualifying matches have already begun, why is nothing unknown about my fights?

“Um … you’re on the list,” replied Ai Tu Tu.

Mo Fan looked at the girl and thought that she had been busy with his business all day, so he didn’t try to find out.

With the onset of dawn, Ai Tu Tu was already on her feet.

Time was very important. Now double fights began, it meant that two more fights had to take place this morning.

The winners fought the winners, and the losers fought those who remained.

For today’s match, Ai Tu Tu specifically requested an attacking magic item from her family.

After her departure, Mo Fan also woke up. He left the room and noticed that Ai Tu Tu, contrary to custom, did not wear colorful high-heeled shoes.

“She dressed like a duel …” Mo Fan wondered to himself.

Mo Fan overcame doubts, and he decided to go after him and see, because lately she was not herself.

After leaving Ai Tu Tu, Mo Fan lost sight of her, because the campus is so huge!

And most importantly, Mo Fan was not at the university for about two years, so getting lost on campus was not difficult. He did not know where to go.

Trees, buildings, laboratories – where to go?

– Ah, here is the library, I will be guided from here – Mo Fan’s labyrinth began to unravel.

Going to the main entrance of the library, he saw some lovely girls who walked gracefully with books in their hands.

– Mo Fan? – I heard a voice.

– Din Yu Mian! You’re in the library … – Mo Fan was embarrassed.

– Are you today not competing? – asked the girl, hatched eyes.

– Is it true? After dinner or in the evening? – Mo Fang frowned.

Din Yu Mian shook her head. Looking at the tower clock, she said: “Right now. 10 minutes have passed from the beginning of your fight. ”

“…” Mo Fan just opened his mouth …

Ay Tu Tu!

This girl!

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